Walden Galleria lock down drill, Thursday, October 12th

CHEEKTOWAGA – The Walden Galleria and Cheektowaga Police Department will host a lockdown drill on Thursday, October 12th at 10:15 AM.

This drill is a precautionary measure made by the mall’s security team and Cheektowaga Police Department in order to equip employees with proper training in the case of an emergency.

“Open lines of communication between Walden Galleria’s Security Department, Cheektowaga Police Department, and employees are imperative to properly prepare all parties, should an emergency occur,” said Marissa Romano, Marketing Director for Walden Galleria.

Lockdown drills are run regularly each quarter to establish a basis for a procedure in the case of a crisis.

The drill will be initiated during open mall hours in order to emulate a realistic situation for employees, security, and police.