Verizon Wireless eyes “micro-cell” antenna at Maryvale Middle School

CHEEKTOWAGA – Verizon Wireless is seeking to erect a “micro-cell” telecommunications facility on an existing building of the Maryvale School District at 1050 Maryvale Drive.

The town council has called for a public hearing to be held on January 9th at 7:00 pm at Town Hall during the town council’s regular board meeting.  They are seeking public comment before they vote on the project’s special use permit.

Verizon Wireless will mount a “micro-cell” antenna approximately seven and one-half feet in height above the roof line of the middle school. The overall height of the antenna is 17.5 inches. Radio equipment will be located on the ground next to the school.

Documents filed with the Town of Cheektowaga and obtained by Cheektowaga Chronicle say that Verizon Wireless is proposing to erect the antenna because its central tower near Walden Galleria has reached its maximum capacity.  Verizon says building the antenna will provide a “hotspot” for their 4G LTE network which will benefit the school campus and the surrounding neighborhood.

The five-year lease agreement between Verizon Wireless and the Maryvale School District was discussed at school board meetings this past fall.  Superintendent Joseph D’Angelo executed the agreement on October 30th.  

If the “micro-cell” is approved and erected, the school district is set to receive $3,000 per year in annual rent according to school officials.

A public hearing will also be held that same night to solicit public input regarding a proposed “micro-cell” antenna at 280 Cayuga Road.  That antenna will be placed on top of a utility pole approximately 38 feet above the ground.

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