Stuffed animal that went missing Halloween night sought

SLOAN – A six-year-old is seeking the public’s help in locating her stuffed animal lost on Halloween night.

Her mom says they were trick-or-treating Wednesday when the worst trick happened.  They were around Rutland and Gierlach in Sloan when the child’s pet stuffed animal “Chicken” went missing.

“We know that a homeowner found Chicken and placed him on the stairs, and then later in the evening, it was picked up by someone else,” said Azrael Laia.  “Now although this may seem silly, this little girl has had Chicken since she was one and she’s almost seven, so this means everything to us.”

Chicking is described as a small grey and white beanie baby kitten and could be very dirty from traveling.

If you have any information on Chicken’s whereabouts, please email us at News@CheektowagaChronicle, and we’ll notify the parents.

This story has been updated.  New details can be found by reading “Good neighbor helps girl missing stuffed animal.”

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