Rogowski: Spectrum leads fiber-optic race in Cheektowaga

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The telecommunications company Spectrum has informed town leaders that they can deliver wide-spread fiber-optic internet speeds to residents and businesses in Cheektowaga – something leaders have been pushing for over the past few years.

The announcement was made during a meeting between the town and the cable company Wednesday morning according to Councilmember James Rogowski.

Mr. Rogowski said that the company has installed broad spectrum fiber-optic wiring along major streets and roads.  Unlike Verizon FiOS that connects fiber to your home or business, Spectrum remains fiber all the way into the neighborhood and installs coaxial cable into your home or business.

“They are a driving force, and Spectrum told me this morning that they are upgrading areas that need more fiber bandwidth to provide this service to the town,” said Mr. Rogowski.

Mr. Rogowski, who chairs the town’s Cable and Utilities Committee has been working hard to bring fiber-optic speeds to all of Cheektowaga.  Verizon FiOS is found in pockets of North and South Cheektowaga but Central Cheektowaga was left behind. 

“We’re continuing to be a driving force as a high technology community, and this is the start thanks to Spectrum.  But we want to drive it even further and get Verizon to wire the town.  I want Cheektowaga to be a high technology society where people can come to work, to live, and to raise a family,” added Mr. Rowgowski.


Spectrum residential customers can currently purchase speeds up to 100Mbps. A company source says they’re committed to providing up to 300Mbps once future upgrades are completed.  Spectrum Enterprise offers custom fiber solutions for large enterprises that will provide dedicated and scalable bandwidth from 25Mbps up to 10Gbps.  

Mr. Rogowski says it’s a new day after years of seeing businesses turn their backs on Cheektowaga because of the lack of fiber-optic wiring.

“Knowing this information and making it available this morning in the meeting has now opened the eyes of myself and the eyes of the technology committee and the Town of Cheektowaga that we have the ability to provide this and high tech companies should look to relocate to the Town of Cheektowaga,” said Mr. Rogowski.

He says Spectrum representatives are sending out mailers and some are going door to door to inform residents of their new options for high-speed Internet.  Spectrum Internet speeds now start at 60 Mbps and are offered at an introductory rate of $29.99 a month.