Police investigate second infant death within one month

CHEEKTOWAGA – Cheektowaga Police detectives are investigating a second preventable infant death within a month’s time after a parent fell asleep with their child.

The most recent incident happened on Slate Creek Drive just before 1 am Sunday.  Dad called 911 saying his 3-month-old was not breathing and was turning blue after falling asleep with the child for about an hour.

The baby was transported to South Buffalo Mercy Hospital where the child later died.

Assistant Chief of Police Jim Speyer tells Cheektowaga Chronicle the incident appears accidental.

Police responded to an infant death on East End Avenue on April 29th.  Investigators were told that the infant was in bed with mom.  Detectives think she rolled over onto the baby and caused the death.

Around 3,500 sleep-related deaths involving infants are reported in the US every year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  They recommend that caregivers place babies on their back for every sleep.  If you wish to share your room with your baby, the infant should be placed in a bassinet next to the bed.

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