Paying too much for Spectrum internet? Here’s one reason.

CHEEKTOWAGA – Charter Communications bought Time Warner Cable in May 2015 and eventually rebranded the telecommunication company as Spectrum.

But here’s a fact you may not have known.  Even though your bill says Spectrum – you still could be considered a Time Warner Cable customer – paying Time Warner Cable rates.

You could be paying a lot more for a lot less if you’re still considered a TWC customer.

Frustrated with seeing deals touting standard 100 Mbps download speeds, I went on a research mission.

Since TWC was changed to Spectrum, my internet package has always been TWC 20 Mbps download with Turbo Boost.  My bill was $54.99 a month.

When I found Spectrum’s non-promotional rates listed on their website I discovered that I was paying too much for too slow of a speed.  The standard speed for Spectrum customers is 100 Mbps for $64.99.

I was very friendly when I called the billing department as I watched the Carolina Panthers come back from a deficit to beat our beloved Buffalo Bills during the Thursday night pre-season game.  I watched the game for free with an over the air antenna in crystal clear high definition.  I also get 50 other channels for free – but I digress.

The polite customer service rep informed me that my account was never migrated over to the Spectrum accounts.  As a result, I was still stuck in TWC land; something Charter Communications failed to mention to all of us when they acquired our accounts a few years ago.

The process to migrate my account took less than a minute, and after rebooting my modem, I was on a blazing fast connection.  I didn’t try to wheel and deal a new promotion – I just wanted the standard internet speed that was being advertised by Spectrum.

Are you still a Time Warner Customer paying Time Warner prices?  Call Spectrum and make sure your account is migrated over.

Internet Prices Under Spectrum:

Spectrum Internet 100/10$64.99
Spectrum Internet 100/10 with Spectrum TV$54.99
Spectrum Internet 100/10 with WiFi$69.99
Spectrum Internet Ultra 400/20$89.99
Spectrum Internet Ultra 400/20 with Spectrum TV$79.99
Spectrum Internet Assist 30/4 **$14.99
Spectrum Internet Assist 30/4 with WiFi **$19.99
Everyday Low Price 3/1***$14.99
Everyday Low Price 3/1 with WiFi***$20.94
Spectrum Internet Gig$124.99
Spectrum Internet Gig with Spectrum TV$114.99


Internet Prices as a Time Warner Customer:

Everyday Low Price $ 19.99
Basic $ 49.99
Standard $ 59.99
Turbo Upgrade4  $ 10.00 
Extreme Upgrade4  $ 20.00
Ultimate Upgrade4  $ 50.00
Home WiFi $ 4.99

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