Out with paper time sheets, digital time clocks come to Cheektowaga

The town-wide deployment of digital time clocks was recently completed. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
The town-wide deployment of digital time clocks was recently completed. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA – The four-year project of Councilmember Christine Adamczyk to move every town employee on to a timeclock system is finally coming to fruition.  The clocks are deployed and employees are being integrated into the all-digital system.

Before the implementation of the system, Ms. Adamczyk says employees would document their time on a sheet of paper.  She says accountability is a huge factor and the antiquated way of timekeeping made it easy for employees to take advantage of time theft.

“You’ll find that everywhere, not just in Cheektowaga.  People will try to game the system to their advantage,” said Ms. Adamczyk.

The townwide initiative will impact every employee shortly.

“We did a lot of homework.  Visiting other towns, looking at other applications, making decisions on what level of support we were going to need,” says Lisa Bolognese, Director of Information Technology and Records Management. 

The town decided on Employee Benefit Concepts Inc. of Buffalo as the vendor.

Townwide there are 19 hardwired clocks, one wireless clock, and one “tough” clock which will be used at sites off the town’s enterprise network.  Right now, it’s deployed at the Dingens Park Swimming Pool.

The town saw an upfront cost of $14,231 for the hardware, $7,500 for a one-time activation fee, and $6,000 for training.  The yearly fee to use the vendor’s Cloud-based system is $22,500 a year.  The contract covers 500 employees.

“It will document all the personal time and sick time, and eventually it will run right into our payroll system and keep track of all the time off and overtime,” added Ms. Bolognese.


“Lisa and her team did a phenomenal job with this to get it up and running,” added Ms. Adamczyk.  “Once the timeclocks got here it took her team maybe three months total to get all locations up and running.”

Employees are now being integrated into the system.  First, just time management is going to be recorded and once any bugs are ironed out, it will be connected to the town’s payroll system.

“We’re easing into this, the employees knew it was coming, sooner or later they knew we were going to get this so they had a lot of time to prepare for this.  It’s here and now we’re implementing it, and it’s here to stay,” said Ms. Adamczyk.


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