Nokomis Parkway resident shows his patriotism

U-Crest firefighters pose with Nokomis Parkway resident Ed Krier on July 4th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
U-Crest firefighters pose with Nokomis Parkway resident Ed Krier on July 4th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA – July 4, 2018, marks the 29th year 82-year-old Korean War veteran Ed Krier has erected his patriot display in front of his house on Nokomis Parkway.

“More people should get their flags out and fly them. Especially on the birthday of America and that’s why I started it and have been doing it ever since,” said Mr. Krier.

What started off as a simple display of patriotism has gone over the years – now taking up three garages.

“I use to do it in about four hours – now it takes me four days,” added Mr. Krier.  

He is a Marine Corps veteran who served the country during the Korean War in 1950.

“I paid my duty and I would go back tomorrow to defend this country if I could,” said Mr. Krier.  “I love all my military flags because I think the veterans are underrated.  If it wasn’t for the veterans we wouldn’t have this beautiful country we have today. They’re underrated and we need to praise our veterans.”

A sentiment echoed by the U-Crest firefighters who drove past his home with lights and sirens activated to honor Mr. Krier and the veterans.  

“It’s all about the freedom.  If it wasn’t for the guys in the ’40s and ’50s we wouldn’t be free now,” said U-Crest Fire Chief Bryan Chapman Jr.  “To all the men and women who are still fighting today, there’s not enough respect for them in this world and if this is what we can do to show our respect to the armed forces then this is what we’ll do.” 

“I love my flags, I love my country, and I thank the lord that we can do this,” added Mr. Krier.  After 29 years though, Mr. Krier says he’s slowing down.  “My mind says to do it but my body doesn’t want to.” 

He hopes to have his grandson take over duties next year by transferring the display to his house in Clarence.

“That’s the plan,”  Jake Krier said.  “I was born in ’92 his first year doing it was in ’91 so every year this is what we do.  This is his show and I just helped him the last couple of years but this is all him.”


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