N. Seine Drive residents posied to win war on rats 

CHEEKTOWAGA – There’s a battle going on between the residents of N. Seine Drive and the rats that have taken up residence in the South Cheektowaga neighborhood.

The infestation started one month ago.  Resident Bernie Calkins petitioned the town board for help a few meetings ago and now the residents are seeing action.  Informational mailers were sent out and the Erie County Health Department’s Vector Control Unit began baiting the neighborhood last week.

“We have not seen any rats since they started baiting,” Mr. Calkins said.  “But on Sunday morning, a neighbor came up to me with peanuts in her hand and said they were buried in her landscape.”

Finding peanuts in his landscape also, Mr. Calkins approached the neighborhood “peanut feeder.”

“I found his feeder full of peanuts.  He told me the rats were gone and now I could start feeding the squirrels again.  He infested our neighborhood once before and he’s about to do it again,” Mr. Calkins told town board members.  “After all the hard work you all have done with baiting and mailing we could go down that same black trail again.”

The town says a code enforcement officer will be going out to follow up with the “peanut feeder” to remind him that feeding wild animals in the town is illegal.

Here is important information you can use to wage war against rats in your neighborhood.

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