Liquor Authority suspends Tryst’s license during emergency hearing

Chronicle file photo of Tryst Gentleman's Club.
Chronicle file photo of Tryst Gentleman's Club.

NEW YORK CITY – The New York State Liquor Authority voted Wednesday morning to suspend the liquor license for Tryst’s Gentleman’s Club on Aero Drive.

Buffalo-based counsel for the authority Jaime C. Gallagher told the board members via a video conference that police-related incidents at the club are increasing following a November 9th referral from the Cheektowaga Police Department.

Recently on November 26th, six people were arrested after numerous fights and disturbances broke out at the club. Three different promoters were hosting parties inside the club on that evening.

“When the sergeant arrived at the location he found the parking lot to be overcrowded.  There were multiple party busses on site.  While he was there two large groups exited the premises with the intent to fight in the parking lot,” said Ms. Gallagher.

Because of the crowds, the police stationed two officers at the club for the remainder of the night.

During a fight later in the evening, a car sped away from the scene.  When police stopped the vehicle they were told that a man inside the club was menacing them. That man was arrested for menacing and resisting arrest.

“Two females who were with the suspect – one of them was found to be in possession of narcotics and was obstructing the arrest of the individual who was menacing people,” added Ms. Gallagher.

The woman was found to have cocaine and marijuana on her person according to Ms. Gallagher. The woman also has a taser and was using it on patrons inside the club inciting several fights.

The liquor authority also documented that the police responded to a total of four incidents of weapon possession or shots fired.

On October 5th a stolen handgun was recovered from the club.  The weapon fell from the waistband of a patron who was leaving.  Security turned the gun over to management who locked the gun in a safe for several days.  Video from the incident was overwritten.

“The gun was stolen from a burglary in Wales a year prior and the evidence was lost because of the manager’s inaction,” said Ms. Gallagher.

On October 29th, the police responded to a shots fired call and a few days later on October 31st a patron was arrested for DWI.  A pistol, ammunition, and loose rounds on the floor of the car were found.

Even though it appears Ms. Gallagher was prepared to present more evidence to the board she was interrupted.

“I don’t need to hear anymore,” said Commissioner Greeley Ford. “I’m going to vote to summarily suspend this license.  It’s obviously a detriment to the public health and safety and it looks like they don’t have any control over the place whatsoever.”

“Guns, tasers, fights.  Use of promoters who bypass the security protocols. 77 calls to the PD in ten months,” said Chairman Vincent Bradley. “I’m going to vote to summarily suspend on the same basis and the most concerning thing besides the clear regular use of firearms in the vicinity of the club is the lack of the management to even call the police when they actually did recover a gun that could have been helpful in solving another crime.”

The club can still conduct business but, effective immediately, no alcohol may be sold or consumed on the premises.

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