Lemon Law for emergency vehicles signed into law

Firefighters battle flames at a Haller Avenue home on September 27th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA – A law authored by Assemblymember Monica Wallace protecting the investments made in emergency vehicles by municipalities and fire departments was recently signed into law by the governor.

The Democratic assemblymember’s legislation creates an emergency vehicle lemon law in the state that requires maintenance to be done in a timely fashion, limiting the time period during which the vehicle is out of service.

“Our community’s firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics run into dangerous situations every day in service to others,” said Ms. Wallace. “When a fire truck or ambulance goes out of service, necessary life-saving equipment is unavailable for use, which can increase response times by those responding to an emergency. It is our responsibility to equip our community’s heroes with the necessary safeguards to ensure they can effectively protect our neighborhoods and respond to those in need.”

Under current law, municipalities and fire districts arrange for repair through the dealer and have no recourse against the manufacturer. Under Ms. Wallace’s new law, these entities will have the ability to work directly with the manufacturer in order to resolve any problems with the emergency vehicles in a timely manner.

If the dealer cannot correct issues after a number of attempts, the manufacturer, at the option of the municipal consumer, shall replace the emergency vehicle with a comparable vehicle, or accept a return of the vehicle and refund the owner the full purchase price.

The new law goes into effect January 1st.

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