GoFundMe campaign setup to help injured Warriors coach

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – A GoFundMe campaign is underway to help a Cheektowaga Central coach who was injured during a recent Discus practice.

Mike Bartosek, 27, was accidentally struck in the forehead with a Discus during practice on the football field on April 13th according to the Cheektowaga Police Blotter.  He was rushed to Erie County Medical Center.

The GoFundMe page said he suffered a skull fracture and has had to undergo two surgeries to date.

View the GoFundMe campaign page.
 Warning, a photo appearing on that page may not be appropriate for all audiences.

“Although we are not sure what the future holds, he is looking at possible plastic surgery and maybe more.  We are asking anyone, especially our Warrior Family, to help out in any way possible to ease his financial burden. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated,” said campaign creator Ken McCracken.

Cheektowaga Central’s Athletic Director Brain Hickson confirms the legitimacy of the campaign to Cheektowaga Chronicle.