Fight breaks out after political fundraiser for Mark Wegner

CHEEKTOWAGA – Cheektowaga Police were called to a fight at The Bellevue Hotel Thursday evening about a half-hour after a fundraiser for Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner wrapped up for the night Cheektowaga Chronicle has learned.

Several news tips to the Cheektowaga Chronicle newsroom named Mr. Wegner as one of the combatants involved in the melee.  One of the tipsters said Mr. Wegner pulled another person outside to the bar’s patio and threw him on to Como Park Boulevard moments before Cheektowaga Police arrived.

“My C4 and C5 are bone on bone and I have a bulging disk.  I can’t even lift my right arm.  I’m 57-years-old; I’m not getting into a fight,” Mr. Wegner said.

The disturbance was called into Cheektowaga Police around 8:50 pm according to police records after the fight started in the bar and a window was smashed out.

Mr. Wegner’s $30 per person political fundraiser wrapped up at 8:30 pm.

“It was after the fundraiser was done. Even the music was done,” added Mr. Wegner.  “I was standing by the jukebox talking to somebody and it happened over by the men’s room.”

He says a town employee from the Highway Department who was an attendee of the fundraiser started getting chippy with a few guys from a league baseball team that just walked into the establishment.

“He was starting with everybody, even guys from work,” Mr. Wegner said. “I didn’t get into it, all I did was say, ‘knock your shit off’ and then he turned around and punched the window.”

That’s when Mr. Wegner told the management to call the police.

A formal police report was not filed for the incident according to police records and the police drove the highway worker to his nearby home.

Mr. Wegner says the bar’s management didn’t want the highway worker arrested and requested that the police just drive the man home.  A practice police officers will do on occasion if that can defuse a situation from escalating.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the incident confirms that a town highway worker was involved, but that person was not Mr. Wegner.

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