Family of mauled dog prepares to sue Cheektowaga

Family of Pug displayed this sign at a Cheektowaga Town Board meeting Tuesday night. Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle
Family of Pug displayed this sign at a Cheektowaga Town Board meeting Tuesday night. Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle

CHEEKTOWAGA – The Castlewood Drive family who witnessed their dog get viciously mauled by four other dogs this past October has filed a notice of claim against the Town of Cheektowaga.

Charles and Sarah Kegler filed the paperwork with the town on behalf of their children.

The Keglers say their three kids suffered serious personal and permanent psychological and emotional injuries after they watched four dogs attack their 7-year-old Puggle.  The dog died later that night.

Court documents obtained by Cheektowaga Chronicle say for dogs belonging to 808 Borden Road “tore open and breached” a wooden stockade fence separating the Borden Road address and the Puggle’s Castlewood Drive backyard and began to attack the small dog.

Town Justice Paul S. Piotrowski deemed the four dogs in question to be dangerous during a dangerous dog hearing in November and ordered them to be humanely euthanized.

In their filing with the Town Clerk, The Keglers say the town failed to take proper action after dangerous dog complaints were filed with the town before the deadly attack.

Mr. Keglers told Cheektowaga Chronicle in October that they were upset with the town because they reported an incident with one of the dogs back in 2015.

“These are dogs that have broken through our fence twice since 2015,” said Mr. Kegler.  “This dog is at my back door banging its head on the sliding glass window, and I’m on the phone telling [police] if you don’t come here, I’m shooting this dog.  They’re trying to break in while my kids are screaming.”

While collecting petition signatures to have the dogs removed after the Puggle attack in October, he says the family learned of other incidents involving the dogs.

“They’ve dug holes, they’ve blasted through [fences], they’ve gotten neighbor’s cats,” Mr. Kegler said. “The dogs have already killed other animals and bitten other people.”

The Keglers are claiming that their kids suffered severe and permanent emotional and psychological injuries requiring psychological treatment and counseling, shock, and depression which deprived them the ability to enjoy a life that they were able to participate in before the attack.

The notice of claim did not list a specific monetary amount but did say it they were seeking the town to pay for past and future medical expenses.

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