Council work sessions get new schedule

Chronicle file photo of the Cheektowaga Town Hall.
Chronicle file photo of the Cheektowaga Town Hall.

CHEEKTOWAGA – The Cheektowaga Town Council will meet Tuesday, July 3rd for the first time since they voted to modify the council’s work session schedule 45 days ago.

A town council work session is where our elected officials discuss town business matters.  Some matters, like resolutions, move on to the regular board meeting for a vote, while other matters are just for information.

The work sessions have been held at 5 pm on regular meeting nights for the past year.  The regular meetings were scheduled to start at 7 pm.

Councilmember Brian Nowak sought the change after noting five regular meetings since November 2017 failed to start on time because the board was in executive session following their work session. 

The change was approved by a split board vote during their regular meeting on May 22nd.  Councilmembers Gerald Kaminski, Timothy J. Meyers, Brian Nowak, and James Rogowski voted in favor of the measure.  Councilmembers Christine Adamczyk, Linda Hammer, and Supervisor Diane Benczkowski were no votes.

“This is going to cause a big problem for our department heads because they will have to get the resolutions in one week in advance of the work session,” Ms. Benczkowski said on May 22nd.  “I don’t see what we’ll discuss if we won’t have all the resolutions at the work sessions.”

Ms. Benczkowski also pointed to schedule conflicts.

“I know Councilmember Adamczyk is busy with fire commissioner meetings and the chief’s meeting.  Councilmember Hammer has the CAC meeting and the Traffic Safety Commission meetings.  I also have several other meetings.  I have the Budget Advisory Committee meetings running. I have Youth and Recreation and there are also several taxpayers meetings out in the community.  This will put a hardship on a lot of our councilmembers to now have to do a meeting and preparation for the meeting every week.  We also have families,” added Ms. Benczkowski.

The town had 45-days to smooth out any issues with the work session.  It was first discussed publicly last Tuesday.

Matters to be discussed at Tuesday’s work session include:

1. Landlord Licensing- Councilmember James Rogowski
2. Town Master Plan- Councilmember James Rogowski
3. Historical Preservation Local Law- Councilmember Brian Nowak
4. Open Meetings Law and Rights of the Public to Video Record- Councilmember Brian Nowak
5. Potential for Solarize Campaign- Councilmember Brian Nowak

The meeting will be held in Council Chambers at Town Hall and it starts at 5 pm.

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