Council passes emergency funding for new roof at records center

Plastic covers the stacks of vital records inside the Cheektowaga Records Center on August 6th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
Plastic covers the stacks of vital records inside the Cheektowaga Records Center on August 6th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA – The Cheektowaga Town Council took emergency action during their work session Tuesday night to pass a resolution releasing funds to repair the roof at the town’s records center at 735 Maryvale Drive and to pay an invoice related to the ongoing sewer project.

The $114,600 roof job was awarded to Neth and Son, of Taylor Drive in Depew.  The company was the lowest bidder for the roof replacement job at the Julia Boyer Reinstein Library, and they were able to switch their installation schedule at the library to fix the leaky roof at the records center.

“I think we feel it’s a responsible bid because way back when we made a bond resolution for building repairs, they had a ballpark estimate of $119,000, and the contractor now says he’ll do it for $114,000 and change,” said Brian Krause, Director of Administration & Finance.

Supervisor Diane Benczkowski and Councilmembers Linda Hammer and Christine Adamczyk were not at the work session.  Councilmember Tim Meyers ran the work session and was a co-sponsor of the resolution with Councilmember Gerald Kaminski.

“I talked with the town attorney, Jerry talked to the town attorney, and [the lawyer] said the way it’s written down – we’re in good shape,” said Mr. Meyers.

The building has been plagued by leaks for some time and roofers have been patching it to prolong the life of the roof until it could be replaced. The capital project was slated for completion either in 2018 or 2019.

The center is the location of the town’s Technology and Records Management Department which houses a data center and town records such as historical documents, vital records, servers, backup equipment, and other critical information technology equipment.

Cheektowaga Chronicle has learned from workers at the facility that over the past six months the leaky roof has gone from bad to worse.  A message echoed by Councilmember James Rogowski during the work session.

“Now we have buckets and tarps over our data servers and desks,” Mr. Rogowski says.

Councilmember Brian Nowak toured the facility earlier this year and noted stains on the drop ceiling at that time.

“If the situation is getting worse – it was already bad – I don’t have any objections to this,” Mr. Nowak said.

The council also passed an emergency resolution to pay $1,317.50 to the engineering firm Nussbaumer & Clarke of Buffalo.  A two-year engineering grant related to the sewer project expires on Thursday and Mr. Krause says there were some last minute housekeeping items done to assure the books were in order. 

“There was an extra invoice found,” said Mr. Krause.  “It would be reimbursed 100 percent if I get it paid by tomorrow, but if I don’t get it paid tomorrow, then we eat it.”

The measure was passed once the council agreed on the wording of the resolution and the law office drafted a copy for the board.

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