Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of October 6, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called to a variety of incidents throughout the weekend. Here are some of the standout calls.

Friday, October 6: 160 complaints

12:30 am – Five people dined-and-dashed to the turn of $107.00 at Denny’s on Genesee Street.  The group fled in a Grand Am.

12:31 am – Four people playing loud music in a driveway on Ellen Drive were told to keep it down.

1:23 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters attended to a garbage can fire on Woodridge Avenue.

2:19 am – A couch was removed from Binner Road.

4:24 am – A drive was arrested for driving without a license on Pennock Place.  A Ford Taurus was towed from the scene by Kwitzer.

8:07 am – Doyle firefighters attended to a mulch fire near the building at 1350 Harlem Road.

9:27 am – A truck driver was cited for driving down a Stradtman Street.

9:50 am – A student from the Pine Hill School was riding his bike at Stiglmeier Park.  The student was transported home to drop off his bike and was taken to school.

9:55 am – The dog control officer spoke to two people on Cherrywood Drive after a man said his neighbor walks her dog and allows it to do its business on his property.

10:10 am – A jar of change was stolen from a car on the 2500 block of Genesee Street.

11:13 am – A man suffering chest pains at Town Court was transported to St. Joe’s by ambulance.

11:38 am – A “very aggressive, mean dog,” was captured by animal control in a rear yard on East End Avenue.  The dog was euthanized at a town animal hospital.

12:31 pm – A Dodge Charger parked on Griffith Street for several days was towed.

12:47 pm – South line firefighters attended to CO detector activation on the 600 block of Borden Road.

2:20 pm – A person was arrested after a two-car crash on Borden Road.  Charges were not immediately listed.

3:18 pm –At an address on Old Farm Court, BB Guns and marijuana were disposed of by mom on the advice of the police.

4:23 pm – A 40-year-old diabetic woman wearing “ethnic garb” was reported missing by her son.  A countywide alert was sent to law enforcement patrol cars.  Her cell phone was pinged around the 2200 block of Bailey Avenue.  She was reunited with her family around 6:07 pm.

5:02 pm – A rape kit was picked up from Children’s Hospital.

5:15 pm – An intoxicated man was arrested at a French Road plaza after he threw a sign at a car.

5:51 pm – A woman in the police lockup was transported to St. Joe’s for x-rays.

6:00 pm – The police filed a police report and set up a checkpoint on Siberling Drive after a woman said someone keeps stealing her garbage from her backyard.

6:22 pm – Family members and the police were looking for a man who threatened to jump from a bridge.  He was located by family near Union and French just before 7 pm.  He was admitted to ECMC under the state’s mental health law.

6:42 pm – A woman in the police cellblock was evaluated an ambulance crew for a hand injury.

6:46 pm – A police report was filed after a person had a bracelet stolen from a changing room at JC Penney.

7:38 pm – Two people were cited for running a stop sign on Crocker Street.

8:44 pm – Around 20 kids were kicked off school property at Theodore Roosevelt.

10:02 pm – Two people were cited for traffic violations on Marrano Parkway.

Saturday, October 7: 175 Complaints

1:06 am – A party skipped out on their food bill at TGI Friday’s on Walden Avenue.  The police located the suspect’s vehicle, pulled it over, and advised them.  The party returned and paid the bill.

1:36 am – A deceased cat was found in the road along the 1300 block of Walden Avenue.  The animal control officer was notified.

1:48 am – One person was arrested after the police investigated a report of three people passing fake $50.00 bills at Tryst Gentlemen’s Club on Aero Drive.

2:10 am – A fire alarm was activated at Tryst Gentlemen’s Club.  Hy-View firefighters determined the cause to be smokers in the lounge area.

2:26 am – A server at Tryst Gentlemen’s Club was pushed by a patron and property from the patron was held.  The police filed a police report for information, and the property was returned.  Neither party wanted to press charges.

2:27 am – A New York State ID was confiscated at Tryst Gentlemen’s Club.  A police report was filed.

3:30 am – The police told a bunch of guys to get out of the girl’s bathroom at Denny’s on Genesee Street.

3:46 am – A person was arrested on Scott Place for driving without a valid license and possession of marijuana.  A Ford Mustang was towed by Millers.

4:33 am – The police arrested a drunk driver on Genesee Street.  They were charged with DWI and driving without a valid license.  A Chevy Tahoe was towed by Millers.  Two women and a child were taken to the Sleep Inn.

4:38 am – A driver was arrested for DWI and criminal possession of marijuana during a traffic stop at Tryst Gentlemen’s Club.  A Hyundai was towed by Millers.

9:43 am – A car slid off the road and crashed into a pole on Shanley Street.

11:39 am – An Oehman Boulevard resident paid $4,800.00 to a hacker to try and get his computer unlocked after it was locked by ransomware.

1:22 pm – The grave of a homicide victim was defaced.  An aunt reported that the victim’s mom visited the grave and found that flowers were pulled up and a bottle of booze was left behind.

1:35 pm – People holding a sign asking for money near the entrance of Wal-Mart was told to move on by the police.

2:02 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Wal-Mart.

2:03 pm – A police officer cut a bike chain and brought a Mongoose 21-speed bike back to headquarters.  The bike was abandoned a week ago on Ridge Park Avenue.  A police report for found property was filed.

2:14 pm – The police investigated an attempted burglary on the 100 block of Medina Street.  A screen was removed from a rear window.  It may have happened within the last two days.

2:19 pm – A garage on Markus Drive was burglarized.

3:30 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters treated a 52-year-old man who fell out of a tree on Cresthaven Drive.  The patient was transported to ECMC.

4:00 pm – The police and Crisis Services attended to a domestic incident between mom and son on Linda Drive.  An arrest was made after the son injured mom.  A charge of criminal mischief was added after the subject jumped on a police car.

4:26 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Wal-Mart.

4:41 pm – A dryer fire inside a salon at the Walden Galleria was attended to by U-Crest firefighters.  The fire was extinguished using a fire extinguisher.  The salon was ventilated.

5:17 pm – Five people were arrested for stealing items from Wal-Mart.

7:13 pm – 10 kids were told to leave Wrazen Park.

8:32 pm – Three males who appeared to be intoxicated were walking down Losson Road with a 35 mph speed limit sign.  The police could not locate the trio.

9:18 pm – A police officer took a hurt dog to the emergency vet on Genesee Street after it was struck by a car along the 3300 block of Harlem Road.  The driver of the car did stop to talk with the police.  Lancaster Police was requested to make a notification.

Sunday, October 8: 159 Complaints

12:10 am – An arrest warrant for criminal mischief, strangulation, and harassment was applied for after a man beat on his son on Warsaw Street.

1:02 am – A resident dropped off a found dog at the kennel.

1:37 am – The police responded to a fight on Reo Avenue.  Everyone scattered when the police arrived.

2:02 am – People using loud tools at Jewelry by Geno were advised.

2:35 am – The police responded to Tryst Gentlemen’s Club for a reported fight.  Two women jumped a dancer, and there were four men fighting in the parking lot.  A police report was filed, but no one was arrested.

5:47 am – An 8-year-old boy was found walking along French Road.  He was taken home.

8:39 am – Bellevue firefighters attended to a downed power line on Honorine Drive.

8:59 am – A man on Patricia Lane had all four tires on his Buick Regal flattened and car keyed.

10:02 am – The animal control officer removed a dog from a padlocked trailer on Wanda Avenue.  The pup was returned to his owner, and a police report was filed for information.

10:18 am – A Ludwig Avenue man was scammed out of $1,500 after he tried to buy a vehicle off of eBay.

10:52 am – Two kids were vaping inside Stiglmeier Park.  The kids were advised to leave the park, and the vaping items were thrown out.

12:07 pm – The police assisted a 1-year-old who was locked inside a car at Wal-Mart.

12:27 pm – A man was arrested on Kensington Avenue for putting his hands on a woman.  A domestic incident report was filed.

1:03 pm – A caller at the Tops Markets at Kensington and Harlem said they found a bag a crack inside the store.

1:57 pm – The landlord of an apartment on the 3500 block of Harlem Road called police after he arrived at the apartment to collect the rent but the tenant was missing.  The landlord said he was to meet the tenant at this time.  When he entered the apartment he found food on the table, the TV was on, but no one was around.  The police found out that the man was in Buffalo Police custody.

4:32 pm – Hy- View firefighters attended to a natural gas smell inside a Calla Way address.  Crews found a faulty burner on the stove.  The gas was shut off, and the house was ventilated.

4:49 pm – A driver was arrested for having a forged inspection sticker during a traffic stop on Pine Ridge Heritage Boulevard.

6:19 pm – An intoxicated woman at a plaza on Cleveland Drive was transported to the Tim Hortons on Kensington and Eggert.

8:35 pm – An Avery Place resident said someone smashed their pumpkins sometime between 5 pm and 8:30 pm.

8:37 pm – Rescue firefighters attended to a CO detector activation on Haller Avenue.  Crews found levels of CO in the house.  National Fuel responded and took over the scene.

9:19 pm – A group of kids was told to leave the Theodore Roosevelt School playground on William Street.

10:16 pm – A Homewood Suites employee on Dick Road called the police stating they hear screaming from a ditch near the property line.  The police didn’t find anything when they searched the area.

11:45 pm – Two males were arrested for marijuana possession and possession of burglary tools after a Wabash Avenue resident called the police to report that the duo broke into his car.

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