Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of May 25, 2018

First responders attended to 727 complaints over the weekend of May 25, 2018.

Friday, May 25th – 265 complaints

2:41 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Windwood Court.

7:42 am – The police rolled up on a verbal domestic dispute across the street from the police station.  The couple was advised.

10:28 am – A vehicle was egged on the 800 block of French Road.  The victim told police it was retaliation by a neighbor for calling Child Protective Services.

12:51 pm – A Pinewood Terrace woman says her bike was stolen from Walden Galleria earlier today.

1:40 pm – The police checked on a dog inside a Mercury Milan parked at Alton’s Resturant.  The dog was “huffing and puffing.”  The owner left a bowl of water inside for the dog and the windows were open around 4-inches.  The owner was advised that even though his intentions were good, it didn’t look good to others.

2:29 pm – U-Crest firefighters extinguished a mulch fire behind Metro Mattress on Union Road.

2:29 pm – One person was sent to ECMC after a two-car crash on William Street.

2:35 pm – Forks firefighters extinguished a grass fire near the Olive Garden restaurant.

2:33 pm – An unknown aged man at a home on Union Road was transported to St. Joes after a heroin overdose.

5:11 pm – The police responded to a fight on the 1600 block of Kensington Avenue.  The fight broke up and the assailants fled in different cars as police were responding.

5:41 pm – Three people were advised of the bike helmet policy at Town Park.

5:43 pm – OnStar called the police to report someone tripped the emergency call button on a 2018 Chevy Equinox on the 5000 block of Transit Road.  The occupant was not responding.  OnStar called back a few minutes later and reported the car’s owner just bought the car from Joe Basil and set it off accidentally.

6:20 pm – Kids in Orchard Park were advised not to use foul language.

7:01 pm – A motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot of Dent Pro on Genesee Street.

7:14 pm – A suspicious vehicle was stopped on Sebring Drive after it was observed by a patrol unit of driving around the neighborhood.  The driver of the vehicle said he was looking for a parking spot outside his girlfriend’s house.

7:49 pm – A man was arrested at an address on the 2200 block of William Street for violating an order of protection at the same address earlier in the day.

10:42 pm – Bellevue, Hy-View, U-Crest, and Forks firefighters assisted Depew firefighters at the scene of a fire at Twin Village Recycling on Broadway.  Rescue covered U-Crest’s fire hall.  South Line covered Bellevue’s fire hall and Depew’s Southside hall.

Saturday, May 26th – 225 complaints

12:16 am – A man was arrested for violating an order of protection after he pushed a woman at Comfort Suites Buffalo Airport.

12:16 am –  A man was arrested at Gardenvillage Apartments for Possession of Marijuana and resisting arrest.  The police responded to the apartments after a man allegedly punched a woman and bite her finger.

1:45 am – Firefighters at the scene of a fire on Broadway pulled over a car after it almost ran a firefighter over.  The driver was arrested for DWI.

3:41 am – The police arrested a person on the 1300 block of French Road for huffing.

3:46 am – Combatants fled the scene of a fight at a plaza at French and Transit.  A short vehicle chase followed but police called it off for safety reasons.  The victim refused first-aid, did not want to prosecute the assailant, and refused to cooperate with the police. 

7:12 am – A resident of Ivanhoe Road says his car was keyed and spray painted during the night.

8:00 am – A man fled a home on Temple Drive after he beat up and choked his girlfriend. The police pulled over his car on Temple Drive, but he took off driving over lawns.  He was arrested around 9:07 pm.  The woman did not want first-aid.

3:45 pm – A Straley Avenue resident says he bought tickets from a man on Craigslist and never got the tickets.

5:05 pm – Two drivers engaging in road rage along Union Road were counseled by the police.  No one was arrested because of offsetting penalties. 

5:57 pm – A motorcyclist in the parking lot of Ollie’s Bargain Outlet was checked out by an ambulance crew after a crash.

6:33 pm – U-Crest firefighters extinguished a mulch fire next to a power pole at Noco Express on Genesee Street.

8:08 pm – The police responded to a fight between a father and son on E. Rouen Drive.  The dad left for the evening. 

10:01 pm – The police arrested a man with a knife along George Urban Boulevard.

10:17 pm – South Line firefighters responded to a home on Pheasant Lane after a propane grill was accidentally left on.   The gas which filled the house self-ventilated.

11:01 pm – A woman on Carefree Lane suffered a drug overdose and was transported to St. Joes.

11:29 pm – A facilities manager for The Chapel at the Thruway Plaza told police they were having trouble with a bat inside the church and they think it keeps setting off the security alarm.

Sunday, May 27th: 237 complaints

1:19 am – Police had to evict a cat from a home on Peinkofer Drive. A woman said the kitty ran into the house through her open door and decided to take up squatting rights on a chair. 

3:17 am – A police report was filed after someone on Shanley Street said a friend of a friend took the keys to their house and would not give them back. 

5:21 am – An Uber driver called police after a drunk rider wouldn’t wake up at their destination. 

7:35 am – Someone called about two husky dogs running through Town Park. No officer could locate them when they arrived at the scene ten minutes later. 

8:21 am – Forks firefighters were called to Olive Garden on Walden Avenue for a CO alarm. Elevated readings were found at the site. The restaurant was ventilated and National Fuel was called to the scene to help find a cause for the issue. 

10:01 am – Someone on Pine Ridge Road said they saw someone point a gun at their vehicle and heard two shots fired. Nearby neighbors and roofers did not hear any shots and officers were unable to locate the described suspects. 

One person was taken to ECMC after a two-vehicle crash on Dick Road on May 27th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
One person was taken to ECMC after a two-vehicle crash on Dick Road on May 27th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

10:59 am – One person was taken to ECMC after a two-vehicle crash on Dick Road. One of the vehicles rolled over in the crash. The other driver signed off on treatment at the scene. 

11:30 am – A call came in about a man trying to get in the caller’s house, crawling around the front lawn, saying he was looking for gas. When police arrived, the man in question said it was a misunderstanding. Everyone was advised. 

12:19 pm – A man was arrested and a domestic incident report was filed after he allegedly struck his wife with a bottle.

12:27 pm – An ambulance responded to Home Depot for an apparent head injury.

12:36 pm – A father was arrested after he allegedly sliced his son with a knife. The mother took their son to St. Joes without waiting for an ambulance. The father left the Walden Avenue scene and was found at Doat and Pine Ridge by police. 

12:58 pm – A kid was taken to Children’s Hospital by ambulance after being struck by a vehicle on Woodgate Drive.  

6:47 pm – A woman called 911 and said she was being followed by another vehicle and a man in that car displayed a handgun to her. A dispatcher tried calling the woman back and she did not answer. A voicemail was left and she did not respond. 

7:02 pm – A call came in about a suspicious suitcase left around the garden center at Home Depot. Police checked it out. It was just an empty, old suitcase. They threw it out. 

7:18 pm – A call came in about a man on Meadow Place waiving a BB Gun in the middle of the street. He was advised by police. 

7:44 pm – The smell of something burning was reported from the basement of a building on Arthur Musarra Parkway. U-Crest firefighters responded to the scene and found carelessly discarded cigarettes. Management responded and secured the windows to the area.  

8:39 pm – A drunk man ordered food at Mighty Taco on French Road and kept drinking. He was sitting on the counter and refusing to leave. Police took the man home. Management told officers that Peter is no longer welcome at Mighty Taco. 

9:00 pm – Police on patrol around parks around town started advising kids about the dusk closing time. 

9:15 pm – A police report was filed for reckless endangerment after a woman said she jumped on the hood of a guy’s hood on Creekside Drive. She said he then drove 40 m.p.h. down the street and tossed her off the hood. 

9:33 pm – A call came in from Bronx Drive. The caller said a man came into his backyard and tried to pee on his deck and house. Police were unable to track down the unruly urinator. 

9:52 pm – A police report was filed after St. Joes security noticed a car parked in the lot with the window broken out. Items were found stolen from the car. 

10:00 pm – “Two old ladies were shoed out of” Dartwood Park.

10:37 pm – Sloan firefighters were called out to a possible grass fire on Boll Street. It was a legal fire pit. 

10:51 pm – A neighbor on Griffith Street was upset about people with a fire going being loud and swearing. A group of three people were outside watching a movie. They were advised to be quiet. 

11:12 pm – Police made a drunk driving arrest after a crash on French Road. 

11:46 pm – Officers advised a resident on Cayuga Creek Road to turn off the karaoke machine for the night after a loud music complaint came in about their party. 

11:47 pm – A complaint came in about a party on Eastland Parkway. “Party in the backyard and the entire neighborhood smells like pot. Are they throwing bricks of pot into the fire pit? So strong smelling!” By the time officers got to check out the tip, the party was over and the ganja fire was out.

Quick Statistics:

Property Damage Crashes: 9

Warrants Served: 12

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 1

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 0

Narcotics Possession arrests: 1

Marijuana Possession arrests: 2

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 10

Mental Health Interactions: 10

Domestic Disputes: 15

Neighbor Disputes: 18

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