Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of July 6, 2018

Cheektowaga Police Officers prepare to enter 127 Roland Street on June 10, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
Cheektowaga Police Officers prepare to enter 127 Roland Street on June 10, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

First responders attended to 635 complaints over the Weekend of July 6, 2018.

Friday, July 6th | 210 Complaints

1:35 am – An arrest warrant was applied for after a man tore up a home on Melody Lane.

6:24 am – Patio furniture was stolen from a yard on Villa Morraine Drive.  Two other yards on the street were gone through but nothing was stolen.

7:43 am – A large pop-up gazebo was stolen from a backyard on Alpine Place.

9:20 am – A 30-year-old man was found dead on Simpson Drive.  An unattended death report was filed and detectives are investigating.

10:21 am – Two employees at the Tim Hortons inside the Sunoco Gas Station at Genesee and Harlem were beating up the manager.  Both fled.  Police caught up to one of them and charged him with harassment and criminal mischief.

11:02 am – One man was arrested on Rowan Road for violating an order of protection.

1:58 pm – A resident of 2nd Street says someone keeps knocking on their window in the middle of the night.  The suspicious occurrence has happened around six times over the past few months.

2:15 pm – A man says his roommate of a Concord Drive apartment threatened him with a shotgun.  He does not know the man very well as he found the roommate through an internet website.

2:48 pm – The police arrested an employee of the Mobil gas station at Genesee and Union.  The employee stole money from the cash register overnight.

3:17 pm – The police pulled over a kid driving a Go-Kart on Gardenvale Drive.  Dad was called and was advised to pick up his son and Go-Kart.

4:07 pm – A family from Pennsylvania on their way to Albany started physically fighting at Jim’s Truck Stop.  The family wanted to keep the dispute inside the family and didn’t want the police department’s help.

5:15 pm – A woman with Alzheimer’s was reported missing at Union Consumer Square.  She was missing for the past two hours.  Several stores were checked and the woman was later found at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. 

6:08 pm – An intoxicated 39-year-old on Mildred Drive was transported to ECMC because he wouldn’t wake up.

6:38 pm – A man was arrested at the scene of a car crash on William Street for a Buffalo warrant.  One other person was transported to St. Joes for injuries.

7:54 pm – One person was arrested following a hit & run crash on Aris Avenue.

8:15 pm – A pop-up tent was stolen from the backyard of a home on Park Edge Drive.

9:11 pm – A large loud party on Mt. Vernon Road was checked on.  The police were told the party would be over in one-half hour.  The police returned at 10:24 pm and shut the party down.  80 kids were kicked out.

11:11 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters investigate the odor of something burning on Windwood Court.  The cause was traced down to an electrical problem.  The house was ventilated.

11:35 pm – A stolen vehicle out of Cheektowaga was recovered by Buffalo Police on Tifft Street.

Saturday, July 7th | 224 Complaints

12:07 am – A resident at Elderwood long-term skilled nursing on Bennett Road called Amherst Police because “no one was helping him.”  Cheektowaga spoke to a supervisor at the facility and learned that everything was okay and that they were going to check on the man throughout the night. 

12:58 am – One person was arrested on Cayuga Road for a Buffalo warrant.  The police responded to check on a disturbance between an Uber driver and the fare.

1:08 am – The police arrested a man on Dubonnet Drive for criminal mischief and resisting arrest after mom called to say he was coming down from his high and was being violent.

6:07 am – A CSX train operator called the police to report a man taking photos near the train tracks behind Forks fire hall.  The police were with the man for about four minutes and determined he was just taking pictures and was not a threat.

6:30 am – A bug zapper was stolen from a home on Villa Morraine Drive.

9:05 am – A resident of E. Florette Drive went to police headquarters to say a landscaper exposed himself to the complainant and his son on Friday.

9:48 am – A South Line fire chief hit a parked car on S. Prince Drive.

12:23 pm – Patio furniture was stolen from an address on Avery Place.

1:24 pm – A large water main break impacted traffic around Harlem and William.

2:23 pm – A lawn mower and snow blower were reported stolen from a garage on Greenleaf Lane.

3:18 pm – A taxi driver called the police on a fare after returning her to her Lindbergh Court address from 7-Eleven.   She wanted to put the trip through Medicaid, but the cabbie refused because the woman bought beer.  A neighbor paid the fare.

3:35 pm – A 40-year-old man was transported to St. Joes after he was hit by a shopping cart outside Price Rite on Walden Avenue.

6:06 pm – The police were requested to Gardenvillage Apartments after a group of kids broke a lock securing the complex pool and were swimming.  Maintenance kicked the kids out before patrol arrived and re-secured the lock.

7:51 pm – An employee at Pharoah’s Gentleman’s Club found a tracker on her car.  An investigation found the tracker belongs to a regular customer.

8:18 pm – A 62-year-old woman died on Lamarck Drive. The police filed an unattended death report. 

Saturday, July 8th | 201 Complaints

12:41 am – The police investigated a disturbance on Northcrest Avenue.  Several people engaged in a verbal argument.  One woman left for the night to defuse the situation.

1:35 am – A 67-year-old was reported missing from a hotel on Walden Avenue.  The complainant said the man went out to the parking lot at 10 pm and hasn’t returned.  He located at the casino.

3:04 am – Patrol officers tried to pull over a ’79 Oldsmobile.  It gave chase through the neighborhood around George Urban and Toelsin.  The chase was terminated eight minutes later.

3:50 am – A man was charged with burglary, assault, and menacing after police responded to a Genesee Street apartment complex for a domestic incident.  A woman was transported to the hospital for shortness of breath and to treat a facial injury.  The man also had outstanding arrest warrants from Buffalo and Niagara County.

4:32 am – A person possibly behind a rash of lawn furniture burglaries around Alpine Place this past week was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property.

5:13 am – Three kids throwing eggs at homes in Sloan were detained on Michael.  They were escorted home and their parents were advised.

10:11 am – A 64-year-old man died on Barbara Place.  An unattended death report was filed and the detective bureau was called to the scene.

12:52 pm – Lawn furniture was reported stolen from a porch on Alpine Place.

1:25 pm – Patrol advised a resident on Messer Avenue to put out a bonfire.

7:01 pm – The police talked to a man inside Losson Park who was giving a park employee lip after he was informed about the park’s no dog policy.

8:37 pm – One person was arrested after the police responded to the Harlem/Kensington Tops Market for a fight.  It was between two employees and a customer.  The customer was also issued a trespass warning.

9:21 pm – An ambulance supervisor administered medication to a woman in the police lockup.

10:38 pm – A 38-year-old man on Diane Drive was transported to ECMC after he got pool chemicals in his eye.

Quick Statistics:

Fireworks Use: 7

Property Damage Crashes: 10

Warrants Served: 13

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 0

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 0

Narcotics Possession arrests: 2

Marijuana Possession arrests: 3

Drunk Driving Arrests: 2

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 6

Mental Health Interactions: 6

Domestic Trouble: 16

Neighbor Disputes: 7

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