Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of February 15, 2019

Emergency responders were called to 479 calls for service over the weekend.

Friday, February 15th | 186 calls:

12:20 am – U-Crest firefighters found a faulty boiler at an apartment building on Dick Road.

12:59 am – A drunk driver was arrested after he rolled his vehicle on Aero Drive.  He was not hurt.

1:15 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Eggert Road.

4:20 am – A natural death was reported on Heather Road.

10:34 am – The police brought a student to JFK school from an address on Willowlawn Parkway.

12:18 pm – A juvenile was arrested at Cheektowaga Central for narcotics possession.

The Blue Bridges Initiative held a basketball game at Cheektowaga Central. (Contributed)
The Blue Bridges Initiative held a basketball game at Cheektowaga Central. (Contributed)

1:45 pm – The Blue Bridges Initiative held a basketball game at Cheektowaga Central.

2:52 pm – Two people got into a fight at Izzy’s Mini Market on Walden Avenue.  Damage was done inside the store.  No arrests were immediately listed.  Detectives are investigating.

3:40 pm – A female employee of a business in town reported that she was sexually assaulted by her boss.

4:01 pm – A natural death was reported on S. Roycroft Boulevard.

4:19 pm – A shopper at Home Depot said his car was damaged where a religious emblem was located.  He believed the damage was done because of the emblem.

6:21 pm – A man was arrested at the Pine Ridge Tim Hortons after he was yelling at the staff.

6:49 pm – The police arrested one person for trespassing at Walden Galleria.  They also charged the subject with resisting arrest.

8:50 pm – An elderly man went missing at Walden Galleria.  He was reunited with his family at 9:30 pm after he was found in the food court.

Saturday, February 16th | 158 calls:

2:14 am – The police arrested a man after he choked a woman on Gardenvillage Drive.  He was charged with assault and marijuana possession.  A domestic incident report was filed.

2:24 am – The police checked on a report of 20 people fighting inside Denny’s on Genesee Street.  Everyone was checked out and advised.  No arrests were made.

5:54 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Harlem Road.  A female passenger was taken home by the police.

8:59 am – A man was arrested near the Union Road Burger King for marijuana possession and criminal tampering after he kicked over a newspaper box at the restaurant.

10:21 am – A Lehavre Drive man told the police that he lost $5,000 through a gift card scam.

11:24 am – Someone overnight shot a BB Gun and took out the front window of a home on W. Mayberry Drive.

12:15 pm – A driver crash into a traffic arrow board that belongs to the town while sewer crews were working on Walden Avenue.

1:28 pm – The police arrested a woman for theft of services after she ate at a restaurant at Walden Galleria and refused to pay.

1:30 pm – An ambulance checked on a prisoner with a head injury at police headquarters.  He did not go to the hospital.

5:44 pm – Seven people were ejected from Walden Galleria and were running in and out of traffic on the mall’s ring road.  The police spoke to the disorderly people, and they moved along.

5:59 pm – A 40-year-old man died on Juniper Lane.  A natural death report was filed.

The police issued ten parking tickets to vehicles parked on snowbanks at Walden Galleria. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
The police issued ten parking tickets to vehicles parked on snowbanks at Walden Galleria. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

6:06 pm – The police issued ten parking tickets to vehicles parked on snowbanks at Walden Galleria.

7:01 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters ventilated a home on Virginia Road after the resident failed to vent an appliance properly.

11:20 pm – Clinton Bar and Grill called the police after a man in his 40s was pushing customers off their bar stools.  The man left before the police arrived five minutes later.

Sunday, February 17th | 135 calls:

12:18 am – The police made an arrest for weapon possession after the cops investigated a loud music complaint on Pine Ridge Road.

2:12 am – A faulty flue of a hot water tank and furnace caused high levels of carbon monoxide to accumulate in a Vegola Avenue home.  U-Crest firefighters attended to the scene and ventilated the home.

2:43 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters attended to a heroin overdose on Beale Avenue.  The man was transported to ECMC.

4:00 am – A 10-year-old child on Viola Drive called 911 to say his mom and dad were arguing.  The police responded, investigated, and were told that there was no argument; the pair were engaging in coitus.

4:15 am – The police detained a man on John Brian Lane after receiving a domestic complaint involving a gun.

8:14 am – The police attended to a neighbor dispute on Kilbourne Road.  One resident had a sign in their window facing the other neighbor with the letters “F-U” on it.  A case of beer with tar all over it was left on the complainant’s porch.  Everyone was counseled by the police.

10:13 am – The police investigated an alleged rape inside a vehicle at Williamstown Apartments.  A male was detained, and a woman was transported to ECMC for treatment.

6:53 pm – A patrol officer pulled over a vehicle on the Westbound Kensington Expressway.  The driver was acting shady.  An investigation determined he just shoplifted from Wegmans on Dick Road and had several arrest warrants.

7:30 pm – A natural death was reported on Fairoaks Lane.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 16

Warrants served: 12

DMV violation arrests: 6

Narcotics arrests: 8

Marijuana arrests: 1

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 3

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 6

Mental health interactions: 7

Domestic incidents: 9

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