Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of October 6, 2018

Friday, October 5 – 210 Calls

1:25 am – An officer on patrol checked on a Lexus that was pulled over in Dingens Park. It was somone who stopped to use their cell phone. 

2:14 am – A DWI arrest was made on Eggert Road. 

2:56 am – Police were called to Partner’s Pizza to deal with two women fighting inside. They were sent on their way by police. 

3:38 am – Galleria security called police to help deal with a drunk woman. The woman told officers she drank at Dave and Buster’s and wasn’t ready to drive home. She was going to sleep it off in the parking lot for a bit. 

7:49 am – A temp employee at W.B. Mason’s was refusing to leave the property. When he was told the police were called, he threatened to shoot officers. He took off from the business on Broadway. Officers did not track down the suspect. Managers said they would call back if he returned. 

Rescue Hose firefighters were called to a crash on Harlem Road near the Gulf gas station on October 10th. (Ann Madison/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
Rescue Hose firefighters were called to a crash on Harlem Road near the Gulf gas station on October 10th. (Ann Madison/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

9:31 am – Rescue Hose firefighters were called to a crash on Harlem Road near the Gulf gas station. A Jeep and Ford Focus crashed. The Jeep rolled over multiple times at the intersection. No one was injured in the crash. 

10:06 am – A police report was filed for Grand Larceny after it was reported that $1,438 worth of merchandise was stolen from Victoria’s Secret PINK the day before. There is video of the incident. 

11:02 am – A police report was filed at the St. Joes ER after a person was punched in the lip by a friend on Dellwood Place. They needed to be treated because they got their lip caught up in their braces. 

2:28 pm – A teen was arrested after a fight on the bus on East Delavan Avenue. 

2:34 pm – A police report was filed for criminal mischief after someone on South Century Road said they had the hood of their car dented and someone tossed nail polish all over the hood of the vehicle.  

4:27 pm – $2,000 worth of merchandise was taken from Victoria’s Secret PINK after one woman distracted the staff – while another woman got away with the goods. (If you’re wondering how much merchandise was taken – we did the rough math. That’s about 40 items taken at about an average of $50 a piece.)

5:31 pm – A call came in concerned about a man walking down Union Road covered in blood. His whole head, face, and neck were covered. Everything was fine when officers caught up with the man. He’s an employee at Haunted Catacombs. He was in character and on his way to work.

5:54 pm – Officers picked up a couple college guys with stolen merchandise. They had about $1,000 worth of goods on them. It was allegedly part of a frat initiation. 

7:57 pm – A lawnmower was reported stolen from a garage on Wainwright Road. 

8:41 pm – A police report was filed after a purse was stolen from a vehicle on Genesee Street. 

8:56 pm – A domestic incident report was filed after a tire was reportedly cut on a vehicle on Slate Creek Drive. 

Saturday, October 6 – 195 Calls

3:20 am – A drunk driving arrest was made on Walden Avenue. 

3:58 am – The paper guy called 911 after he found a man passed out on a front lawn on Bellvue Avenue. The man lived a couple doors down from where he was found. He was dropped off at home by an officer. 

5:53 am – A man was arrested on a warrant out of Amherst after he called police. He was walking along French Road and said his Ex-Girlfriend bit him and punched him in the nose. He was found to be violating an order of protection and a domestic incident report was filed. 

8:01 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to check out a CO alarm on Glenwood Court. Elevated levels were found. National Fuel was called to the scene. There was found to be an issue with the furnace. 

10:11 am – A police report was filed for a natural death on Marie Avenue. 

10:39 am – Bellevue firefighters were called to a DDSO home on Borden Road because they were trying to do a fire drill at the home but the workers didn’t know how to use the alarm system. 

10:57 am – A 911 call came from a home on William Street. A child on the phone said that his mom died and no one else his home. The house on the property the call mapped to is vacant and condemned. 

11:14 am – Police were called to break up a fight between five to six drunk men in the street on East Delavan Avenue. 

12:44 pm – A police report was filed for burglary after a relative’s girlfriend stole items to help fund her drug addiction. 

1:11 pm – A woman called police because she said he son stole her keys. She was concerned because there’s a key to her safe where there are money and medication. She says her son steals from her. When police arrived, it turns out she just lost her keys. She was advised. 

1:30 pm – Police were called to help a repo man deal with an owner who refused to get out of a car he was trying to get back for the bank. 

1:36 pm – An officer found a malnourished German Shepard with no collar or tags on Oehman Boulevard. He was taken back to the kennels. 

4:58 pm – A woman was arrested at the Rainbow shop on Union Road. 

5:36 pm – Sloan firefighters were called to Wagner Avenue. A woman said her self-cleaning oven was pouring out smoke and she smelled gas. Firefighters found burnt plastic inside. The house was aired out. 

9:19 pm – A police report was filed after someone had their purse stolen from their shopping cart at Walmart. 

10:50 pm – A police report was filed after a car was broken into on White Road. 

11:51 pm – A security guard at Appletree Business Park called to say four young teens were at the back of the building – and one of them had a doll with them. The dad came to the scene to pick them up. 

Sunday, October 7 – 144 Calls

12:58 am – A police report was filed. Someone had their phone, credit card, and license stolen at the Galleria. 

1:10 am – Police were called to the parking ramp at the Galleria. Reportedly 150 people were refusing to leave and there was some sort of fight. One man was taken to ECMC after being the victim of an assault. 

1:13 am – A pregnant woman was taken to Sister’s Hospital to be checked out after a crash on Pine Ridge Road. 

1:59 am – A car break-in was reported on Martinique Drive. This is after Thre men were reported to be looking into cars in the area. 

9:38 am – A call came in about a smashed toilet in the middle of Roland Street. It was moved to the side of the road. 

11:56 am – Neighbors called in about a fight on Hedwig Avenue. People are yelling “if you want to shoot me, just shoot me”. No weapons are spotted. Just verbal threats. The group is upset that neighbors got involved. The person inside a vehicle when police arrived is advised to leave and not return. 

4:41 pm – A police report was filed after someone on Walden Avenue had all four tires stolen off of their vehicle. 

11:19 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to the Galleria to check out smoke coming from heating vents. It turned out not to be smoke. Just dust coming from the HVAC system being used for the first time in months. 

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 25

Warrants served: 11

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 2

Walden Galleria shoplifting arrests: 2

DMV violation arrests: 8

Drug arrests: 8

Mental health interactions: 10

Domestic incidents: 7

Loud noise complaints: 5

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