Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of November 3, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA – Here are some of the calls that first responders went out to over the weekend.

Friday, November 3rd – 170 calls

1:09 am – A man was arrested on Broadway in Sloan for marijuana possession.

4:29 am – One person was arrested for possession of a controlled substance during a traffic stop on Holtz Road.

6:48 am – A student on Pine Ridge Road was refusing to go to school.

8:42 am – One person was arrested at the scene of a property damage only accident on Genesee Street for driving without a valid license.

9:19 am – Police officers conducted a threat assessment associated with the Pine Hill School on E. Delevan Avenue.  The bedroom of a student who lives in Lackawanna was searched.

10:01 am – A 2nd-grade student at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School made threats to another student. The police conducted a threat assessment and visited an address on Mann Street.

10:15 am – An E. Delevan Avenue woman’s bank account was compromised while she was a patient of a rehab facility.

12:22 pm – A man on Broadway in Sloan told the police that his niece loan sharked him and he doesn’t have the money to pay her back.  She told him someone was on their way to his house to shoot him.  A police report for harassment was filed.

12:37 pm – A Mafalda Drive resident had $2,400 transferred out of their bank account.

12:53 pm – A 3-year-old child at the Villa Shoe Store broke a display, and the child’s parents were refusing to pay for it.  Management and the parents were told that the issue was a civil matter.

1:19 pm – A jacket was taken from a car on Andres Place.

1:51 pm – A resident on Marne Road told the police that the neighbors upstairs are putting old food in her mailbox.

2:47 pm – A faulty dishwasher was checked out by U-Crest firefighters.

4:15 pm – One person was arrested for marijuana possession while the police were investigating an injury accident on the eastbound Kensington Expressway.  One person was listed as going to ECMC for back and elbow pain.

5:38 pm – South Line firefighter ventilated an apartment on French Road after food burned in the oven.

6:02 pm – The police conducted a felony traffic stop on Broadway after a passing vehicle was flagged as a stolen auto from Buffalo.  The registered owner got his back, and two people were detained.

6:29 pm – A sewer on the 2100 block of Broadway was backing up into a basement.

9:37 pm – The police assisted Walden Galleria security during a planned power outage.

9:56 pm – A group of 15 people were gathering outside a convenience store on Walden Avenue.  They were filming a video when the police asked them to move on.  They complied.

11:04 pm – A home and cars on Brentwood Drive were egged by a passing car.

11:24 pm – A harassment police report was filed at the Haunted Catacombs on Union Road.  The complainant said her husband recently had a cast taken off of his thumb and an actor assaulted and reinjured him.


11:27 pm – A 24-year-old on Alaska Street overdosed on heroin.  He was transported to St. Joe’s.

Saturday, November 4th – 133 calls

12:25 am – The police attended to a domestic incident on Jackson Avenue.

2:08 am – A Pokemon player was stopped at Genesee and Pendennis after a police officer saw him drive out of the Buffalo Cemetery.

3:21 am – The police recovered a stolen vehicle and arrested two people on McParlin Avenue.

7:39 am – A natural death was reported on Francis Avenue.

8:40 am – A burner on a natural gas store was left on inside an apartment on Haley Lane. South Line firefighters ventilated the apartment.

10:47 am – A police report was filed after the resident at 2257 William Street was yelling profanities at the neighbor at 2255 William Street.  A few hours later at 2:39 pm, 2257 yelled profanities at 2255 again and this time shook her rear end at a fence.

12:50 pm – A window display at Dave’s Christmas store on Union Road caught fire.  Employees were able to extinguish the fire, but Bellevue firefighters had to ventilate smoke from the store.

1:24 pm – An ongoing neighbor dispute on E. Grand Boulevard between 184 and 188 is heating up again.  A police report for harassment was filed.  The resident at 184 told police that 188 is harassing her 28-year-old son.

2:38 pm – The police arrested the driver of a 2007 Chevrolet Impala for driving without a valid license.  The driver also had a Buffalo arrest warrant for many vehicle and traffic violations.

3:37 pm – The NFTA police took a man home after someone pumping gas at the Sunoco gas station at Cleveland Drive and Beach Road called Cheektowaga Police to say the man was not letting anyone in or out of the store.

4:43 pm – On Fontaine Drive, a man’s thumb was bitten off by his fiancee’s dog.  He also suffered wounds on his arm.  The man was transported to ECMC by an ambulance.

5:00 pm – A woman was arrested at the Walden Galleria for shoplifting and possession of stolen property.

5:14 pm – A Griffth Street resident said someone stole her Nintendo DS, two tablets, and some video games.  A police report for larceny was filed.

7:44 pm – One person was arrested at a Genesee Street store after someone tripped the silent panic alarm and summoned the police.  The police were told that two men were fighting because one of them was attempting to steal from the store.  The call was logged at a robbery or attempted robbery.

8:12 pm – Two women were arrested at the Walden Galleria for shoplifting.

9:00 pm – One person was arrested on Alexander Avenue for assault and menacing.  

9:23 pm – A hot tub alarm in the pool area at Hampton Inn on Walden Avenue brought out Rescue Hose firefighters.  The pool was shut down.

9:25 pm – The police investigated a fight behind PF Changs near the garbage.  No one was cooperative.

10:45 pm – A black and white pit bull was found on Marilyn Drive.  He was placed in the dog pound for the night.

11:24 pm – Two males were flying a drone at Villa Maria College.  The college just wanted the duo off the property, and they complied.

Sunday, November 5th – 135 calls

12:13 am – A woman called from outside the Red Cross on Union Road. She claimed she was assaulted by a security guard. A police report was filed. 

12:20 am – Someone on Southgate Road called to say a resident has been running a generator for three weeks, and it’s causing a lot of noise. The person is having electrical problems. They were advised.

12:35 am – A call came in from Borden Road. The person said their car and house were egged for the third time. The police found no evidence of an egging, and there were twelve construction cones placed around the woman’s car. 

12:45 am – Police had to go to a house on George Urban Boulevard to advise a husband who was drunk off a half bottle of Jack. He went to sleep for the night, and everyone was advised.

12:55 am – A driver was arrested for DWI after striking a pole on Maryvale Drive. 

7:31 am – A police report was filed after someone on Avery Place noticed their car windows were busted out overnight.

9:01 am – South Line firefighters were called to check out a CO detector on Park Trail Lane. It turned out to be a faulty detector.

9:36 am – A man was pulled over and arrested after he was spotted at Walmart making fraudulent returns. He took items off the shelf and returned them for cash back. He was also driving without a license.

10:08 am – A police report was filed after someone trashed the outdoor displays at Dave’s Christmas on French Road. 

10:23 am – Hy-View firefighters were called to a fire alarm on Anna Marie Terrace. The first thought was that batteries in the smoke detector exploded. It turned out a phone battery exploded and started part of a rug on fire. The house was ventilated. 

11:13 am – A call came in from Lamarck Drive about a white van driving around and three men looking into houses. Police tracked the vehicle down. They were Boy Scouts collecting for a bottle drive.

11:36 am – A driver was pulled over on Walden Avenue and arrested for driving without a license and narcotics.

12:16 pm – Couches and furniture were dumped overnight on Starlite Avenue. The owner was tracked down and strongly advised to pick up the items.

12:42 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to Oehman Boulevard. Sparks were flying from an electrical panel attached to a house. The scene was turned over to the electric company.

1:41 pm – A fire alarm was set off at Scores Gentlemen’s Club. Hy-View firefighters were called to the scene on Genesee Street. It turns out the alarm was set off by someone smoking in the bathroom.

2:01 pm – Police were called by a neighbor on Fairhaven Drive. They said mail was backing up, and a vehicle was in the driveway. The medical examiner was alerted about the natural death.

2:12 pm – A driver was pulled over on Genesee Street and arrested for false personation. 

2:51 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to help an unresponsive man on Sugnet Road. The medical examiner was notified of a natural death.

4:31 pm – Doyle firefighters were called to Edmund Street for a first-floor smoke alarm. It turned out to be burnt dinner. The home was aired out.

10:00 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to Santin Drive to check out a kitchen light dimmer switch that was sparking and burnt the wall. Firefighters removed the light switch. 

10:17 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to Fairvale Lane for a CO detector. IT turned out to be a faulty detector.

10:28 pm – One man was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart.

Rain event related calls:

Street flooding reports: eastbound 33, St. Felix Ave., Grand Prix Drive, Rowley Hollow, Genesee Street, William St. under the Thruway, Richard Drive, Dingens Street, George Urban Boulevard, French Road, Nagel Drive, (mattress in road blocked sewer on Pheasant Lane) (vehicle stalled out in water on Cleveland Drive)

Basement flooding calls: 5

Utility shutoffs calls: 3