Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of May 12, 2017

A Cheektowaga Police officer on duty. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)
A Cheektowaga Police officer on duty. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 499 calls over the weekend of May 12, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

Friday, May 12, 2017:

  • 1:37 am – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on the Harlem Road access road.
  • 1:48 am – A person was arrested for trespass and larceny on the 200 block of Eastland Parkway after a resident called police saying they say a man dresses all in black checking cars.
  • 2:03 am – A complainant on Atlantic Avenue found a small dog running down Broadway.  The dog was brought to police headquarters and booked into the kennel.
  • 6:46 am – Police checked on a man who threw his backpack and bike on the ground and began dancing along Union Road.  He was sent on his way.
  • 10:09 am – A Village of Sloan Highway Department employee called police asking them to meet a port-a-john cleaner in Wrazen Park.  They found a transient living in the outhouse.  The call was cancelled a few minutes later after the man left.
  • 10:46 am – Pine Hill firefighters investigated over cooked food at a home on Herbert Avenue.
  • 11:15 am – Police attended to a discipline issue on Kelly Drive.
  • 12:27 pm – A report was filed on four tires being slashed on a Cadillac on Topaz Drive.
  • 12:34 pm – Two people begging for money at Thruway Plaza were told by police to be on their way. 
  • 2:40 pm – One man was arrested for shoplifting at Walden Galleria. 
  • 3:29 pm – Police were called to check out a man selling beer out of his car on Walden Avenue. He was gone by the time police got to the scene. 
  • 5:38 pm – A police officer on St. Felix Avenue was flagged down by a man having a panic attack. The officer was going to take him to Meadowbrook, but instead dropped him off at his Uncle’s house on St. Felix. The Uncle was going to take him to the hospital to get checked out. 
  • 5:51 pm – A father and daughter came into police headquarters. Police spoke with the father and daughter about her posting her name and phone number on an area park bench. 
  • 6:56 pm – Police checked out a suspicious car off Losson Road. It turned out to be lovers who were sent on their way. 
  • 7:13 pm – A driver on Harlem Road called to complain that a candy bar was stuck into their gas tank. The driver was advised to follow up the case in the City of Tonawanda. 
  • 8:15 pm – A man was reportedly walking around the Walmart parking lot on Walden, trying to open up car doors. The man was not in the parking lot when police arrived. 
  • 9:46 pm – Two burglaries are reported at different homes on Gardenvillage Drive. Cash, TV’s and Jewelry were reported missing. No one was found in the apartments. There was no sign of forced entry. 
  • 10:01 pm – A neighbor on Glenwood Court called to report a naked person in their driveway. The man or woman was in their driveway, nude, when they came home. The caller believes the naked person was caught cheating and ran away naked. 
  • 11:57 pm – Pine Hill firefighters are called out to deal with a fire started by food on the stove. The Andrews Avenue house was ventilated. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017:

  • 12:27 am – A person on Sable Palm Drive called about people being loud outside. It turned out to be about 10 kids playing manhunt. They were advised by police. 
  • 2:36 am – A hit and run was reported by a taxi driver outside Pharoah’s Gentlemen’s Club. 
  • 3:07 am – A man and woman got into a fight at Tryst Gentleman’s Club. He was trying to take her home. 
  • 3:21 am – One person was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on Losson Road.
  • 3:38 am – One person was arrested outside of Pharoah’s after police were called to Pharaoh’s for a fight in the parking lot. 
  • 6:53 am – An elderly woman is pulled over after swerving and speeding on Union Road. She was advised by police. 
  • 12:10 pm – A woman on Peachtree Road called police to report fraud. She purchased antivirus software, paying around $300 for three years of service. The person said they lost their license and were going to put $2,500 in her account. But, she needed to buy $1,900 worth of iTunes cards and send the number to them. The money was never given back and the woman is now out $4,300. 
  • 12:22 pm – Another fraud is reported on N. Seine Drive. The person calling says they sold a radio for $300, but then received a $2,000 check in the mail for it. Police advised the caller about the issue.
  • 12:55 pm – One man was arrested for shoplifting at Walden Galleria. 
  • 1:07 pm – Another call reporting possible fraud came in from Vern Lane. A woman thinks she got scammed. Someone came to her house to fix her chimney, saying her chimney needed repair, and they would fix it that day for $1,000. The men left for supplies and never came back. The suspects are identified as two white men. One is tall and thin, the other is stocky. CPD is looking for information on similar incidents.
  • 3:16 pm – Police went out to help a person catch their dog, who was running loose on the Harlem Road side of Thruway Plaza. 
  • 4:24 pm – A call came in from Fairelm Lane. A mom was concerned about some older kids at the Sandy Lane Park. She said they tried to give her kids marijuana. She was advised about the situation. 
  • 5:36 pm – One person was arrested for trespassing at Walden Galleria. 
  • 6:19 pm – Bellevue firefighters called to check out the report of a fire on Country Side Lane. Turned out to be burnt food. 
  • 6:23 pm – One person was arrested for larceny at Walden Galleria. 
  • 6:27 pm – A report was filed after a caller on Cayuga Road said a large amount of water was coming through her ceiling from the upstairs apartment. The incident was referred to the building inspector for several violations. 
  • 6:27 pm – One person was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart on Walden Avenue. 
  • 7:08 pm – A woman calls and says she is getting her suitcases out of the basement to get out of a murder. She sounds elderly and confused. It turns out she didn’t take her meds, and her son-in-law is heading over to be with her. 
  • 7:13 pm – Sloan firefighters were called to put out a camp fire in the grass off of Wagner Avenue.
  • 8:19 pm – A woman on East Delavan called to say she was shot with a paintball gun by two men in a black car. A police report was filed.
  • 9:29 pm – A person on Pine Ridge Road called to report a peeping tom looking through her window. It turned out to be the neighbor next door looking inside their house. The husband went to confront the neighbor outside. All were advised about the neighbor dispute. 
  • 10:23 pm – A man on Affinity Lane called to say he and his roommate were arguing and about to fight. It turns out the caller was on “a bad drug trip”. Everyone was advised.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

  • 12:13 am – A manager at Walmart on Walden says he got a phone call from a man who was calling the store. The man said his kid was molested in the store by an employee, and he was making threats. A police report was filed on the issue.
  • 1:54 am – Police and ambulance crews were called to Pharaoh’s. Two people were in a fight. One woman was taken to ECMC to deal with glass in her eye. 
  • 3:54 am – One person was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving near Mt. Calvary Cemetery on Harlem Road. 
  • 9:31 am – A drunk man was arrested at Top’s Market in Thruway Plaza for shoplifting. 
  • 12:29 pm – Bellevue firefighters were called to deal with a report of smoke coming from a washer on Keicher Road. It turned out to be a burnt out motor. It was carried outside. 
  •  7:04 pm – A person on Wagner Avenue called to report two bikes were stolen from their house. 
  • 8:05 pm – A woman was drunk and trying to punch the manager at Texas Roadhouse. She was gone before police got to the scene, but the rest of the group was fine to stay at the restaurant. 
  • 11:17 pm – A call came in from Wildy Avenue, a car driving on the sidewalk struck a parked car. The car and driver were tracked down at Ridge Park and Straley. The female driver was intoxicated and arrested. 
  • 11:57 pm – OnStar says it was mapping a call to Pharaoh’s on Aero Drive. Someone pressed the emergency button on the car, and they can hear a woman screaming in the background. A man is also in the background saying everything was fine. A car was found in the parking lot with airbags deployed. A message was left for someone who is the subject of a restraining order of the vehicle’s owner. The number matches the vehicle number OnStar gave.