Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of May 11, 2018

First responders attended to 486 complaints over the weekend of May 11, 2018.

Friday, May 11th – 166 complaints

2:18 am – The police asked the driver of a 2017 Ford Fusion to turn down the car’s radio after a resident of George Urban Boulevard complained about the loud noise while the car was dropping off some people. The driver complied.

6:32 am – A missing man was reported missing from Reiman Street.  He was last seen at Kiebzaks.  The Bartender told police the man took a cab over to R Bar around 11:45 pm.  The subject was located at St. Joe’s Hospital around 10:53 am.

7:12 am – An employee of the Tim Hortons on Walden Avenue was arrested for larceny.

7:31 am – One person went to Sisters Hospital after a crash on Ivanhoe Road.

3:40 pm – A fight broke out at an entrance to Walden Galleria between two women. The combatants were gone by the time police arrived three minutes later.

4:15 pm – One person was arrested on Cleveland Drive for Resisting arrest.

4:57 pm – An older confused adult standing in the middle of Transit Road was transported to ECMC.

8:49 pm – Several kids obstructing traffic on Wrazen Street by playing with a basketball were strongly advised by the police department.

11:40 pm – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on Genesee Street.

Saturday, May 12th – 183 complaints

12:37 am – A highly intoxicated man was transported to an address on Beale from Sandstone Drive.

9:14 am – A power washer on Kennedy Road was working on the wrong house and had the police called on him when he started moving furniture off a porch.

9:27 am – Information about two men dealing marijuana from a house was passed on to the Vice, Gambling, and Narcotics Unit.  Cheektowaga Chronicle is withholding the address due to the ongoing investigation.

10:13 am – A resident of Poinciana Parkway called the police to report kids a few doors away were pulling out his plants.  The police tried to contact the kid’s parents but there was no answer at the door.

2:27 pm – A 10-year-old inside the French Road 7-Eleven was trying to hit the clerk, throwing items around the store and spitting.  He was later located in the Garden Village complex and was told to stay out of the store.

3:57 pm – A man with a minor facial laceration was transported to St. Joe’s from the scene of a two-car crash on Harlem Road.

4:20 pm – A drunk driver was arrested on Beach Road after hitting a utility pole.

7:31 pm – The police umpired a customer dispute at Magic Nail on Genesee Street.  A customer was unhappy with her nails and wanted to fight with the employees.  The store called 911 and the police responded after dispatchers heard yelling in the background.  A civil compromise was eventually made.

8:07 pm – The Walden Galleria Apple Store was not cooperative with Cheektowaga Police officers who were trying to connect an employee with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office.  A sheriff lieutenant is investigating an overdose/larceny case involving the employee and asked the police department to stop by to tell the employee to contact him.

9:49 pm – NFTA Police assisted Cheektowaga during a shot fired investigation on Moorman Drive. They said they saw some fireworks coming from the area around the time the 911 call was received.

10:31 pm – A man on Loretto Drive was transported to ECMC for a possible overdose.

11:00 pm – The driver of a 2007 Saturn was arrest from drunk driving during a traffic stop on the westbound Kensington Expressway.

11:22 pm – A male caller tried to pull one over on a public safety dispatcher.  He told the dispatcher he was in room 242 at a hotel on Genesee Street and smelled “bad gasses” smelling like propane coming from the air vents.  The man hung up the phone when the dispatcher tried to question him.  Contact was made with the hotel front desk and the dispatcher was told there is no room 242.

Sunday 13th – 137 complaints

12:01 am – An infant died at South Buffalo Mercy Hospital after an accidental suffocation during sleep.

8:21 am – A Poinciana Parkway resident called the police saying a roofing crew next door was being loud and throwing stuff around.  The police observed an orderly worksite.  They had a town work permit and started they had issues with the neighbor.

9:12 am – An officer helped change a tire in the parking lot of 4210 Union Road.

9:23 am – The police investigated a damaged room at the Days Inn on Genesee Street.  A broken cell phone was put into the police department’s property lockup.

11:01 am – A verbal argument over Mother’s Day plans broke out inside an apartment on Michael Avenue.

11:40 am – An ambulance transported a man to the hospital from the parking lot of the Tops Market at Harlem and Kensington.  The police said it appears the man had some type of diabetic issue and crashed into a few things.

2:46 pm – The police investigated a shots fired incident at the Walden Galleria.

4:02 pm – The police attended to a large party inside Winston Vegola Park complete with loud music, bound house, and a petting zoo.  The zoo was shut down upon police request.

4:09 pm – A child on Oehman Boulevard was bitten by a dog while he was riding his bike.  The dog’s shots were up to date.

6:27 pm – The police responded to Mt. Calvary Cemetery for a fight between a group of females.  One person on a Buffalo juvenile warrant was arrested.

8:47 pm – A resident of the 2400 block of Genesee Street told the police $4,750 was stolen from his savings account.

9:05 pm – One person was arrested on Alpine Place for weapons possession during a traffic stop.  Four weapons were logged into evidence and a vehicle was impounded.

10:27 pm – Three people were arrested at Walmart for stealing shampoo, clothing, candy, and purses.

Quick Statistics:

Property Damage Crashes: 14

Warrants Served: 11

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 6

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 0

Narcotics Possession arrests: 2

Marijuana Possession arrests: 2

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 3

Mental Health Interactions: 2

Domestic Disputes: 4

Neighbor Disputes: 5

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