Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of March 8, 2019

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

Emergency responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 451 calls for service over the weekend of March 8, 2019.

Friday, March 8th – 160 calls for service

12:11 am – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on Gardenvillage Drive.

1:13 am – The police arrested a male related to a woman on Francis Avenue after he stole a vehicle.

2:44 am – An ambulance transported a person from police lockup to the hospital after he had a low temperature.

7:51 am – A man voluntary went to ECMC for a mental health exam after he called the police to complain about technology that was allowing news reporters to wake him up and tell him how to live his life.

12:16 pm – A business on Old Indian Road reported that an employee stole tools worth over $13,000.

1:33 pm – A female clerk at Pawn It on Harlem Road said that a man came into the store yelling and threatening the clerk with sexually explicit words.

4:22 pm – The police searched the area for a student of the Baker Victory School on Alexander Avenue after he ran away from class.  The child was eventually returned to the school and turned over to mom.

4:50 pm – The dog control officer responded to French Road after a man said a dog bit his hand and face. A report was filed, and the man sought medical treatment for his injuries.

6:17 pm – A patron of the Donovan Post fish fry hit an impounded vehicle at the tow company nearby.  The man got angry when the company wanted to exchange information and went in to get his dinner.  Info was exchanged at 7:02 pm.

8:10 pm – The police arrested a woman for trespass and harassment at Walden Galleria.

9:12 pm – Two vehicles collided at the intersection of Harlem Road and McNaughton Avenue.  One of the drivers was arrested for drunk driving.  The other driver was transported to the hospital for neck and back pain.

9:54 pm – U-Crest firefighters found that two HVAC units malfunctioned and caused smoke to fill stores at the Airport Plaza.

Saturday, March 9th – 152 calls for service

12:39 am – The police conducted a welfare check on a woman sleeping inside a car at a gas station at William and Union.  She told the police that she was driving for a long time.  Somebody would pick her up for the night, and the car would be left in the parking lot until morning.

1:29 am – An impaired driver was arrested at ECMC after a blood draw found drugs in his system. The man was transported to the hospital from a traffic stop on Harlem Road.

2:33 am – Sloan firefighters put out a trash fire on Halstead Avenue.  The police tried to wake up the resident who was burning trash in a burn barrel.

4:24 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Genesee Street.  Two passengers were taken to an address on Ivanhoe Road.  The driver was so intoxicated that he was transported to the hospital under the state’s mental health law.

6:19 am – Forks firefighters cleaned up a fuel spill at the town’s central garage at the Town Hall complex.

6:33 am – A bat was removed from an apartment at Williamstowne apartments.

8:56 am – A 53-year-old woman died on Lackawanna Avenue.  The police conducted an unattended death report.  The deceased was released to the funeral home.

11:37 am – Patrol officers swung by the Walden Avenue Delta Sonic after a caller said car wash lines were impacting traffic on Union Road.

2:31 pm – A report was filed after a driver on the eastbound Kensington Expressway said a hammer was thrown at her vehicle.  It damaged the hood of the car.  A suspect plate was recorded, and the information was forwarded to the detective bureau.

3:25 pm – An person was arrested at Walden Galleria for assault following a dispute over cab fare.

4:41 pm – A Losson Road resident told the police that he purchased an item off of PayPal for $3,400 and never received the product.

5:10 pm – South Line firefighters made sure a grease fire was extinguished at a Slate Creek Drive address.

5:26 pm – A store employee at Walden Galleria was arrested for shoplifting.

6:20 pm – Pine Hill firefighters responded to Pine Ridge Road after a man passed out at the wheel.  After he came to it was determined that man was drunk. The police responded and arrested the man for DWI.

Sunday, March 10th – 139 calls for service

3:33 am – The police pulled over a Jetta on Aero Drive.  The driver was arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession.

3:47 am – One person was arrested on Hillwood Drive after a girlfriend punched her boyfriend in his nose.

8:12 am – A woman on Northcrest Avenue called the police to report that her husband was missing.  The police located the man behind bars.

9:28 am – A vehicle on Sebring Drive was keyed overnight.

4:26 pm – A water main break was reported on Susan Lane.

4:27 pm – The police responded to the service desk at Home Depot after a woman was prevented from making a fraudulent return and started a scene.  She was arrested for possessing a criminally controlled substance and on an Amherst warrant.

7:04 pm – Officers officiated a neighbor dispute on Broadway.  One resident said a neighbor always brings his dog onto his property to poop.

8:52 pm – A 36-year-old man died on Floral Place.  A police report was filed for an unattended death, and the detective bureau was going to follow up.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 21

Warrants served: 18

DMV violation arrests: 8

Narcotics arrests: 4

Marijuana arrests: 4

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 4

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 3

Mental health interactions: 7

Domestic incidents: 10

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