Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of March 29, 2019

Cheektowaga Police investigate a shots fired incident outside Walden Galleria on May 13th. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

Emergency responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 427 calls for service over the weekend of March 29, 2019.

Friday, March 29th – 161 calls for service

12:34 am – A passing patrol officer investigated a suspicious person in a vehicle on Pine Ridge Road.  The driver was sleeping in the vehicle.  He told the officer that he stopped to make a phone call and fell asleep.  A name check yielded negative results, and he was let go.

1:06 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Losson Road.

2:03 am – An Ivanhoe Road resident was scammed out of $300 when he tried to rent a car over the internet.

8:54 am – A lockdown drill was conducted at the Maryvale schools.

11:58 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters investigated smoke in the area of Homesgarth Avenue.  A chief found that a resident was openly burning on Woodland Terrace.

2:03 pm – The detective’s bureau is looking into a missing package on Sebring Drive.

2:12 pm – A larceny police report was filed after a generator, TV, and equipment cart walked away from a business at 3601 Union Road.

4:19 pm – The M&T Bank near the Airport Plaza called the police to conduct a welfare check on a customer.  The woman came in with her agitated son and was attempting to cash checks made out to her.  An officer went to the woman’s house and determined everything was in order.

8:17 pm – The police were called to Linden Street to check on a large group of kids being boisterous.  An officer found the kids were playing manhunt but were orderly.  They were asked to keep the noise down.  The officer was told the game was wrapping up for the night.

Saturday, March 30th – 140 calls for service

3:33 am – The police arrested a drunk driver on Harlem Road.

6:18 am – Doyle firefighters found that a faulty stove was the source of a carbon monoxide leak inside a Ceil Drive home.

8:14 am – Doyle firefighters shut off a water main to stop a water leak as a result of a broken pipe on William Street.

1:15 pm – A customer picked up his 1967 Firebird from Don’s Auto Body, Inc without paying the $12,000 bill.

4:10 pm – A shoplifter at the S. Rossler Avenue Save-a-Lot was arrested.  The subject had narcotics on their person and several arrest warrants in their name.

4:15 pm – Two kids were arrested for jumping and boosting a phone from another kid on Wanda Avenue.

4:59 pm – A 911 caller said there was a man with a long gun inside a car at the Walden Avenue Target Plaza.  Patrol arrived on scene and determined the driver had a paintball gun resting on the front seat.  He was strongly advised.

5:00 pm – A man with a seizure disorder was checked out at the police cell block.

5:39 pm – Five parking tickets were issued, 21 people were ejected from the Walden Galleria, and two people were arrested for trespassing.  All separate incidents.

9:47 pm – The police notified a girl’s parents on E. Mayberry Drive that the hospital was trying to call them regarding an organ transplant.

Sunday, March 31st – 126 calls for service

12:42 am – A male prisoner with a face injury was examined by an ambulance crew at the police station.

12:50 am – A group of underage kids was trying to buy cigarettes from Jim’s Truck Stop.  Patrol did a sweep of the area, but could not find the group.

3:18 am – The police responded to the Home2 Suites Hotel on Walden Avenue after two men were throwing down in the lobby.  One of the men was transported to ECMC.  The other was arrested for assault.

5:02 am – A driver was arrested on Genesee Street for drunk driving.

12:20 pm – The police officiated a neighbor dispute at the Famous Williamstowne Apartments.  One of the neighbors kept banging on the other’s door.

3:09 pm – A Honda Civic was burglarized on Creek View Drive overnight.  A laptop was stolen from the vehicle.

4:50 pm – The police charged a subject with shoplifting-related charges after he boosted crab, shrimp, and cookies from the S. Rossler Avenue Save-a-Lot store.

5:37 pm – U-Crest firefighters checked on five people who were involved in a rollover crash on the Kensington Expressway.  One person went to the hospital.

7:49 pm – A despondent woman with a steak knife cut a man who was trying to disarm her at an address on Rossler Avenue.  The subject was arrested, and the man was treated at the scene for an arm injury.

8:23 pm – The police arrested a drunk driver after a crash on Cleveland Drive.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 14

Warrants served: 21

DMV violation arrests: 6

Narcotics arrests: 3

Marijuana arrests: 3

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 2

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 1

Mental health interactions: 4

Domestic incidents: 12

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