Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of March 22, 2019

A Cheektowaga Police Officer speaks to a detained subject on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle File Photo)
A Cheektowaga Police speaks to the robbery suspect at a Buffalo Police traffic stop on Broadway near Deshler Street on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

Emergency responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 437 calls for service over the weekend of March 22, 2019.

Friday, March 22nd – 163 calls for service

1:43 am – A security camera was stolen from a house on Toelsin Road.

2:44 am – The police arrested the driver of a Chevrolet Cruze on Bennett Road for drunk driving.  His passengers were transported to an address on Slate Creek.

9:40 am – A vehicle was burglarized on Victoria Boulevard.  Keys to several properties were stolen.

9:45 am – A K9 search was conducted at Maryvale schools.

12:22 pm – A resident of Pine Ridge Road said his dog bit him while he was cleaning the dog’s eyes.  An animal bite report was filed.

3:39 pm – The police filed a domestic incident report for a Union Road resident after she said her signature was forged and her car was sold without her knowledge.

6:35 pm – A home on Haller Avenue was burglarized.  A TV was stolen and was located on Gualbert Avenue.

10:41 pm – Two people were transported to the hospital after a crash on Union Road.

10:58 pm – Five people were evaluated by Pine Hill firefighters after a crash on the eastbound Kensington Expressway.

Saturday, March 23rd – 137 calls for service

12:12 am – Several people were ejected from a hotel on Dick Road.

3:06 am – A disturbance on Windwood Court resulted in an arrest.

4:42 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Pine Ridge Road.

5:13 am – A vehicle was burglarized on Dubonnet Drive.

8:41 am – A woman on Tudor Road said her daughter stole prescription pain medication.  One person was arrested.

11:21 am – U-Crest firefighters attended to a two-car crash on Union Road.  Six people were evaluated at the scene.  Two of those people were taken to the hospital.

6:34 pm – A bicycle was stolen from the Maryvale schools.  Mom found the bike damaged and called the police.

Sunday, March 24th – 137 calls for service

2:53 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Union Road.

3:16 am – A Pokemon player was roaming around Griffith Park.

4:14 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Harlem Road.

9:36 am – A dog was killed after it ran on the eastbound Kensington Expressway.  It did not have a collar.

1:33 pm – A resident of Pine Ridge Road told the police that someone put a lock on their garage without their knowledge.  She was going to get bolt cutters and wanted the police to know about it.

2:23 pm – The police issued an arrest warrant for a woman after she flipped a table on Goering Avenue and broke a TV.

3:32 pm – The police arrested a drunk driver on William Street.

4:23 pm – Rescue firefighters tried to track the source of an electrical odor at Raymour & Flanigan Furniture on Walden Avenue.  No flames were found, and firefighters thought the issue was with an electrical ballast.

7:35 pm – Doino’s Pizzeria Bar and Grille called the police after a regular customer caused a disturbance and was refusing to leave.  The man later left in a rideshare and resolved the problem.

8:27 pm – The police checked on people smoking weed inside an apartment on Edgebrook.  They were advised to stop, and they complied.

9:35 pm – A resident on Gualbert Avenue called the police to perform a premise check after an unknown person was lurking around the property.  Nothing was found to be out of place.

11:47 pm – The police checked the area of Wheaton Drive after a caller said someone was banging on their house.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 19

Warrants served: 9

DMV violation arrests: 6

Narcotics arrests: 6

Marijuana arrests: 2

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 2

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 1

Mental health interactions: 3

Domestic incidents: 14

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