Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of March 15, 2019

Emergency responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 405 calls for service over the weekend of March 15, 2019.

Friday, March 15th – 145 calls for service

1:11 am – A resident met with a police officer at a gas station to talk about drug activity they witnessed.

3:28 am – A woman was arrested on Genesee Street after she punched a man in the face.  She was charged with assault, and a domestic incident report was filed.

7:08 am – An ambulance was requested to the police station to check on a prisoner with an eye issue.

7:31 am – Doyle firefighters assisted an N. Pleasant Parkway resident with a sump pump issue.

10:08 am – A maintenance man for a Walden Avenue restaurant found a little girl’s dress and panties in the parking lot.  The police took the items and put them into found property.

10:30 am – A cell phone account was opened in the name of a Danbury Drive resident.  The bill was racked up to $2,600.

10:47 am – A 97-year-old woman died on Cleveland Drive of natural causes.

11:56 am – The police dispatch center received a crash alert from a 2019 Accura with no response from the driver.  The car was mapped to the area of Dean Road.  An investigation found that the vehicle was a crash test vehicle at Calspan.

4:58 pm – Doyle firefighters made sure that a kitchen fire was out inside an apartment at Williamstowne Apartments.

6:06 pm – A very intoxicated person was transported to ECMC from a hotel on Walden Avenue.

7:04 pm – An ambulance transported a 31-year-old overdose victim to the hospital from an address on Pleasant Parkway.

8:50 pm – South Line firefighters responded to a home on S. Prince Drive to investigate an odor of natural gas.  Firefighters found that a burner was left on with no flame.  It was shut off and the residence was vented.

Saturday, March 16th – 121 calls for service

2:17 am – An apartment was burglarized on Slate Creek Drive.

3:40 am – A woman was charged with drunk driving on Brentwood Drive.

9:35 am – A Marne Road woman thinks her baby’s father slashed the tires on her Nissan Maxima.

3:00 pm – Forks firefighters attended to a vehicle fire on the westbound I-90.

3:53 pm – An 83-year-old man died on Banko Drive.  He died of natural causes.

5:32 pm – One person was arrested for criminal mischief after stabbing a tire on Windwood Court.

9:13 pm – The police responded to an address on Olcott Place after he had a beer thrown in his face by his girlfriend.  He was counseled on his options.

Sunday, March 17th – 139 calls for service

12:11 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Genesee Street.

12:51 am – A woman told the police that she was forcibly touched by a friend of her uncle.

1:19 am – The police attended to a domestic disturbance between a father and son on Joseph Street.

2:29 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Genesee Street.  The driver also had a Buffalo warrant.

3:14 am – An intoxicated man threw a beer bottle through the window of a truck on Beechwood Place.

4:16 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Roxborough Avenue.

11:49 am – Tires and rims were stolen from a junkyard on William Street.

2:31 pm – A woman thought it was a good idea to go shoplifting at the Target Plaza on Transit Road with a baby in tow.  She was charged with the shoplifting crimes and endangering the welfare of a child.

3:56 pm – Doyle firefighters attended to a crash on Stradtman Street.  Six people were involved, one was transported to Children’s Hospital.

5:16 pm – A woman was arrested for punching and choking a man in the parking lot of a restaurant on Walden Avenue.

5:51 pm – An 84-year-old woman died at a Bennett Road address.

9:14 pm – South Line firefighters extinguished a dumpster fire on Slate Creek Drive.  The police are investigating the suspicious occurrence.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 20

Warrants served: 15

DMV violation arrests: 7

Narcotics arrests: 2

Marijuana arrests: 2

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 4

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 0

Mental health interactions: 4

Domestic incidents: 13

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