Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of July 8, 2017

A Cheektowaga Police speaks to the robbery suspect at a Buffalo Police traffic stop on Broadway near Deshler Street on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Cheektowaga Police were called out to a number of incidents over the weekend of July 8, 2017. Here are just a few of the calls they received according to the police blotter. 

Friday, July 7: 187 Calls

12:27 am – A call came in about a group of kids setting off fireworks in the woods near Slate Creek Drive. There were no kids outside when police got to the location. 

1:08 am – A call came in about a man pushing around a woman in a Tammy Lane driveway. He was also threatening another man with a baseball bat. When police arrived, they discovered everyone was drunk. They were advised. 

2:47 am – A call came in about noisy patrons in a room at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Genesee Street. They were advised by police to quiet down. 

3:07 am – Sloan firefighters and police were called to a house on Wagner Avenue. A 37-year-old woman was having difficulty breathing. They were unsure at first if she was overdosing on drugs. It turned out she was just drunk. She was taken to ECMC for treatment. 

3:18 am – A police report was filed after a woman on Anderson Road called to say the windows on her car were smashed in. 

4:12 am – A small marijuana plant growing in a pot was found at a Marne Drive home that firefighters were called out to earlier in the night. Photos were taken, and police brought the plant into evidence. 

5:06 am – Rescue Hose firefighters were called out to the Hampton Inn on Walden Avenue because an alarm went off. The alarm was set off in the housekeeping area, and it was a system malfunction. Management was advised. 

6:21 am – Sloan firefighters responded to a two-car crash on Broadway. Two people were taken to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for their injuries. 

7:55 am – A call came in reporting a suspicious man walking around the Jackson Avenue area with a black bag. He was going through trash bins looking for cans. Police advised him to be on his way. 

8:58 am – A burglary alarm went off in a home on Blossom Wood Lane. It turns out an elderly woman fell, and a family member came to the home to help her out. The woman was taken to the hospital, and the family member locked up the house. 

9:22 am – One person was arrested for driving without a license after two cars crashed on Harlem Road. 

9:30 am – A car popping was reported on Eggert Road. 

10:26 am – A driver was pulled over on Union Road and arrested for driving without registration. 

10:43 am – A domestic incident report was filled out and passed onto the detective’s bureau. This is after a woman called upset. She said her 17-year-old daughter had sex with the caller’s 60-year-old boyfriend. The woman was concerned her boyfriend’s roommates may have taped the incident. 

10:47 am – A call came in about road rage on Meadow Place. A woman was threatening another driver, saying she would have her man come down with an AR-15. The woman then called and said the man threw something at her vehicle. She followed the man; then he brought out a knife threatening to slash her tires. Two people were arrested at the scene. One for menacing and the other for marijuana charges. 

11:58 am – Police were called to check out a possible shoplifting incident at the Dollar General on William Street. Officers caught up with the pair described by the caller. The items taken from the store were recovered. The two suspects were advised by police. 

12:15 pm – A man was yelling at teenage kids in the neighborhood and their dog on Willowlawn Parkway. The man was just watering a lawn that was freshly planted. He wanted to make sure the dog didn’t walk on it. Everyone was advised to stay away from each other. 

12:28 pm – A driver was pulled over on Pine Ridge and arrested for driving without a license. 

12:42 pm – Police were called out to look for a group of three people who stole cleaning supplies from the Dollar General on Union near Genesee. They took off in a car before police got to the scene. 

12:42 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to clean up fluids leaking from a car that crashed into a pole in the Tile Pharmacy parking lot. 

1:43 pm – A call came in from a store at Walden Galleria. They wanted a police report filed after a woman stole $700 worth of men’s clothes the night before.

4:56 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart on Walden. The woman appeared to be on some drugs. 

5:11 pm – A toddler was found in the middle of the road on Lydia Lane. The tot was not wearing pants or underwear. They were walked back home by the caller. an 8-year-old answered the door saying their mom’s friend was sleeping inside the house. Police went to check on the house. A 16-year-old, 13-year-old and a 2-year-old were all there, and the mom was on her way home. 

5:49 pm – A 911 hang-up call came from the Home2Suites on Walden Avenue. It turned out some little girls were excited to see the hotel room and were playing with the phone.

6:00 pm – A man called to say he’s getting threatening texts from his cousin who says he’s heading over to the Boll Street address for money. The cousin is always stoned and has a meth lab in Riverside. A police report was filed on the incident. 

6:25 pm – Police responded to a report of four cars that crashed in front of Crunch Fitness on Dick Road. An ambulance was called to the scene to check out a cut on a young girl’s head. 

7:06 pm – Pine Hill firefighters were called to check out a smoke detector going off in a David Avenue home. It turned out to be an accidental alarm.

7:13 pm – Police noticed three men on Walden Avenue. One of the men was arrested for marijuana possession. 

7:31 pm – A driver was pulled over on Union Road and arrested for narcotics. 

8:06 pm – A drunk man was in one of the shelters at Nob Hill Park, yelling and screaming. The man was taken home by police. 

8:12 pm – A man was arrested for shoplifting at the Walmart on Walden. 

8:35 pm – Someone called in a report about a man walking backward on Towers Boulevard. He was holding out money while walking. Police were not able to track the man or his cash down. 

8:52 pm – A woman called in reporting a man was threatening to kill her on Tammy Lane. A domestic incident report was filled out, and a person was arrested. 

9:11 pm – Police were out at the Galleria with security who found two men who were banned from the property for a year. The men had left the mall before their warrant checks came back. 

9:12 pm – A beagle was found on Aurora Drive. The pup is registered with the town. The officer brought the dog back to the kennel. 

10:03 pm – A neighbor on Borden Road called to complain about other neighbors setting off fireworks on “the 7th of July”. 

10:26 pm – A child was spotted walking around Crandon Boulevard with a flashlight, searching for a missing dog. A neighbor says dogs were fighting nearby earlier and a drunk woman was throwing items around. Everything was in order when police got to the scene. 

10:33 pm – A loud music complaint came in from Gardenvillage Drive. It turned out to be a birthday party in the shelter. Everyone was advised to quiet down. 

11:43 pm – An ex-employee started going off on a manager at the Sunoco on Genesee Street at Harlem Road. The employee took off but was advised they would be arrested if they ever came back to the property. 

Saturday, July 8: 191 Calls

12:43 am – A call came in from Francis Road. A group of 8 to 10 kids were going up to cars in the neighborhood. The group broke up, and the kids were advised by police. 

1:03 am – A suspicious person was found in a shelter at Town Park. They were advised that the park was closed for the night. 

1:52 am – A homeless man kept harassing employees at the Tim Horton’s inside the Sunoco station at Harlem/Genesee. The man was taken by police to Harbor House. 

2:07 am – Police noticed a group of skateboarders out on Kelly Drive. They were advised to be on their way. 

2:20 am – A group of ten people tried to rent one room at the Hilton Garden Inn on Genesee Street. They were told the group was too large for one room. They kept loitering in the parking lot. Police advised them to leave the property. 

3:20 am – A police report was filled out after a man punched a woman on Francis Avenue and took off in a car. 

3:31 am – Friends kicked a drunk man out of their car on William Street. The man was taken back home by police. 

6:29 am – A police report was filed after someone on Gierlach Street noticed their car windows smashed out. 

7:14 am – A tree came down on Hawthorne Avenue, and it was blocking the street. The tree was moved out of the street, and the highway department was notified about the issue. 

7:59 am – A house is listed for sale on Cray Avenue. The listing is a scam.

9:26 am – U-Crest firefighters were called to a home on Beach Avenue for a natural gas leak. The resident said there was a leak behind the stove. Crews said they could smell the gas from outside. The gas was shut off at the meter, and National Fuel came out to the scene. Firefighters ventilated the house and advised everyone there. 

9:28 am – A driver crashed and knocked down a speed limit sign and a power pole on Genesee Street. The man was arrested for marijuana possession and driving without a license. A woman was arrested at the scene on marijuana charges and a police report was filed for false reporting. 

9:57 am – A man was arrested for obstruction of breathing. A woman on Pine Ridge said her boyfriend choked her. A domestic incident report was filled out. 

10:11 am – U-Crest firefighters were called out to a car fire in the Valu parking lot on Dick Road. 

10:22 am – A person living on McNaughton Avenue called police to report a lawn care company for spraying his dog. Management for the lawn company was contacted. They said they would be out to speak with the man during the week. In the meantime, police advised the man to keep an eye on the dog, and if there were issues, take him to the vet and keep the receipts. 

12:38 pm – A wallet was found in Beach Road and turned over to police at the headquarters. A short time later a woman called to report that she lost her wallet at the 7-Eleven on Beach Road. 

1:06 pm – A man was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart on Walden. 

2:07 pm – Security at Walden Galleria spotted a woman who is banned from the mall. She left the property by the time police got there. 

2:08 pm – A nun from Villa Maria reported two men trespassing in a building next to the convent. When police got there, the men had left and were last seen heading to Schiller Park. 

2:20 pm – Wegmans on Losson Road was evacuated after an alarm went off. Firefighters from South Line responded to the scene. There was no fire at the store. 

3:25 pm – Two people were fighting over a handicapped spot at Walden Galleria outside Dick’s. A woman complained saying a man started hitting her car after she pulled into the spot, yelling that she “stole his spot.” The incident was not caught on security camera. 

3:26 pm – A pair or parents were going at it on Gardenvillage Drive after a 7-year-old allegedly pushed a toddler off a bike. Police advised all the adults on the issue. 

4:04 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart on Walden. 

4:11 pm – A person called concerned because their roommate never came home after leaving the night before. It turns out the roommate was arrested overnight in Buffalo. 

4:26 pm – A person on Griffith Street called to report their ex-wife. She reportedly went through the house and damaged items. A domestic incident report was filed for burglary, larceny, and criminal mischief. 

4:49 pm – An 18-year-old passed out on the altar at the Infant of Prague. She refused treatment from an ambulance crew. Parishioners were attending to the girl while they waited for her parents to arrive. When her parents got to the scene, they wanted her to be checked out for a concussion. She was taken to St. Joes by ambulance. 

5:38 pm – Forks firefighters responded to a call on Broadway where a man stepped on a piece of glass, and he was bleeding uncontrollably. He was taken to St. Joes by ambulance. 

6:01 pm – A police report was filled out after a person was arrested for narcotics in the Tops parking lot on Union Road. 

6:13 pm – An officer advised kids to stop climbing the fence at Town Park after the group was spotted scaling the fence. They were leaving the park when the officer left the group. 

6:19 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters and an ambulance crew from AMR responded to a home on Ellen Drive where a woman stepped on a screw and it was stuck in her foot. 

6:50 pm – A driver was pulled over on Harlem Road and arrested for narcotics. 

7:01 pm – A police report was filed after a woman tried to use a fake $50 bill at Hair Saga on Union Road. 

7:04 pm – A police report was filed after a man on Harlem Road called to say $400 was taken from his bank account. 

7:09 pm – A neighbor on Viola Drive called to report a kid playing with a lighter. When police went to go talk with the caller, there was no answer at the door. 

7:14 pm – Police went to go deal with an issue between two drunk neighbors on Ivanhoe Road. Everyone was advised. 

7:40 pm – A report was sent to the town building inspector after an officer noticed a home using three TV’s as garbage cans in their lawn on Preston Road. 

7:59 pm – A confused woman came to a house on Towers Boulevard, saying she did not know how to get home. She no longer lives at that house. The new owners got in touch with the woman’s daughter who came to pick her up. 

8:33 pm – State Troopers asked for help finding a group of kids around Dingens. They were spotted playing “Frogger” on the 190, and took off into the neighborhood when Troopers tried to stop them. Cheektowaga Police were unable to find the group of kids. 

8:33 pm – Three people were arrested for narcotics after a traffic stop on the Eastbound 33. 

9:15 pm – Police were called to Viola Drive for open burning. A family was cooking outside and would wrap things up in a half hour when everything was done cooking. 

9:29 pm – Rescue Hose firefighters responded to a home on Lyman Avenue after a basement smoke detector went off. It ended up being an alarm malfunction. 

9:59 pm – A domestic incident report was filled out after someone reported $500 was stolen.

10:00 pm – Two people were advised for fireworks use on Hyland Avenue. 

10:00 pm – A caller reported seeing six people in a pickup truck (not extended cab) including a child on a lap with no car seat. The truck pulled into the Tops parking lot on Union Road. Two people were spotted walking outside with a stroller, they were advised about the issue by police. 

10:16 pm – A driver was pulled over on Dale Road and arrested for driving without a license. 

10:16 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to a home on Linda Drive. Two children were stuck in a room after the door knob came off. Kids were let out of the room and they had no injuries. 

10:34 pm – A report was filed after the 7-Eleven on French Road called to report a fake $100 bill being passed at the store. 

11:05 pm – A neighbor called to report open burning on Nagel Drive. The person was cooking. They were advised by police. 

11:23 pm – Police were called out to a fight on Slate Creek Drive. An ambulance was also called to the scene for a man down in the yard. One person was arrested and a domestic incident report was filled out. 

Sunday, July 9: 176 Calls

12:10 am – A person was outside by the kennel saying he found a dog. The pooch was put in the kennel for the night. 

12:43 am – Someone reported a suspicious person in a vehicle on East Grand Boulevard. A man was sleeping inside the pickup and was advised to be on his way. 

2:24 am – Police were called to check out a person in a van at the Wegman’s parking lot on Losson Road – over by the Cricket store. It turns out someone was sleeping in the van. They were told to be on their way. 

4:50 am – A call came in about a barking dog on Helen Street. No pooch was heard when police got to the neighborhood. 

5:35 am – A man went into someone’s backyard and opened up the back door on Wellworth Place. He would not identify himself to the homeowners. The man was detained and it turns out he was highly intoxicated and did not know he was trying to get in the wrong house. 

8:30 am – Someone from Sebring Drive called to say he was in a road rage incident in Tonawanda a few days ago. The other driver took a photo of his license plate. Now, the other vehicle was parked outside his house playing loud music. The truck in question took off when the caller’s fiancee went to the window. Police were unable to locate the truck. They advised the caller. 

8:39 am – A call came in from Sandstone Drive asking for help concerning a dog that was stuck in its crate by the choke collar. The dog got out before animal control got to the scene. 

9:11 am – A domestic incident report was filled out after a woman says her ex came back and pushed her around. 

9:33 am – NITTEC was notified after a traffic signal came down on Walden near the Galleria. 

10:28 am – A man called 911 to re-order prescriptions. He was advised that is not what 911 is for. 

11:03 am – One person was arrested for driving without a license after a crash on Henry Street. 

11:50 am – A man called from Randy Way. His mother was outside his house in a car, beeping the horn. She thinks her son is his caregiver. He says he’s not. Police tried to advise both parties. 

12:06 pm – A woman on East Grand Boulevard called to say her neighbor swore at her and threw a hypodermic needle in her yard. A police report was filed. There is a long history of issues between the two neighbors. 

12:12 pm – CPD helped Buffalo Police Narcotics serve a search warrant on Atlantic Avenue. 

12:16 pm – Police met a woman at a Wagner Avenue house. She is supposed to be there for a child exchange, but the man will not answer the door. There is also an empty liquor bottle on the porch, and the man is not supposed to be drinking. The man opened the door and admitted to drinking. He was still drunk. A domestic incident report was filled out and the child left with grandma. 

1:06 pm – A beagle was found on William Street and taken back to the kennel. 

1:11 pm – A neighbor called to say they heard a neighbor getting beat up in an Edgebrook apartment. One man was arrested and a domestic incident report was filled out. 

1:38 pm – South Line firefighters went to check out a smoke detector going off at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. It ended up being a burnt coffee pot. 

1:51 pm – Two men tried to run after being caught shoplifting by Walmart loss prevention. They were taken into custody by police on Walden Avenue. 

2:09 pm – Pine Hill firefighters were called to the pool at Town Park. A 12-year-old needed a head injury checked out. The child was awake, alert, and out of the pool. The patient signed off on further treatment. 

2:49 pm – A complaint came in about loud music at Gardenvillage Apartments. The music was not loud at all when officers arrived. The caller was told to notify management of any noise issues. 

2:55 pm – A police report was filed after someone on Hedwig Avenue found their tires slashed. 

3:29 pm – Forks firefighters were called out to Alton’s on Walden because the mulch in the yard kept smoldering. 

3:38 pm – A neighbor on Clover Place noticed a red tent in the property of the New Creation Fellowship. They say some cars have been broken into in the neighborhood. Police were unable to tell who is staying in the tent. They planned a checkpoint in the area overnight. Officers checked out the tent around 9:00 pm. There was no one there at the time, but it appears whoever is staying there has a baby.

4:15 pm – A woman called worried about her husband’s PTSD. She said she is afraid for her life and wanted to get a divorce. She hung up when the husband asked who she was on the phone with. Police came to the house. Everyone was stressed about the cat’s recent death. The husband was leaving for the night. 

4:55 pm – A neighbor on Woodgate Drive called to report construction material that was on fire. It turned out to be some smoldering charcoals. The man at the house said he was cooking earlier. 

5:14 pm – South Line firefighters were called to Benz Drive for a mulch fire. Residents put it out before first responders got to the scene. 

5:52 pm – A man returned home to Slate Creek Drive. He found hammer claw marks on his window and his cat was missing. He thought the neighbor from across the hall may be responsible. The neighbor in question was eventually tracked down. A few hours later, Patches the Cat was returned safely home. 

5:55 pm – A driver was pulled over on Woodell Avenue and arrested for marijuana possession. 

6:15 pm – Firefighters from Pine Hill were called out to a dryer fire on Eggert Road. The fire was put out and contained to the dryer. The housing office was referred to for structural issues. 

6:21 pm – Firefighters from Doyle were called out to Kennedy Road for a stove fire. The stove was removed and the property was ventilated. An 8-year-old was taken to Children’s Hospital for evaluation.

6:21 pm – A man called police to report his mother for putting cleaning products and poison in his food. He was taken to ECMC for a mental evaluation. 

6:41 pm – A town worker was notified to help kids get a ball that was stuck on the Rec Center roof at Town Park. 

6:43 pm – A loose pitbull was spotted on William Street. There was no answer at the home of the dog’s suspected owner. The pooch was taken back to the kennel. 

6:44 pm – A driver was pulled over on Pine Ridge Heritage Boulevard. They ended up dumping narcotics in the backseat of a cop car before being put under arrest. 

7:02 pm – A call came in reporting a mother hitting a son on David Avenue. One person was arrested and a domestic incident report was filled out. 

7:07 pm – Police were called out to what was believed to be a loud fight on Sierra Drive. It just turned out to be a group of loud talkers. 

8:24 pm – Parents called police after an 8-year-old never returned from playing in the Cleveland Hill High School park. The child is from out of state and is only in the area for the summer. About 20 minutes later the child was found. He met up with kids at the park and went to go play at their house. He was taken home and was advised along with the family. 

8:34 pm – A 15-year-old was taken to St. Joes by ambulance to be checked out for a possible broken leg. This happened in the hotel pool at the Millenium. 

9:40 pm – Police were called to check out a fight between two teen boys around Sable Palm and Surfside. The teens were apparently fighting over a basketball. The mom was taking one of the kids to be checked out at Immediate Care. 

9:49 pm – A caller on Meadow Place said they heard a woman keeping a man from leaving the apartment. The couple did not want anything done when police arrived. But, officers found out someone was wanted on a warrant out of Buffalo. A police report was filed and the person was placed under arrest. 


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