Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of July 27, 2018

First responders attended to 558 calls for service over the Weekend of July 27, 2018.

Friday, July 27, 2018 | 190 calls for service

12:03 am – The clerk at the Harlem Road 7-Eleven tripped the holdup alarm after a group of kids shoplifted from the store.  This prompted a search of the area for five young kids.  A box of Gushers was found on Park Edge Drive.

8:17 am – A cab driver was trying to boot his fare out on the ramp to Kensington Expressway at Harlem Road.  The driver told police that he had to take the shortest route to every location, but the fare wanted to make extra stops and the passenger became belligerent.  The police mediated an agreement to have the cab drop the woman off at a bus stop.

8:37 am – A 50-year-old man fell off a piece of machinery at Niagara Chocolates on Genesee Street.  The 6-foot fall sent the man to ECMC.

8:43 am – A shoplifter was stopped in front of Olive Garden after boosting a tallboy of Milwaukee Best Ice from the Thruway Plaza Tops Markets.

10:00 am – A resident of Terry Lane was scammed out of $2,000 by a known person.

11:57 am – The police were called to the William Street Miracle-Ear after a customer tried to take paperwork that doesn’t belong to her.  The customer told the police she was concerned about her personal information getting out.  The paperwork was torn up and she left.

2:58 pm – Two men were fighting on the 3400 block of Genesee Street.  A “family roundtable” didn’t go as planned.  The son got upset and dad tried to restrain him.

3:58 pm – A natural death was reported on Pendennis Place.

4:32 pm – A woman says her vape pen was stolen by three males at Kelly Park.

5:12 pm – A resident on St. Boniface Road reported that someone spraypainted graffiti on a tree.

Saturday, July 28, 2018 | 182 calls for service

1:14 am – Six adults and one juvenile were arrested after boosting $400 worth of candy and other food from the Harlem Road 7-Eleven.  For the second night in a row, the clerk tripped a holdup alarm to alert the police of the crime.  The group took off on foot running through Rafferty’s Irish Pub.  A quick-thinking patrol officer stopped a taxi cab full of people on Kaufman Drive.  Positive IDs were given for the group and the arrests were made.  A Cheektowaga bench warrant was served and the taxi cab was impounded because it had an invalid for hire certificate.

4:28 am – A disorderly conduct report was filed at Pharaoh’s Gentlemen’s Club after a customer said she was touched inappropriately by the staff.

5:47 am – A 27-year-old died on Kenview Boulevard.  An unattended death report was filed.

6:46 am – An ambulance transported a man from the police cellblock to ECMC after he started throwing up blood.

7:49 am – A Lobue Lane resident said a gas line on a vehicle was damaged for the second time this week.

10:30 am – A baby stroller was stolen from the back of a vehicle at the Comfort Inn on Dingens Street.

10:39 am – Rescue Hose firefighters and the police responded to Woodell Avenue to treat a woman who overdosed.  The unconscious woman was given several doses of Narcan both by her family and first responders before being transported to ECMC.

2:15 pm – A police report was filed on Duke Road after $1,000 worth of power tools were stolen.

3:14 pm – A 24-year-old man overdosed on Deborah Lane.  He was transported to ECMC.

4:29 pm – One person was arrested outside a Union Road restaurant after police investigated a road rage incident.  The man pulled out a gun at another driver.

5:07 pm – A man was arrested on Union Road after a hit-and-run crash.

7:28 pm – Two guns were turned over to the police for destruction.  The brother of a deceased man found them while cleaning out the man’s house on Gregory Court.

8:53 pm – A small bag of marijuana was found inside Appletree Business Park.

10:07 pm – A woman called the police to say she found a camera in the food court bathroom.  The woman didn’t stay around to talk to patrol.  Police found a hole in the ceiling tile but there was nothing in it.

11:33 pm – An ambulance supervisor administered medication to a man in the police cellblock.

11:56 pm – A man was arrested after he broke his wife’s windshield.  He was charged with Criminal Mischief and a domestic incident report was filed.

Sunday, July 29, 2018 | 186 calls for service

12:19 am – The police woke up a S. Roycroft Boulevard resident after their dog kept the neighborhood awake for the past 2 hours.

12:24 am – Rescue Hose firefighters attended to a burning wire on Harlem Road.

1:37 am – A town resident received a text message from her husband’s step-brother asking her when her daughters were going to turn 12-years-old so he can come over to rape them.  A domestic incident report was filed and patrol talked to everyone involved.

2:12 am – The police responded to Edgebrook apartments to investigate a verbal disturbance.  Family members were on location arguing over the location of house keys so they can feed a cat.

8:12 am – A $50 counterfeit bill was passed at the Thruway Plaza Burger King.

9:14 am – A man playing with a drone inside Losson Park was advised.

1:08 pm – A Catalytic Converter on a ’98 Chevy S10 was cut off overnight at M&M U Pull It.

2:18 pm – A set of patio furniture was stolen from a front porch on Alexander Avenue.

3:48 pm – Three women in their 20’s attempted to boost items from the Thruway Plaza Tops Markets.  They took off running and tried to hide inside the Aldi store on Walden Avenue.  One suspect was arrested as they climbed out a back window.  Two others were later arrested – one was in produce section, the other hiding near the bathrooms.  One of the suspects had a Cheektowaga arrest warrant.  All three were charged with resisting arrest.

4:24 pm – An ambulance crew administered medication to a prisoner in the cellblock.

4:57 pm – A report was filed for a person on Chesterfield Drive.  Around 4:43 am, a man was at the complainant’s front window making animal noises.

5:07 pm – A 26-year-old man overdosed on heroin along the 3900 block of Broadway. He was transported to St. Joes.  He had a Buffalo arrest warrant and was turned over to BPD after he was medically cleared.

5:49 pm – The police were called to Zhang’s Buffet after a male customer was throwing food and breaking plates.  The man was arrested.

6:43 pm – A man took a DeWalt Took Kit from Home Depot and drove away from the scene into the city.  His vehicle was later found unoccupied at Littlefield and Walden.  The police impounded the car.

9:09 pm – South Line firefighters assisted Twin District at the scene of a deadly car crash on Transit Road in Lancaster.  West Seneca funeral director Paul Kloc was killed, his wife was transported to the hospital for treatment.  The driver of the other car was arrested for DWI according to WIVB-TV.

9:38 pm – The police found six bullet holes inside an apartment at Gardenvillage Apartment after they were alerted to a shots fired call.  An eyewitness saw a white car drive away.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 10

Drunk driving arrests: 3

Mulch and grass fires: 1

Fireworks use: 1

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 3

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 2

Warrants served: 12

Narcotics arrests: 3

Marijuana arrests: 1

DMV violation arrests: 6

Mental health interactions: 5

Domestic incidents: 10

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