Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of July 13, 2018

First responders attended to 604 complaints over the Weekend of July 13, 2018.

Friday, July 13th | 236 Complaints

8:31 am – An unlocked vehicle on Chopin Place was gone through but nothing was stolen.

9:13 am – A fence was cut at Bison Iron & Step on Harlem Road.  Tools were stolen from a truck.

11:12 am – Multiple pairs of Nike sweatpants were stolen from a store at the Thruway Plaza and the suspects fled on a Metro Bus.

1:40 pm – A home on McParlin Avenue was burglarized.  A front door was damaged.  Money and jewelry were reported missing.  Detectives are investigating.

2:20 pm – A tar machine operating on Ludwig Avenue lost a hose and sprayed a vehicle with tar.  The police advise the resident that the issue was a civil matter.

3:11 pm – A person at the town’s central garage suffered a head injury.  An ambulance responded but the person was not transported.

4:04 pm – A victim of an assault at Neighbors Sports Bar & Grill last night reported that he went to St. Joes for treatment of a head laceration.

4:17 pm – A resident of Oakwood Drive said her grandson stole all of her medication.

4:24 pm – Forks firefighters extinguished a vehicle fire in front of the police headquarters.

5:26 pm – Detectives responded to investigate a suspected suicide on Cloverdale Drive.  If you or a loved one is in need of help, call 911, or the 24-hour Crisis Services Hotline at 716-834-3131.

6:15 pm – A small amount of marijuana was found at a shelter at Losson Park.  The police disposed of the drug.

7:20 pm – A car was gone through overnight on Northcrest Avenue.

8:27 pm – An ambulance took a 62-year-old man with chest pains to ECMC from the police lockup.  The man was admitted to the hospital’s prison ward.

8:44 pm – An Alpine Place woman was bitten in the leg by her dog.  The dog was taken to the pound.  The woman was transported to St. Joes.

8:52 pm – Three people were arrested for narcotics possession at a traffic stop on Walden Avenue.  A dog was brought to the dog.

10:01 pm – A 23-year-old went into cardiac arrest on Hemenway Road.  The man was transported to St. Joes.  A police sergeant transported another man to the Detective Bureau for an interview.  The man survived the cardiac arrest event and detectives continue to look into the happenings leading up to the incident.

11:10 pm – Two TVs were stolen in a burglary on Claudette Court.

Saturday, July 14th | 181 Complaints

12:29 am – A man was arrested on Linda Drive after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

1:56 am – The police arrested one person for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on William Street after she took the vehicle from an address on Crocker Street.

2:01 am – The mom of a missing girl in Zoar Valley was notified that the sheriff’s office located her and that she was okay.

12:57 pm – A three-month pregnant prisoner in the cellblock was transported to Children’s Hospital.

1:24 pm – A mail carrier was bitten by a dog on Mapleview Road but did not require first-aid.  The dog warden was going to follow-up.

3:20 pm – The dog warden responded to Viola Drive after a pit bull was reportedly tied up to a porch without food or water.

4:53 pm – A man was arrested at the Walden Avenue Target Store for shoplifting.

7:26 pm – Patrol officers assisted Lancaster Police with a police chase.  The Nissan Marano was driving 80 mph down Transit Road.  The chase was terminated at Broadway and the City Line.

Sunday, July 15th | 187 Complaints

1:39 am – 20 people brawled outside Pharaoh’s Gentlemen’s Club on Aero Drive.  A Toyota Prius was damaged in the rumble.

1:53 am – Two men got away with food from the 7-Eleven on Walden Avenue.

4:54 am – A man on Applewood Road was arrested for criminal mischief after a disturbance outside.  He was throwing items in the street, kicked a mirror off a vehicle, and was yelling that he was going to kill everyone.”  A domestic incident report was filed in relation to the call.

6:01 am – Doyle firefighters responded to Fairelm Lane to apply speedy dry to a gasoline leak.

11:05 am – A resident of Creekside Drive thought her neighbor was trying to poison her dog by placing cocoa shells at the fence.  Both neighbors were advised.

2:48 pm – A long gun was found on Ridge Park Avenue while an apartment was being cleaned out after the tenants were evicted.

3:31 pm – The police responded to Oehman Boulevard for an argument between a man and his mother-in-law.  He was arrested for criminal mischief after he took a hammer to a set of walls.

4:34 pm – A resident reports that a man she met on a dating site is now threatening her life.

7:25 pm – An ambulance checked out a male prisoner in the police lockup.  He was not transported.

7:46 pm – Someone tried to burn down a fence on Janine Court.

10:14 pm – A young man on a bike was asking for cigarettes and if they wanted to have sex at the Tops Market on Union Road.  Police could not locate the man.

10:18 pm – A prisoner in the police lockup was transferred to ECMC under the state’s mental health law.

Quick Statistics:

Firework Use: 6

Drunk Driving arrests: 5

Mulch Fire: 2

Property Damage Crashes: 10

Warrants Served: 8

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 1

Narcotics Possession arrests: 9

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 9

Mental Health Interactions: 15

Domestic Trouble: 9

Neighbor Disputes: 2

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