Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of February 8, 2019

First responders were called to 509 calls for service over the weekend.

Friday, February 8th | 221 calls:

12:46 am – A drunk guy called the police after he was thrown out of The 33 Speakeasy Grill on Genesee Street.  He told the police that he was treated unfairly because he was pushed around when he got outside.  The complaint was unfounded when the police talked to all the parties involved.

3:36 am – A senior citizen on Raymond Avenue called the police after she heard noised in the backyard. Responding patrol officers determined that a garbage tote blew over.  The officers secured the tote in her garage.

6:12 am – A signal light fell onto Genesee Street.  No car accidents happened.  The signal was moved off to the side of the road and the state was contacted.

7:31 am – A man was seen inside of a parked Hyundai Elantra was seen smoking crack outside the Comfort Inn on Dingens Street.  The police arrested the man on a Buffalo arrest warrant.  He was also charged with false impersonation, resisting arrest, and possession of narcotics.

8:01 am – A red lamp pole was blown down blocking a service road to the Millenium Hotel on Walden Avenue.  Caution tape was put up.

8:19 am – A prisoner at the police station reported having a laceration.  An ambulance examined the cut.  The prisoner remained at the station.

8:31 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters responded to Woodridge Avenue after the wind caught the siding and blew a power meter from a house.

9:32 am – Pine Hill firefighters responded to 1565 E. Delavan Avenue.  A man was stuck on the roof after a ladder was blown over.  The ladder was set back up and the man was assisted.

11:27 am – A powerline fell in the parking lot of 950 Losson Road.  Maintenance staff placed cones around the line while the power company responded.

1:16 pm – A man stole scrap metal from Niagara Transformer.  He was located at a gas station on Broadway.  The business did not want to press charges, but a police report for petit larceny was filed.  The man was arrested for driving without a license.

2:06 pm – A man’s ex-girlfriend was arrested on Lackawanna Avenue after attacking him.  She was charged with menacing and harassment.  The man was transported to St. Joes for treatment.

6:57 pm – Pine Hill firefighters responded to the Meyers Recreation Center after smoke was coming from the electrical panel.  It was determined that a transformer blew outside.

8:08 pm – A water main break was reported on Freda Avenue.

Saturday, February 9th | 149 calls:

4:18 am – A complaint of a man sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl was made in person at the police station.

4:57 am – Two people went to jail after they gave the officers who stopped their car on Eggert Road fake names.  Arrest warrants from Buffalo and Amherst were also served.

7:36 am – The police conducted a welfare checked on Floral Place after a resident after he wrote on Facebook, “Where is a rope and chair when you need one?”  The man was fine.

12:50 pm – Tires were slashed on Sebring Drive.  The complainant thinks the criminal mischief was done by someone from their school.

6:20 pm – A drunk customer at AJ’s Lounge was taken home to an address on Bailey Avenue.  Someone – not the business – called the police after she was causing a scene over her tab.

6:24 pm – The police were called to the Starbucks on Walden Avenue after a homeless man kept going into the restaurant to shout racial slurs at the customers.  The man left before the police arrived.

7:24 pm – A man walked into the Thruway Plaza Dollar Tree and was shouting that he “has to kill all of the devil worshipers and pedophiles.”  The man left before the police arrived.

8:14 pm – A 25-year-old was arrested for stealing lingerie from a store at Walden Galleria.

Sunday, February 10th | 139 calls:

1:59 am – A woman was sent to ECMC with a head injury after a domestic disturbance.

2:08 am – A natural death was reported on Eileen Court.

10:35 am – The police arrested an employee of the Comfort Suites on Dick Road after she attacked other staff members.  In addition to her arrest, she was fired.

11:34 am – Two people who live on Lovejoy Street called the police to say someone burglarized their home while the two detained at the police station for criminal charges.

1:54 pm – A young child at Cheektowaga Central was sent to the hospital after getting hit in the head with a dodge ball.

7:13 pm – A pedestrian was hit by a car at Harlem and Walden.  He was transported to ECMC.

9:44 pm – Rescue firefighters responded to a home on Walden Avenue to investigate an odor coming from a space heater.  The odor was coming from a plug-in air freshener.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 15

Warrants served: 15

DMV violation arrests: 10

Narcotics arrests: 7

Marijuana arrests: 1

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 0

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 5

Mental health interactions: 4

Domestic incidents: 6

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