Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of February 22, 2019

Emergency responders were called to 570 calls for service over the weekend.

Friday, February 22nd | 165 calls:

1:12 am – The French Road 7-Eleven reported that four kids stole two 6-packs of Mikes Hard Lemonade.  The police were unable to locate the kids.

3:09 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Union Road.

5:31 am – The police checked on a driver slumped at the wheel on Pine Ridge Road.  The driver was intoxicated and was charged with drunk driving.

11:24 am – The police are investigating a deadly overdoes at a business on the 3500 block of Broadway.

12:57 pm – A man said he suffered a seizure at the corner of Wagner Avenue and while he was being assisted by strangers, they stole his money.  The police are investigating the larceny.

1:44 pm – A resident of Bismarck Street said an unknown person forged a check for his business and cashed it.  The money was then debited from the business account.

6:04 pm – A patrol officer walking through the Walden Galleria came upon a disturbance outside a store.  A police report for a fight was filed.

8:44 pm – A few disorderly people were escorted out of the mall by the police.

Saturday, February 23rd | 165 calls:

3:31 am – A drunk driver was arrested on French Road.

3:33 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Harlem Road.  The police drove a female passenger to a home on N. Parade in Buffalo.

5:13 am – A Mini Cooper was stolen from an address on Medina Street.

5:40 am – A male prisoner had a case of Incarceritis at police headquarters.  An ambulance checked on the man, and he stayed at the police station.

7:22 am – A Chevy Trailblazer was stolen from Linda Drive.

8:42 am – Two traffic tickets were issued to drivers who ran a stop sign on Towers Boulevard.

2:24 pm – A vehicle was burglarized on Griffith Street.  Gloves and change were stolen.  A video of the crime was submitted to the police.

4:24 pm – A vehicle was burglarized on Paula Drive.

7:02 pm – The police broke up a fight between two women in the mall’s food court bathroom.

9:11 pm – A 16-year-old was arrested on Nagel Drive after she attacked her mother.

9:39 pm – A man with an outstanding arrest warrant from Cheektowaga was arrested on I-90 after he shoplifted from the Tops Friendly Markets at the Thruway Plaza.

11:13 pm – A vehicle drove into a guard rail on I-90 westbound.  Cleveland Hill firefighters responded and treated the driver who was later transported to ECMC.

11:35 pm – Ten people were ejected from a hotel on Walden Avenue after they cause a number of noise complaints.

Sunday, February 24th | 240 calls:

2:54 am – A woman was arrested on Union Road for resisting arrest and attempted assault.

4:36 am – A drunk driver was arrested on Genesee Street.  A passenger was taken home to an address on Halstead.

1:47 pm – A trampoline ripped down several power lines on Seminole Parkway.

4:23 pm – The police attended to a neighbor dispute on the 3400 block of Genesee Street.

5:09 pm – A wedding ring was found at Wegmans back in January.

6:38 pm – The police checked Walden Galleria Drive for a drunk driver.  They were unable to locate the vehicle.

7:48 pm – Forks firefighters extricated a woman trapped inside an elevator the Home 2 Suites on Walden Avenue.

8:21 pm – The police arrested a man on Sebring Drive after a domestic disturbance.  While in police custody he was kicking the windows of the police car and smashing his head against the window.  An ambulance checked on the man after he got to police headquarters.

8:50 pm – An oxygen-dependent resident of William Street was transported to the hospital after his power went out.

9:23 pm – Three people were arrested after shoplifting a car full of groceries out of Wegmans.

11:02 pm – A shed caught fire on Constance Lane after a power line fell.  Doyle firefighters extinguished the fire once power crews cut power to the neighborhood.

Quick Statistics:

Storm-related calls: 117

Property damage crashes: 11

Warrants served: 11

DMV violation arrests: 5

Narcotics arrests: 1

Marijuana arrests: 0

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 4

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 4

Mental health interactions: 4

Domestic incidents: 8

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