Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of February 1, 2019

First responders were called to 634 calls for service over the weekend.

Friday, February 1st | 272 calls:

2:33 am – A woman was arrested at a traffic stop on Maryvale Drive for drunk driving.

3:54 am – Doyle firefighters responded to 1125 Harlem Road after a water pipe burst inside the building.

5:23 am – South Line firefighters shut off the utilities at 560 French Road.

9:59 am – The police assisted a town constable in evicting a tenant on Fradine Drive.

11:54 am – A civil dispute between a tenant and landlord on Bellevue Avenue was attended to by the police department.  The tenant said the landlord shut off the water after it was leaking into an apartment.  The landlord said the tenant called a plumbing service the landlord regularly uses and told them to charge the landlord’s credit card for the repair work.  The landlord said he never told the tenant to do call the plumber.

12:11 pm – Ray’s Lounge and Catering was flooded after a sprinkler system malfunctioned.  Doyle firefighters did the best they could to slow the water down but ran into trouble after the Buffalo Water Authority and Erie County Water Authority each denied responsibility for the water meter.

12:29 pm – A pipe burst in a vacant house on Meaford Road and flooded the basement to the first floor.  The water authority was notified.

12:39 pm – A town sewer truck was involved in a two-car crash on Eggert Road.

12:57 pm – A group of kids was throwing snowballs at passing cars on Dick Road.  The police responded to the area but could not locate the kids.

1:20 pm – Forks firefighters determined that leaky pipes in a storage room at the Walden Galleria caused an odor of something burning.

1:38 pm – A Hyundai was towed from Pine Ridge Road for violating the snow ban.  The car was ticketed a few days prior.

2:21 pm – Doyle firefighters thought it was a good idea for a 57-year-old woman at Williamstowne to go to the hospital after she drank a 1/2 bottle of vodka while on Clopiwin.  The woman had a history of stroke and was slurring her words.  Emergency responders didn’t know if she was just drunk or having another stroke.

3:52 pm – A car slid into an NFTA bus on the ring road of Walden Galleria near the Walden Avenue entrance.  The NFTA Police responded.

8:33 pm – A drunk driver was arrested on Broadway after he didn’t realize he was driving on a flat tire and the rim was sparking all over the road.

9:45 pm – A suspicious person was checked out at 3375 Genesee Street.  The man was near a dumpster looking around with a flashlight.  An investigation revealed that the man lost a cell phone in a snow bank.  The phone was later located.

11:01 pm – A 12-year-old boy on S. Seine Drive called 911 to says that his mom had been sick and vomiting all day.  Mom was later transported to ECMC by an ambulance.

Saturday, February 2nd | 197 calls:

1:08 am – The police were called to Slate Creek Drive after one neighbor said a birthday party was getting out of hand.  An officer reported that the complaint was exaggerated a little bit.  Both tenants were told to stay away from each other.

4:36 am – One person was arrested on Maryvale Drive for possession of burglary tools.

9:37 am – A neighbor dispute was attended to by the police on Floreis Court.  One tenant said the landlord permitted them to park in the garage while the other tenant said they had the permission.  The landlord lives out of town, and both tenants said they would discuss the matter when the landlord returns to town.

11:13 am – A Rescue Hose firefighter was burned by battery acid while changing an air pack.  The firefighter refused EMS.

12:11 pm – A front-end loader sheared off a fire hydrant on Birchwood Drive.

12:12 pm – A man left an address on Creekside Drive after a heated verbal domestic disturbance.

1:39 pm – A resident on Cochrane Street called the police to say the street was not plowed.  Dispatchers called the Highway Department to follow-up.

2:20 pm – U-Crest firefighters rescued the tenants of 1213 George Urban Boulevard after an awning fell and blocked a side door.

2:43 pm – A water main break was reported on Santin Drive.

2:29 pm – South Line firefighters checked on a Gardenvillage Drive resident after a ceiling collapsed on her because of a water leak.

5:06 pm – Four women were escorted of the Walden Galleria after they were accused of shoplifting.  The store employees saw the group steal the items, but they did not want to prosecute.

8:45 pm – Sewers on Grand Prix Drive were backing up.  The town’s pump station was notified.

11:49 pm – A female juvenile was arrested at Pine Ridge Terrace and Bell after on Barbara Place after she was accused of pulling a knife on her dad.

Sunday, February 3rd | 165 calls:

1:20 am – The police took a man to an address on the 2000 block Delaware Avenue after he was knocking the windows of drive-thru customers at the Union and Losson McDonald’s.

2:42 am – A resident of Linda Drive called the police to investigate loud music and the smell of marijuana coming from a neighbor’s apartment.  The responding officer did not hear any loud music nor did he smell maryjane.

6:44 am – Cheektowaga Police responded to the area of the Dave’s Christmas on French Road after they got a complaint of a man knocking on people’s car windows.  Lancaster Police also responded.  LPD arrested the man for shoplifting from a business in their jurisdiction.

10:24 am – A complainant called the police to say a rolling domestic was happening on Genesee Street.   The cops caught up the vehicle after tracing the plate to an address on Jenny Lane.  It was determined that the disturbance was only a verbal argument and nothing rose to the level of criminality.

12:42 pm – A Leonard Post Drive resident was told not to throw snow into the street by passing police officer.

1:04 pm – A private plow driver struck a home on Cherokee Drive while plowing out the driveway on Friday.  The driver will not return the calls of the homeowner.  The responding officer told the resident that the matter was a civil matter and advise them how to proceed.

1:04 pm – A passing police officer told a person snow blowing on William Street to stop blowing the snow into the road.

3:29 pm – The Erie County Water Authority was called after a water main break on Temple Drive was reported to the police department.

3:47 pm – South Line fire crews responded to Slate Creek Drive to investigate a contained oven fire.  Firefighters extinguished the fire and ventilated the apartment.

4:15 pm – The police talked to a man on Griffith Street after he was “ripping” his mini bike up and down the street.

4:52 pm – A resident of Allendale Road called the police to say her estranged husband was outside begging for money to buy drugs.  The police drove the man to the City Mission and told him if he returned to the house he would be sleeping in a jail cell.

5:41 pm – The police descended on an apartment building on Windwood Court after several gunshots were fired.  A perimeter was established and the police were able to make contact with one of five males inside the apartment at 5:56 pm after he came outside.  Phone contact was made with the remaining group at 6:19 pm and everyone outside at 6:25 pm.  A State Police K9 swept the house and confirmed everyone was outside at 6:33 pm.  A reason for the gunshots was not immediately listed in the police blotter.

7:43 pm – A Laura Court resident called the police after she said the man who bought an item from her through the Pennysaver was threatening to come over because he wanted his money back.  The police called the man and left a message saying to knock off his behavior.

9:18 pm – A pit bull was chasing a man on Lovejoy Street.  An email was sent to the dog warden to be on the lookout for the dog.

10:12 pm – The police attended to a suspicious occurrence at the Harlem Road laundromat.  A woman said she was doing laundry and two men were watching her and taking photos of her.  When she went to her car, one of the men followed her and spit on her window.  The police investigated the claims, talked to the men and determined nothing was criminal.

11:20 pm – U-Crest firefighters and the police responded to the 4200 block of Genesee Street after a woman was hit by a car.  The non-alert woman was transported to ECMC with a head injury.  Genesee westbound was reopen at 12:15 am.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 33

Warrants served: 9

DMV violation arrests: 4

Narcotics arrests: 1

Marijuana arrests: 0

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 0

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 0

Mental health interactions: 6

Domestic incidents: 6

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