Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of December 14, 2018

Friday, December 14 – 193 Calls

12:31 am – A dispute on Fath Drive between a landlord and tenant over money was handled by the police.

2:56 am – The police escorted a man from a Broad Street address.

7:39 am – A man was arrested on Shanley Street for crawling into his ex-girlfriend window.

8:36 am – The police responded to Gualbert Avenue to escort a student to the EDGE Academy.  He was refusing to go to school.

10:43 am – A rifle was turned into police headquarters for safekeeping as a result of an order of protection.

2:45 pm – A woman told the police that she wanted her husband out of the house after she picked him up from the court and he started a verbal argument.  The police responded to the St. Joan Lane address and the man said he would take a walk to cool down.

3:48 pm – A Lou Drive resident was told to stay away from his neighbor or face arrest.  The man went over to his neighbor’s house asking for a package.

4:03 pm – A woman who showed signs of being assaulted was walking down Andrews Avenue.  She told the police she was abused by her boyfriend a few days ago in Buffalo.  The woman was dropped off at E District in Buffalo so she could get help from the proper law enforcement agency.

4:04 pm – The police responded to Leonard Post Drive to investigate a physical fight between two men.  During the investigation, the police found out that one of the men shoplifted from Price Rite on Walden Avenue.

4:35 pm – Several patrol cars were rotated to the chicken shack throughout the night to provide traffic control for Chick-fil-A.

5:30 pm – An ambulance was requested to WNY Immediate Care on Transit Road to transport an infant in anaphylactic shock from peanuts.

6:58 pm – Detectives are investigating a sexual assault.  The victim said perpetrator was a former boyfriend.

7:46 pm – An apartment on Slate Creek Drive was burglarized.

9:18 pm – A 68-year-old man called for an ambulance after his dog bit him while he was trying to get the remote controller away from him.  He later went to the hospital by a private vehicle.

Saturday, December 15, – 158 Calls

12:00 am – South Line firefighters responded to a rollover crash on Borden Road.  No one was hurt.

3:00 am – The police told a woman to leave Pharaohs Gentlemen’s Club after she passed her ID to another guest.  One person was arrested for harassment and trespass.

4:30 am – A drunk at police headquarters was transported to ECMC by ambulance for being too intoxicated.

8:47 am – A patrol officer stopped a Dodge Avenger on Walden Avenue after the driver was observed littering.  The driver was advised, and the litter was picked up.

11:54 am – Three speeders were issued tickets on Como Park Boulevard.

2:15 pm – Tenants on French Road were evicted, and they stole the stove and refrigerator.

4:00 pm – One person was transported to ECMC after a car crashed into a pole on Harlem Road.  Two other people were involved, but they did not go to the hospital.

8:03 pm – A man with a hand injury was transported to the hospital from the police cellblock.

Sunday, December 16, 132 Calls

12:10 am – The police attended to a loud party on Old Union Road.  They were advised to turn down the music.

1:20 am – Three people were arrested for narcotics possession at a traffic stop on Harlem Road.

9:11 am – A woman was transported to Buffalo General Medical Center after she suffered a head injury at Gordon Companies on Union Road.

10:20 am – One person was arrested on Elkins Drive after a woman said her husband menaced her with a knife.

11:53 am – Pine Hill firefighters responded to a laundromat at 2765 Harlem Road to investigate a smoking dryer.  The machine was overloaded and was unplugged.  There was no fire.

5:13 pm – An employee of Forever 21 at Walden Galleria reported that his license and money was stolen by a Burger King employee while he was sitting outside Bravo.

7:12 pm – Detectives are investigating a sex assault at Nokomis Park.  The victim said the suspect was known to her.

10:11 pm – Pine Hill firefighters investigated an oven fire on Barbara Place.  The fire was contained to the oven.

11:28 pm – A drunk driver was arrested after crashing their vehicle into a ditch on Union Road.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 5

Warrants served: 5

DMV violation arrests: 6

Narcotics arrests: 4

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 4

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 2

Mental health interactions: 1

Domestic incidents: 3

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