Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Weekend of December 1, 2017

Here is a look at some of the events first responders were called out to over the past weekend.

Friday, December 1st – 169 calls:

1:08 am – The police arrested two people for marijuana possession at a traffic stop on Eggert Road.

1:49 am – The police arrested two people for narcotics possession during a traffic stop on Eggert Road.

2:32 am – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on the New York State Thruway.

8:36 am – Sloan firefighters determined burnt toast set off a fire alarm at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

10:31 am – A man was arrested at the Thruway Plaza Tops Markets for shoplifting.

11:04 am – A resident on George Urban Boulevard file a police report for identity theft after an unknown person emptied their checking account.

4:15 pm – A Beale Avenue resident had their portable home generator stolen.

5:31 pm – A dancer at Pharaohs Gentlemen’s Club called the police to say her designer shoes were stolen from another dancer who was kicked out for huffing paint.

6:00 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at the Walden Galleria.

6:11 pm – Two people were arrested for narcotics at a traffic stop on the city line at E. Lovejoy and Ogden.

6:22 pm – An intoxicated woman inside the Noco at Borden and French was taken to ECMC after becoming belligerent.  She was screaming and arguing inside the store.

8:22 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters attended to a stove top fire on Wilshire Road.  The fire was out when crews arrived.  Smoke in the house was ventilated.  The resident was checked out by an EMS crew. 

9:17 pm – U-Crest firefighters determined that someone vaping inside a bathroom at The 33 Speakeasy Grill set off the fire alarm.  Management put up a sign deterring further issues.

10:28 pm – The police had to force entry into an apartment at Gardenvillage while investigating a loud music complaint. They found an intoxicated man down on the floor.  He was checked out by an AMR ambulance crew but didn’t go to the hospital.

Saturday, December 2nd – 142 calls:

1:11 am – The police returned to Williamstowne Apartments because a resident was playing music too loud.

1:25 am – The manager at Denny’s call the police to say underaged kids brought booze into the restaurant.  Everyone left without incident.

2:31 am – An intoxicated woman was arrested on Linda Drive for harassment.

10:15 am – The police checked the area of Union Road for a 60-year-old masturbating in his car.  The vehicle was not located.

11:43 am – Five cars at the shopping plaza at Dick Road and George Urban Boulevard were spray painted.  Three vehicles were cleaned with no damage, two others left before the officer arrived.  One person did not want to file a report.

12:03 pm – A resident of Shanley Street reported that someone used their bank card.

12:18 pm – A woman at the Walden Galleria was transported to South Buffalo Mercy for a routine medical issue.

12:34 pm – $500 in Canadian cash and $400 in US cash was stolen from a woman’s purse at a Genesee Street hotel.

1:02 pm – A woman on Randy Way was wandering around yards trying to watch her son’s house.  She was advised.

2:39 pm – A man was arrested from Dollar General on Harlem Road for shoplifting.

5:19 pm – A bicyclist was hit by a Chevy Equinox on French Road.  They didn’t go to the hospital.

5:53 pm – 10 gallons of gasoline were spilled on Bory Drive after a vehicle hit a gas can in the street and dragged it. South Line firefighters applied 20 lbs of speedy dry to soak up the fuel.

7:36 pm – A man and woman were arrested for shoplifting at Walden Galleria.

7:48 pm – The police arrested a person for marijuana possession at a traffic stop on Dingens Street.

8:38 pm – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on Genesee Street.

Sunday, December 3rd – 120 calls:

12:25 am – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on Genesee Street.

3:55 am – A drunk driver was arrested at a traffic stop on French Road.

4:03 am – A person was arrested for false personation at a traffic stop on Maryvale Drive.

2:18 pm – One person was arrested after two motorcycles did a wheelie in front of a Cheektowaga Police officer on westbound Kensington Expressway.

3:58 pm – Police advised a man who said a former co-worker followed him home from Sam’s Club after he dropped his son at work.

4:42 pm – A call came from someone at Pet Supplies Plus on Union. The caller reported seeing a man abusing a dog in the back of a vehicle. The vehicle was gone when police got to the scene.

6:43 pm – A police report was filed after a woman said kids in the neighborhood threw a basketball at her house on Creekside Drive and broke a window.

7:57 pm – A call came in from a person in an apartment at Edgebrook Estates. They said a dog was whining and making noise in a neighbor’s apartment for the past couple days. No one was answering the phone when he called. Officers spoke with the resident. Her friend’s dog was staying at the apartment, and she was on her way back from out of town.

8:45 pm – A woman at Williamstowne Apartments called police because a man was yelling and trying to get into a neighbor’s apartment. Police found the man. He was in town from Florida and was trying to get the attention of a resident who was not home. He was advised.

8:48 pm – Two women were arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. They fought with loss prevention at the store and they were pulled over on Union at Galleria.

Quick Statistics:

Unlicensed Motorvehicle Operation:  5

Domestic Disputes: 12

Mental Health Interactions: 

Property Damage Only Crashes: 24

Neighbor Disputes: 8

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