Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, September 6, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called out to 169 incidents in the Town on Wednesday. Here are just some of the calls that came into dispatch.

12:01 am – A woman living on the 1900 block of Walden Avenue called police asking to kick her “drug dealing” boyfriend out of the apartment.  She told the police that he was selling weed out of the apartment.  Officers tried to advise the complainant, but she was uncooperative.

2:52 am – A domestic incident report was filed on Treehaven Road after a father pushed mom around and the daughter called 911.  Mom told the police there was an argument over financial issues.

3:31 am – A man on the 2000 block of William Street was briefly detained after the police saw the man working on a car.  An investigation found that the man owned the vehicle and he was released.

5:18 am – A cleaner at EZ Wash Laundry asked a man in his 40’s to leave.  He was drinking a beer and did not want to leave.  The police arrived a short time later, and he left upon their request.

6:45 am – Pistol permits were investigated for residents on Rowley Hollow, Westvale Court, and Temple Drive.

6:56 am – Police officers assisted the U.S. Marshals on Northern Parkway.

9:33 am -A woman and her dog were hurt after they were attacked by another dog on Century Road.  An ambulance was dispatched to the scene, but the woman was going to go to the hospital on her own.  A police report was filed.

10:25 am – A driver was arrested on Walden Galleria property for driving without a valid license.

10:39 am – A resident of Dellwood Place told the police that for the past month, a 22-year-old man was leaving sexual messages via Snapchat for a 14-year-old girl.

11:07 am – It is thought that kids damaged a chain link fence along the creek behind the homes on Wildy Avenue.  There are holes cut into it.  It’s a town owned fence, and a crew was requested to repair it.

11:57 am – Cheektowaga assisted Buffalo by closing off the Eggert Road on ramp to the westbound Kensington Expressway.  Another car moved traffic off of the expressway at Eggert Road.  This was due to a crash at Suffolk.

12:47 am – The detective’s bureau is looking into who is cashing payroll checks from Alton’s Restaurant.

1:53 pm – A police report for attempted burglary was filed Jewelry By Geno on Transit Road.  Someone laddered the building and tried to enter the business through a window.  A lock on the rear door was also damaged.

2:13 pm – The police towed a Honda Accord for violating the town’s 24-hour parking rule.  The tires were marked Tuesday, and it still wasn’t moved.  Officers could not raise the owner.

4:11 pm – Doyle firefighter extinguished a vehicle fire on I-90.

4:56 pm – A two car crash on Broadway at Dick resulted in a minor injury.  The victim was checked out by EMS but did not go to the hospital.

6:13 pm – The Six Nations Police in Ohsweken, ON called Cheektowaga Police because a woman on Sprucewood Drive is texting her ex-aunt pictures of the aunt’s son in a coffin.  They would like the activity to stop, or she will be arrested.  Officers could not raise anyone at the home.

8:08 pm – An adult woman with her two small kids was arrested for shoplifting at Walden Galleria.

8:45 pm – The police responded to the 700 block of French Road for a man and woman physically fighting on the front lawn.  Both parties were advised, and a domestic incident report was filed.  A woman was arrested on a Buffalo warrant.

8:59 pm – A person was arrested for trespass at the Sunoco at Genesee and Harlem.

9:49 pm – A man on the 2400 block of William Street threw items and bleach all over the house.  The girlfriend grabbed the kids and got out of the house.  One arrest for criminal mischief was made. 

 10:36 pm – The Hy-View fire department responded to a natural death on Barone Circle.  An 83-year-old woman passed away.  Family members told firefighters a subject was over before the call trying to get money from the woman.  Items inside the house were broken.  The detective’s Bureau processed the scene.