Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

Here is a look at the 144 calls first responders went out to on Wednesday.

2:14 am – Two people were arrested for narcotics on Rutland Avenue after their vehicle was pulled over by an officer on patrol. There were also warrants out of Buffalo and North Tonawanda for the people in the car.

2:51 am – Pine Hill firefighters were called out to a CO detector alarm on Eggert Road. No readings were found. 

3:08 am – An officer on patrol noticed the gate to the pool in Town Park was open. No one was around, everything was in order.

3:53 am – A customer at Rite Aid on Union at George Urban wanted an officer to check on the store. The store was open but there was no clerk at the register. The officer found a clerk on location and everything was fine.

4:12 am – A man at the bus stop at the Galleria by Macy’s said he was waiting for a bus for the past four hours and was waiting to get back to Daemen College. He was taken back to campus.

6:00 am – The water authority was notified about a water main break on W. Cavalier Drive.

6:31 am – A call came in from Hanna Paper Recycling on Ludwig Avenue about a half naked woman running around the parking lot asking people for a ride home. She was taken to an address in Buffalo by officers. 

8:58 am – A driver was pulled over on Kensington Avenue. They were arrested for driving without a license or registration. They also had a warrant out of Buffalo.

9:18 am – Police were called to Balback Drive to check out a “suspicious” Facebook video. They were advised by officers that it was a practical joke.

9:47 am – A police report was filed after someone on Westland Parkway said kids walked through her newly poured driveway overnight.

10:01 am – A caller said money was taken from their vehicle on W. Toulon Drive overnight.

11:16 am – A driver was pulled over on Walden Avenue and arrested for driving without a license or registration.

12:26 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called out to an office building on Harlem Road to check out smoke in the building. There was a light haze in the basement, possibly caused by an electrical issue.

2:44 pm – Police were called to the Donovan Post on Genesee Street. A man in his 20’s appeared to be having a mental issue. His father was contacted to come and help him. It seems he was having military flashbacks. A police report was filed.

4:01 pm – Police arrested an employee of NOCO Express on Transit Road for larceny. 

4:08 pm – Cheektowaga Police were notified by state police about a man who was pulled over with a gas nozzle in his pickup truck on Route 77 in Pembroke. Apparently, the man drove off from the Sunoco on Union at William with the nozzle still in the truck. 

6:36 pm – Police and an ambulance were called to Christa Court after a wife hit her husband with a pipe wrench and threw it in the yard. A domestic incident report was filed after an arrest. The man was checked out and signed off on further treatment.

7:43 pm – A man was arrested and a domestic incident report was filed after he pointed a stun gun at another man on Walden Avenue. The stun gun son ran to Euclid Avenue where he was arrested.

7:56 pm – Hy-View firefighters were called to Bay Lane. People at the home were feeling dizzy. The smoke detector and CO alarm were checked. Everything was fine. There were zero readings for CO.

8:43 pm – Cleveland Hill, Pine Hill, and U-Crest firefighters were called to a home on Aurora Drive after a keypad fire alarm went off. It turned out to be an accidental trip, but the homeowner would not answer the door to talk with firefighters.

9:53 pm – Police were called to Mansion Avenue for reports of a vehicle striking a house. Allegedly the group of people in the car ran away from the scene. One person was arrested for DWI and driving without a license. A police report was also filed for an attempted strong armed robbery at the scene.