Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 157 calls on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

6:32 am – A slew of suspicious activity occurred on the 200 block of Shanley Street overnight.  A car’s window was smashed and a purse was taken.  A garage was burglarized. Change from a car was stolen.

7:40 am – Police assisted American Medical Response with an unruly patient on Arthur Musarra Parkway.

7:48 am – Pistol permit investigations were conducted for residents on East Melcourt Drive and Lemoine Avenue.

7:57 am – A mom on Olcott Place was advised after she called police about her 17-year-old son not wanting to go to school.

9:31 am – A man was arrested for criminal mischief on the 100 block of Eggert Road.

10:34 am – A car struck the building at Quest Diagnostics on Walden Avenue.  Minor damage was reported.

10:41 am – Bellevue firefighters attended to mulch fire next to Sliwinski Funeral Home on Transit Road.

10:51 am – A license plate was stolen from a vehicle on the 2500 block of Union Road.

10:59 am – A vehicle was towed from the 200 block of Straley Avenue after police conducted a multi-day parking violation investigation.

10:59 am – Two women customers of Lovely Nails in the Thruway Plaza were upset because the store charged them for getting their toes done, but the service was not performed.  The store asked them to leave.  Police advised everyone.

11:01 am – A driver was arrested during a traffic stop along the 1200 block of Walden Avenue for driving without a license and false impersonation.

11:15 am – An arrest was made for vehicle and traffic violations during a traffic stop along the 1600 block of Walden Avenue.  The vehicle’s license plates were confiscated.

11:18 am – A license plate was stolen from a vehicle on the 800 block of Rein Road.

11:38 am – A woman on Elkins Drive called police to have her boyfriend removed after a verbal argument.

11:49 am – A truck with temporary Pennsylvania plates was issued a traffic summons after someone called police to say the truck drove down Kennedy Road onto the Xylem property.

12:07 pm – A woman on Barbara Place received a letter in the mail making threats to harm her.  The letter may stem from past neighbor disputes.  Police tried to talk with the neighbor, but no one was home.

12:20 pm – A puppy was running loose on Philip Drive. Police and dog warden responded.

12:23 pm – Police attended to a neighbor dispute on Celina Street.

12:32 pm – A store at Walden Galleria reported that three women stole shorts around 10 a.m. and wanted police to see video of the theft.  A police report was filed.

12:37 pm – Police notified a woman on Edgebrook that her father passed away in Pennsylvania.

12:47 pm – Police applied for a warrant after a caller said his car was used by a friend’s brother and he wouldn’t return it to an address along the 1200 block of Walden Avenue.

1:25 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters attended to a false fire alarm at 425 Cayuga Road.  The fire inspector will follow up with the McGuire Group.

1:28 pm – A resident on the 5000 block of Transit Road was scammed out of around $1,500.

1:34 pm – Police advised a Barbados Drive resident about Facebook messages and ongoing harassment for years.

2:27 pm – Pine Ridge Pizza and Subs reported that someone pried open the back door and stole $200 from the register and paperwork from the office.

2:29 pm – Police tried to perform a welfare check on the 100 block of Hoerner Avenue. A the mother of a girl told West Seneca Police that her daughter’s former boyfriend was posting stuff about the Columbine School shooting.  The boy “admires” the shooters and the incident, but made no threats of violence.  No one was home.

2:30 pm – Police escorted a customer while getting a refund from a store in the Thruway Plaza.  The business and customer came to a compromised. The customer is not allowed back in the store.

2:33 pm – Rescue firefighter attended to a tree on fire at the bus stop between the old Walmart and Tops Market in the Thruway Plaza.

2:33 pm – A police report was filed after copper was stolen from a cell tower at the dead end of Roland.

2:37 pm – Rescue firefighters extinguished a dumpster fire on CSX Harlem Road.

2:49 pm – Police were called to the Verizon Wireless store on Union Road after management called saying a customer was screaming, swearing and was threatening store employees.  Police sent the man on his way.

2:56 pm – A resident on Hoerner Avenue said someone stole his garbage totes.

3:01 pm – Forks firefighters attended to a mulch fire at Verizon Wireless on Union Road.

3:05 pm – Eight kids were told by police not to return to a home on the 900 block of Beach Road.  Police were called after a resident said the kids were causing problems, yelling, screaming, and spitting on cars.

3:11 pm – Police attend to a neighbor dispute on Avery Place.

4:09 pm – A man went into JDI Communications on Walden Avenue saying he wasn’t on drugs and was asking for money from store employees and customers. He later walked towards Pine Ridge. Police could not locate the man.

5:00 pm – A man along the 2600 block of Broadway said his friend stole his cat.

5:47 pm – Police attended to a neighbor dispute over tree work along the 3400 block of Genesee Street.

5:55 pm – An intoxicated woman on Linda Drive was laying down outside with her pants down and she could not stand up.  An ambulance took her to Erie County Medical Center.

6:20 pm – A woman on Yeager Drive called police to say she was upset that her son-in-law was not returning a ladder and chain saw.  Police advised her that it was a civil matter, but did leave a message to the son-in-law to return the property.

6:26 pm – Police attended to an ongoing landlord and tenant dispute on Fairhaven Drive.  This time over text messages.  Eviction process will be started.

6:46 pm – Police were unable to locate a speeding ATV on the bike path behind Medina.

6:51 pm – Police checked on a “large” dead animal on Tudor Drive.  Caller said his neighbor told him the animal was behind his shed, but didn’t want to look.  Police said it was a dead Raccoon.

6:58 pm – A car popping was reported on Seminole Parkway.  It happened sometime overnight.

7:06 pm – A license plate was stole from a vehicle parked in the parking lot of 950 Losson Road.

7:10 pm – Police attended to a neighbor dispute on Wagner Avenue.

7:34 pm – A Gardenvillage Drive resident said a child from 155 Gardenvillage slashed her tire.  She also told police the child also emptied the rat traps next to her car.

7:34 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters attended to a fire alarm on the 300 block of Eggert Road.  Alarm company called to say it was burnt food.

8:09 pm – A resident on the 200 block of Lackawanna Avenue called police to say kids from Atlantic Avenue threw rocks at his pool putting a hole in it.  A police report was filed.

8:16 pm – Police performed a premise check at a vacant Colton Street home after neighbor said the door was kicked in.

9:11 pm – A couple on Pine Ridge Road were arguing over a messy house.  Police advised them as best as possible.  They were going to stay away from each other and take the matter up in family court Thursday.

9:21 pm – A resident on the 2600 block of Broadway was blowing off large fireworks.  Police told him the Fourth of July was still a few months away.

9:28 pm – Bellevue firefighters were called to the parking lot of WNY Immediate Care to check on a person who was choking. Someone was performing the Heimlich.  The patient did not go to the hospital.

10:58 pm – An arrest was made for criminal possession of a control subsistence during a traffic stop on Genesee Street.

11:33 pm – A Gardenvillage Drive resident call police saying her child’s father was pounding on her door trying to get her boyfriend to come out and fight.  She said he was still in the area but never actually saw him.