Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

First responders attended to 247 complaints on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

12:45 am – A highly intoxicated 21-year-old man at Collegiate Village was transported to ECMC to dry out. 

1:25 am – The driver of a 2005 Ford Escape was arrested for drunk driving at a traffic stop on the 3100 block of Union Road.

2:34 am – One person was arrested on Penwood Drive for Falsely Reporting an incident.

6:05 am – The police arrested one person on Boll Street at the scene of a domestic disturbance.

6:51 am – A resident of Mildred Drive reported a vehicle was stolen overnight.  Thinks a spare key was left inside.

7:42 am – At least four vehicles were gone through on Andres Place.

8:01 am – An ambulance was requested on the eastbound Kensington Expressway to check out a head injury after a crash.

9:42 am – A resident of Manko Lane filed a police report for a stolen car.  Said it was stolen the other day and Buffalo Police impounded it today.  Buffalo required a police report to release the vehicle.

1:55 pm – A property owner on Kingswood Drive said an ex-tenant who was evicted spray painted the apartment.

3:36 pm – A tree service working on Creek Heights Drive knocked down a street sign.  They put it back into the ground but a resident felt the sign looked unsteady and was going to fall and hit someone.  The town’s sign crew was notified to check it out.

7:52 pm – A town resident filed a forcible touching police report saying she was fondled by an Uber driver after she was picked up by the driver at her mother’s bar in Buffalo.

8:46 pm – An ambulance transported a person with a hip injury from the scene of an injury accident on French Road.

9:38 pm – The Lancaster Police Department asked CPD to check a residence on Beach Road for a missing 16-year-old.  She was located there and was turned over to a parent.

11:55 pm – Doino’s Pizzeria Bar and Grill on Harlem Road reported that someone stole patio umbrellas.

Quick Statistics:

Property Damage Crashes: 7

Warrants Served: 6

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 0

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 0

Narcotics Possession arrests: 0

Marijuana Possession arrests: 1

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 4

Pistol permit application: 0

Unlicensed Dog Summons: 0

Mental Health Interactions: 3

Domestic Disputes: 6

Neighbor Disputes: 3

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