Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Chronicle file photo of a Cheektowaga Police car.
Chronicle file photo of a Cheektowaga Police car.

First responders were called out to 201 incidents on Wednesday. 

1:43 am – A dog walker in Town Park was advised to take Fido for a stroll when the sun is up. 

6:37 am – U-Crest and Hy-View firefighters were called out to clean up gas that spilled on Dick Road after a vehicle broke down. 

7:46 am – Police were called to help a woman with her power issues. She said she was in the hospital after having a stroke and when she returned home, her power was shut off. She told officers she “can’t deal with it anymore”. Officers helped her get in touch with National Grid to fix the issue. 

8:51 am – A fire alarm went off at McDonald’s on Transit Road. Hy-View firefighters advised workers to contact maintenance about an issue with their fryer system that set off the alarm. 

9:13 am – A woman called police concerned for her older brother. The 59-year-old man is hearing impaired and is allegedly talking to a woman who claims to be from Africa. Allegedly he got a package of shoes the other day and was told to bring them to a church or else he will be arrested. A police report was filed about the sketchy sneaker situation. 

9:15 am – A police report was filed for graffiti on a building under construction on Sonwil Drive. 

11:02 am – A police report was filed for an unattended death on Fath Drive. 

3:05 pm – There was a call from Lucy Lane about a private company that was hooking up to fire hydrants. Initially, the Erie County Water Authority was unsure if the group was authorized to use the hydrants. A patrol car went to check out the scene. The company had a permit and was there to clean out the hydrants. 

3:30 pm – Pine Hill firefighters were called out to check out smoke coming from a fan in the kitchen. It turned out to be an electrical issue with the fan itself. Thermal imaging did not show any fire in the home. 

3:43 pm – A police report was filed after someone stole a guy’s sister’s bicycle on Genesee Street. 

4:09 pm – Cheektowaga Police helped Depew Police secure a scene on Country Side Lane. A driver living at a home on the street is suspected of a hit and run on Transit and Broadway. They were arrested for drunk driving at the house. 

5:12 pm – Someone on Irondale Drive called police upset that FedEx delivered a package to their house by mistake. Apparently, FedEx does not pick up packages that were delivered for liability reasons. The package was picked up by officers and delivered a short distance away. 

5:43 pm – Mall security called police from the Galleria. A bunch of rumors about a possible bomb in the building started going around. Apparently, an employee at the Apple Store said he heard from a woman who was shopping at Best Buy that a bomb was at Best Buy. Then later the story changed that the bomb was at Old Navy. Old Navy eventually evacuated the store over concerns over a possible explosive device. A police report was filed on the incident. 

6:34 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to check out a fire alarm on Westbrook Drive. The resident there said they were baking when the alarm went off, but nothing was burnt. They were advised to get a new smoke and CO detector. 

7:12 pm – Two men went into a house that was foreclosed on on Colette Avenue with a toolbox. It turned out one of them was the homeowner. The house was due to be auctioned off the next day. They were advised. When officers ran the names of the group there were a couple Buffalo warrants out. 

11:15 pm – A police report was filed after a man was given Narcan by family members after a heroin overdose. He was taken to ECMC for further treatment by ambulance. 

Quick Statistics:

Property Damage Crashes: 2

Warrants Served: 7

Shoplifting at Walmart arrests: 1

Shoplifting at Galleria arrests: 1

Narcotics Possession arrests: 0

Marijuana Possession arrests: 1

Driving without a valid license or registration arrests: 2

Pistol permit application: 0

Unlicensed Dog Summons: 0

Mental Health Interactions: 5

Domestic Disputes: 7

Neighbor Disputes: 4

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