Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rescue firefighters and neighboring companies attended to a fire on Haller Avenue on July 5, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – The Cheektowaga Police Department attended to 191 calls on July 5, 2017. The following is a brief report of some of the calls they received according to the Cheektowaga Police blotter.

12:09 am – A man on Hutchens Drive called police saying “something’s wrong”. There was a language barrier so dispatch did not get much more information from him. It turns out he was worried because his wife had a nightmare, and he was concerned it had something to do with her medical issue. 

12:15 am – A call came in complaining about fireworks use on Glenwood Court. 

12:22 am – A woman was pulled over on Cherokee Drive and advised about road rage. 

12:55 am – An ambulance was called to North Park Avenue for a 20-year-old who was passed out. It turns out he was drunk. He was taken to ECMC to be checked out. 

12:58 am – A complaint came in about fireworks use on Groell Avenue. 

1:05 am – A loud party was reported on McNaughton Avenue. Police were unable to track down any noise in the neighborhood. 

2:15 am – A large group was on Halstead Avenue arguing. They were breaking it all up when police got to the scene. 

2:16 am – A driver called police to say an SUV has been following them from the East Side of Buffalo to the area near Town Hall. The driver of the SUV was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. 

3:19 am – A domestic incident report was filled out after a woman on Preston Road said she was going to turn on the gas in the house and light the house on fire. The woman was taken to ECMC for a mental evaluation. 

5:53 am – Cleveland Hill firefighters were called to a house on Gardenvale Drive to check out a CO alarm. It turned out to be a faulty detector. 

6:03 am – Police helped out a woman who was locked out of her Vegola Avenue home. 

7:16 am – A person reported their wallet was stolen from the McDonald’s on Union Road near George Urban. 

10:29 am – Police helped Norfolk Southern escort an unruly employee off the property. 

10:37 am – Pine Hill firefighters were called out to check out a fire alarm on David Avenue. It turned out to be burnt food on the stove. 

10:41 am – A car popping was reported on Wagner Avenue in Sloan. 

11:18 am – Rescue Hose firefighters were called out to a mulch fire near Applebees on Walden Avenue. 

11:24 am – A driver was pulled over on French Road and was arrested on traffic infractions.

11:39 am – A dog was seized by the dog control officer on Beale Avenue. The dog is unregistered and was left alone and barking for 24 hours. The SPCA also responded for other unattended animals in the house. 

12:29 pm – A duct smoke detector went off at Culinary Arts Specialties on Union Road. Bellevue firefighters went to check it out. The detector was just being tested. 

1:02 pm – A call came in from a neighbor on Michael Avenue. They noticed a man and woman fist fighting in the street, near a car. Police got to the scene and found out the woman went through the guy’s phone and she found some stuff she didn’t like. The guy went and tried to leave, and she followed him outside. They came to an agreement. She went back into her house, and the man left for the day.

1:26 pm – Fireworks use was reported on Meadow Place. 

1:53 pm – The dog warden was advised about three little dogs found running around on Westbrook Drive. A driver corralled them into the yard, but there was no food or water for the little pack. 

2:15 pm – Police were called to fill out a fraud report at the Galleria. Someone there says they cashed what turned out to be a fraudulent check for $3,500. 

2:20 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called out to Above and Beyond Hair Studio on Dick Road. A woman passed out and cut her face. She was taken to South Buffalo Mercy to be checked out. 

2:23 pm – South Line firefighters were called to check out a CO alarm going off on Denise Drive. It turned out to be a faulty detector.  

2:24 pm – An agitated customer in her 70’s wanted police to come to the Tops on Union Road. She was upset because there were unwelcome guests in her Linda Drive apartment. The officer was going to take her home and found out she did not have a working phone. She is concerned because she suffers from seizures. The officer took her to Walmart to get a phone set up, then brought her back home. 

2:31 pm – Forks firefighters went to check out a fire alarm that was pulled at the Verizon on Union at Walden. Apparently, a kid pulled the alarm. Management was advised to put a cover on it. 

2:57 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called to put out flames when a pickup truck was on fire along the outbound 33. 

3:04 pm – An ambulance crew was called to Walden Galleria after a woman passed out in the Express store. She was awake and on a bench outside the shop. She was refusing treatment from the ambulance. Police tracked down her husband’s phone number, and he came and brought her home. 

3:49 pm – South Line firefighters were called out to a shop on Transit Road after a smoke detector went off. It turns out a person was vaping in the boy’s room. 

4:19 pm – A police report was filed after someone says their phone was stolen at the Town Park pool. 

5:57 pm – A woman ran out of a house on Wilshire Road, wearing only a towel, yelling for someone to call the police. A man ran out of the house after her. One person was arrested and a domestic incident report was filled out. 

6:21 pm – Pine Hill firefighters were called to put out a grass fire at the Buffalo Cemetary on Genesee Street.

6:27 pm – A drunk woman called police from David Avenue. She said men took her dog because she wouldn’t take them to the liquor store. It turns out the roommate was walking the dog. Everyone at the home said they would keep an eye on her. 

6:45 pm – A woman on Kennedy Road says their neighbor is posting videos of her children online. There is an ongoing issue between these neighbors. The neighbor agreed to take the videos down. They were advised by police. 

7:14 pm – Two men were fist fighting on Cayuga Road. When police got there, they were no longer fighting. A police report was filed and one of the men was arrested for assault. 

7:24 pm – An 11-year-old was running away from two adults around the playground on Alexander. It turns out the kid does not get along with his aunt’s boyfriend, that’s why he was running. The boy was taken back to his grandma’s house. 

8:26 pm – Rescue Hose firefighters were called to the Erie 1 BOCES parking lot on Walden Avenue after a woman fell in the lot. She got up and back into her car. 

8:32 pm – A driver going by a Jeep on Nagel Drive noticed a man hitting a woman. They both got out of the car, and the man was walking down the street with a pit bull. The man was taken into custody on Bahama. A domestic incident report was filled out. 

8:43 pm – A husband from David Avenue called and wanted his wife to get medical attention. She was drunk and said she locked all the doors in the house. She also said half her face hurt from getting hit. One arrest was made and a domestic incident report was filled out. 

9:03 pm – A man called the police to say he had his bike stolen by a group of five kids on Harlem Road. A police report was filled out. 

9:57 pm – A police report was filled out for someone who says their washer, outside table, and umbrella were stolen from a storage area on Gardenvillage Drive. 

10:10 pm – A call came in reporting kids setting off fireworks on South Century Road. 


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