Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Emergency responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 179 calls for service on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

1:05 am – A homeless man sleeping near Marshalls on Union Road told the police that he was going to go to Jim’s Truck Plaza for the night.

4:05 am – A highly intoxicated man who was arrested was transported to ECMC from the police cell block.

7:48 am – The police filed a grand larceny report after a vehicle was broken into on the 100 block of Hoerner Avenue.

8:19 am – An ambulance checked out several students onboard a school bus after a crash on Genesee Street.

11:14 am – West Seneca Police were assisted after a man robbed a purse on the 800 block of Harlem Road.  Cheektowaga was unable to locate the man.

1:03 pm – A woman was arrested after shoplifting tools from Home Depot.  The subject also had a warrant issued by Lancaster.

2:11 pm – The school resource officer at Cheektowaga Central assisted administrators with an unruly student.  The kid was acting out, cussing out the teachers and principal, and was refusing to go to the office.  Mom and dad eventually picked up the child and school will dispense discipline.

3:48 pm – An arrest warrant was issued after a subject stole $175 in merchandise from a store at Walden Galleria.

5:47 pm – A child on Pine Ridge Road was playing with the phone and called 911 causing an open phone line that eventually disconnected.

6:00 pm – A woman arrested for shoplifting at Walmart was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.  She also had arrest warrants issued by Buffalo.

7:12 pm – A tractor-trailer jackknifed on the Sloan Skyway around 500 feet from William Street.  The truck cleared the hill with the help of Rusiniak’s Towing at 7:33 pm.

7:16 pm – The police drove a man home to Dubonnet Drive after his car broke down on I-90 and he walked to the police station for assistance.

8:55 pm – Police investigated an armed robbery at Gamestop on Union Road.  The store said they were robbed by a man in his 20’s wearing a hoody and scarf over his face.  He also had a cloth over what appeared to be gun.

9:11 pm – Two women inside a rideshare got into an argument with the driver outside Walmart.  The pair became belligerent after they wanted to go shopping for 20 minutes and the driver would not wait for them.

Quick Statistics:

Property damage crashes: 7

Warrants served: 9

DMV violation arrests: 0

Narcotics arrests: 0

Marijuana arrests: 0

Walmart shoplifting arrests: 1

Galleria shoplifting arrests: 1

Mental health interactions: 2

Domestic incidents: 0

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