Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Cheektowaga Police speaks to the robbery suspect at a Buffalo Police traffic stop on Broadway near Deshler Street on July 8, 2017. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – 190 calls came in for dispatchers in Cheektowaga on Wednesday. Here are some of the incidents first responders were called out to.

12:29 am – A man had a fight with his girlfriend over her crack use. He was concerned that she was heading over to his parent’s house. Police were unable to track down the girlfriend.

7:57 am – A person called to complain about a vehicle parked in a no parking area on Reo Avenue. The property owner said the signs were put up because they needed the space to get sewer work done. The car in question was moved.

8:44 am – A bicyclist was struck on Harlem Road. A witness asked for an ambulance to check the man out. The bicyclist was up and walking around. He left the scene before the ambulance crew got there.

9:08 am – A complaint came in from Brentwood Drive from someone who said her vehicle was egged overnight.

10:24 am – A driver was pulled over and arrested for driving without registration. 

11:17 am – A police report was filed after a woman called to say someone has been using and selling her daughter’s food stamps. The daughter is in jail. 

11:53 am – U-Crest firefighters were called out to Freeway Insurance Services on Genesee Street for a possible car fire. It turned out to be an overheated engine. 

1:01 pm – Forks firefighters were called to the Oak Tree Inn for an unresponsive man in one of the rooms. He was taken to ECMC by ambulance to be treated for a drug overdose.

1:33 pm – Police were called out to a domestic incident on Union Road. A man and woman were fighting. They each had each other’s phones. Both of them exchanged their phones and went on their separate ways.

1:52 pm – A driver was arrested for drunk driving after a crash on Meadowbrook Parkway. 

2:36 pm – A call came in about a middle aged man going up and down Cherokee Drive and approaching houses. The man told police he was looking to wash windows in the neighborhood.

2:44 pm – Police and an ambulance were called to Parkview Primary Care. An elderly man was screaming at the staff for not taking care of his wife. The couple left before police or the ambulance arrived.

3:01 pm – A person at Williamstowne Apartments called to say a woman was running around the yard at the complex with traps. She claimed to be from catch and release but did not give any ID. The trap lady told police she has permission from the complex to trap feral cats and get them spayed and neutered.

3:36 pm – A man and woman were arrested for shoplifting from Walmart on Walden.

3:54 pm – A woman called to say she spotted a man masturbating in his car in the Target parking lot on Transit Road. She spotted the man when she was walking back to her car. The Target Tugger was gone when police got to the lot.

4:16 pm – A man on Isabelle Court called his mother to say someone blew up their mailbox. The mother heard a “bang” overnight. The mailbox is now in pieces. A police report was filed. 

4:24 pm – There was an issue between kids at Griffith Park. A mother called to say she sent her two children to the park with walkie talkies and another boy took them and smashed them. This same boy threatened to burn their house down and told the mother he would “put a cap in her ass”. Police filed a report and reached out to Spectrum to check on the boy.

4:50 pm – Cleveland Hill firefighters and an ambulance were called to check on an unresponsive man on Heather Road. A police report was filed for an unattended death.

6:13 pm – A caller reported men picking up metal from the construction site at Gardenvillage Plaza. They told police that employees tell them to take the items – it’s just scrap metal and garbage. The pickers were advised. A call was left for Benderson Development about the issue.

6:19 pm – A manager of TGI Friday’s on Walden called to say a customer is flipping out over his bill and causing a scene in the restaurant. The man in question was tracked down by police at Tim Horton’s on Walden. One person was arrested for false personation.

7:21 pm – Multiple phone calls came in about loud music on Andrews Avenue. Eventually, police told the people playing the music they would be arrested if they were called back to the location.

7:23 pm – Sloan firefighters gave an 18-year-old girl two doses of Narcan after she was found unresponsive on a Wagner Avenue lawn. She was taken to St. Joes by ambulance.

9:08 pm – A cleaner and a customer were locked in the vestibule of M&T Bank on Union Road. The door was unlocked for them.

10:21 pm – A police officer noticed someone smoking weed on a porch of a Meadowbrook Parkway home. The person was arrested for marijuana possession. 

11:42 pm – A woman on Huth Road called to say her son’s car was egged for the second time in a week.

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