Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cheektowaga Police track a bank robbery suspect to a charter school in Buffalo. (Jim Herr/Cheektowaga Chronicle)

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – Police, firefighters, and EMS crews were called out to 171 incidents in the Town on Wednesday. Here are just some of the calls.

12:53 am – Police rolled up on a pair of lovers in a car on South Rossler Avenue. They were advised to be on their way.

1:26 am – A stray dog was found on a Reiman Street porch. The pup was brought back to the kennel. 

2:21 am – An officer on patrol noticed porta potties tipped over in Town Park.

7:22 am – An ambulance crew and firefighters from Forks were called to police headquarters to cut off a nose ring off a man in the cell block. 

8:57 am – A police report was filed after someone on French Road said the windows to their vehicle were smashed overnight.

11:25 am – A driver was pulled over on Walden Avenue and arrested for driving without a license or registration. The driver also had a warrant out of Niagara Falls.

11:34 am – A police report was filed after a package delivered by UPS was stolen from a home on Treehaven Road.

2:27 pm – A call came in about a drunk man outside a house on Elkins Drive. Police sent the man on his way. Within a half hour, a call came in about the same drunk guy. He was drinking in an outhouse on Springfield Drive. He was advised again by police and was getting on a bus heading back to Kenmore. The man returned to the house on Elkins after 9 pm. He was advised to leave the area.

2:31 pm – Police were called to Barbara Place. A guy said his neighbor was screaming at his 10-year-old sister. The neighbor even pulled their screen door off its hinges. Everyone was advised by police.

4:17 pm – A call came in from the Holiday Inn by the airport. A man was sleeping in the lobby since 10 in the morning. The man left without incident once police arrived.

4:57 pm – A store in the Galleria called the police. A 15-year-old boy stole jewelry. The store let him go because he was “being a brat”. They told police they would prosecute if they could catch the teen. The teen was gone when police got to the mall.

5:04 pm – A man was arrested for stealing from Walmart.

5:31 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart.

5:36 pm – A police report was filed on Gardenvillage Drive. A woman said she found a bullet hole in her ceiling. She was on vacation for the past week and did not know what happened.

6:43 pm – A black and tan Rottweiler was found in a yard on Dubonnet Drive. The pup had no collar or tags. He was taken back to the kennel.

6:49 pm – A car was pulled over on Harlem Road and the driver was arrested for narcotics.

7:23 pm – Police were called to Walmart after a woman was at the entrance yelling at customers and employees. She was upset she could not get a money order without ID. She was advised by police and left the store. 

7:45 pm – A police report was filed after Amazon packages were stolen from a home on Slate Creek Drive.

7:49 pm – A man was driving around Chapel Avenue blowing his car horn. He kept driving around and honking the horn for the past hour. There is a dispute between the neighbors. The driver was doing the honking to annoy the caller. Everyone was advised.

9:06 pm – One dog and its owner were thrown out of Stiglmeier Park.