Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, September 5, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders were called out to 188 incidents in the Town on Tuesday. Here are just some of the calls that came into dispatch.

12:11 am – A call came in from Hedwig Avenue. A man was on the caller’s porch. He had no shoes on. Apparently, he was caught with one of the neighbor’s daughters and got kicked out of the house. Everyone was advised.

12:33 am – A driver was arrested for DWI in the Williamstowne complex.

1:16 am – A porta potty was tipped over in Nob Hill Park – the officer on patrol thought the wind was to blame.

5:41 am – A car break-in was reported on Peachtree Road. The vehicle was ransacked, but nothing was taken.

7:10 am – Doyle firefighters were called to check out a fire alarm at the Best Western on Dingens Street. It turned out to be burnt toast. 

10:30 am – A wallet was found in a cemetery off Pine Ridge. It was taken to the owner.

11:18 am – Police were called out to Preston Road to deal with threats between neighbors to damage property.

11:27 am – Doyle firefighters were called to check out what ended up being a faulty detector at Peregrines Landing.

12:17 pm – A driver was pulled over and arrested for driving without a license on Pine Ridge.

12:40 pm – Police helped serve a 72-hour eviction notice at Gardenvillage Drive. Crisis services was also called to the scene because the man threatened to burn down the building. 

1:40 pm – An Independent Health van took down a stop sign on Fairhaven Drive. The van was tracked down to the Burger King at Union and Genesee. The sign crew put the sign back up. 

2:19 pm – A man had a heart attack in the Immediate Care parking lot on Transit Road. He was taken to St. Joes by ambulance.

2:55 pm – The alarm company for Tops in Thruway Plaza called the police. A customer was making threats to a clerk. The manager called back and said they would handle the issue internally. A regular customer was having a bad day and was waving and umbrella at the manager.

3:53 pm – A car popping was reported on Rosewood Terrace. The car was ransacked and nothing was taken.

4:33 pm – A girl was arrested for shoplifting at the Galleria.

4:41 pm – A call came in from a worried mom. Her 4-year-old had not returned home on the bus. Other kids in the neighborhood were not home yet either. The bus was apparently delayed due to construction on Walden Avenue.

5:16 pm – A police report was filed for a car break-in on Genesee Street.

5:20 pm – One person was taken to St. Joes after a car crash on William Street.

6:10 pm – A manager at Cricket on Transit Road believed an employee was stealing from the business. The employee was arrested.

6:36 pm – A 2014 Ford Fusion was repossessed on Orchard Place.

6:48 pm – A man stole two pairs of pants valued at $300 a piece from a store in the Walden Galleria.  The subject fled the mall property in an older style Ford.

7:12 pm – A woman was arrested for criminal mischief.  A landlord on Loxley Road told the police that the woman cut the electrical cords to the fridge and stove.  She also left a jar of feces under the sink. She was arrested in Stiglmeier Park.

7:30 pm – A boyfriend was trying to kick his girlfriend out of their Garden Village apartment.  They were advised of the eviction process.  When the police returned at 8:30, the woman locked herself in a bedroom with a kid.  The police advised the couple again, but they were not happy with the police’s advice.

8:48 pm – A police report was filed for larceny after a large amount of cash was missing from a guest room at the Home2 Suites on Walden Avenue.

8:52 pm – An adult man was arrested for shoplifting at Walden Galleria.

9:26 pm – U-Crest firefighters attended to a fire alarm at Airport Child Care Center on Genesee Street.  The alarm was set off by cooking.

9:26 pm – An amateur pyrotechnician on Harlem Road near George Urban Blvd was advised to stop blowing off fireworks.

11:22 pm – A loose dog on Union Road was captured and was booked into the dog pound.