Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA – First responders were called to 198 incidents on Tuesday. Here are just some of the issues they dealt with.

3:58 am – A black male robbed the 7-Eleven at 1650 Kensington Avenue using a black handgun.  He was wearing a dark hoody and gloves.

4:22 pm – A Chevy Cruze was broken into on Hedwig Avenue and a black Michael Kors wallet and Pandora Bracelet was stolen.

7:04 am – The police check shelter 11 for a homeless man.  They were unable to locate him.

7:15 am – The police are dealing with an ongoing parking issue on Jeffrey Drive.

8:01 am – A pistol permit application was investigated for a resident on Ellen Drive.

8:36 am – A 1993 yellow Bobcat was stolen from the site of a burned out home at 402 Shanley Street.

9:34 am – The dog control officer and the police mediated a neighbor dispute between residents on Peinkofer Drive and Fairvale.  The resident on Fairvale hit the complainant’s dog with a stick yesterday.  The resident was advised by phone.

10:14 am – A pickup truck in the lot of 33 Speakeasy Grill was towed.  It was parked in the lot without plates for five months.

11:00 am – Forks firefighters investigated a possible electrical fire at the Benderson strip mall at 2535 Walden Avenue.  The electrical panel was hot to the touch.  The power was killed to the building and repairs were being made.

11:25 am – A man panhandling in front of Tops Market in the Thruway Plaza was issued paperwork that says he will be arrested if he returned.

11:26 am – A black man in a white infinity SUV may be the suspect breaking into cars at the BAC for Women and stealing purses.  Two cars were broken into at the French Road location.  The business has video of the man doing the same thing at the Amherst location on Sheridan Drive.

11:51 am – A woman on Winkler Road says her neighbor is painting his house and got paint chips on her vehicle.  The police advised the woman to take up the matter in civil court.

12:12 pm – The police advised a woman on Parkside Circle that nobody bugged her phone, TV, and computer.

12:40 pm – The basement of a vacant house on the 300 block of McNaughton Avenue was flooding and was gushing water from the sump pump.  The water authority turned the water off to the house.

1:04 pm – A male in the police cell block suffered chest pains and was attended to by an AMR ambulance.

1:47 pm – A 20-year-old woman at EduKids on Maryvale Drive was transported to Children’s Hospital for a routine medical issue.

1:51 pm – A Hot Tub owner on S. Transit Hill Drive was contacted to stop having his hot tub overflow into his neighbor’s yard.

1:55 pm – A dog locked in a windowless shed on Samuel Drive was transported the SPCA.

2:09 pm – An emaciated puppy was found by a NYSEG employee on Harlem Road.  A police officer took the puppy to a vet on Dick Road.

3:38 pm – A bicyclist was hit by a white SUV and was attended to by an AMR ambulance.

3:50 pm – A man was arrested at WalMart for shoplifting.  He also has outstanding warrants from Attica and Rochester.  His car was towed by First Choice.

4:06 pm – Tires on a vehicle at the Cash For Cans on Harlem near Walden were slashed.

4:49 pm – The police assisted Customs and Border patrol agents in unmarked vehicle.  They detained a man at the McDonald’s across from the airport because they believed the man ran the port at the Whirlpool Bridge.  The man wanted to see a marked police car.  Customs took custody of the male an hour later.  The man was later arrested by Cheektowaga Police at the Peace Bridge for false impersonation.

6:00 pm – A man was arrested on Little Lane for assault.  It was reported to police that the man cut him with a box cutter and his dog bit him.  A domestic incident report was filed.

6:17 pm – A person was arrested on the 1000 block of Walden Avenue after a family disturbance.

7:05 pm – One person was arrested on Galleria Drive after the police responded to investigate a call about five teenagers throwing an item at a person’s car.

7:13 pm – A prisoner at police headquarters attempted suicide by putting his pants around his neck.  A detention officer intervened and took the pants away.  The prisoner was later transferred to Erie County Medical Center by ambulance for a mental health evaluation.

8:36 pm – A “very irate” resident on Whitney Place called the police to say the street light is out in front of her house.  The Highway Department was notified yesterday of the issue.

8:36 pm – A couple going through a divorce caused a disturbance on Reo Avenue.  The man was holding onto a moving vehicle while yelling at the woman driver.  After the police intervened, the woman left.

8:52 pm – A 16-year-old staying at the Millennium Hotel ran away around 2 pm.  He was found at his grandparent’s home in Blasdell.  The grandparents and parents are not on speaking terms.  Hamburg Police brought the teen back to his father at the Millennium.

9:15 pm – A burglary was reported at a home on the 4400 block of Union Road sometime between 4 pm and 7 pm.  A phone, TV, DVD player and video gamers were stolen.

9:37 pm – A woman camping out in WalMart’s parking lot was told to move along at the request of the manager.

10:02 pm – A person was arrested on Seaton for shoplifting at the Sunoco on Genesee Street and Harlem Road.  A vehicle was towed.

10:17 pm – One person was arrested for assault on Medina Street.  A handgun was confiscated.