Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, October 3, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA – The following is a look at some of the 171 incidents first responders were called out to on Tuesday. 

1:01 am – A driver on Halstead Avenue was arrested for driving without a valid license.

4:04 am – The police and an AMR ambulance crew attended to an intoxicated 18-year-old outside the 7-Eleven on Harlem Road.  She was transported to ECMC.

7:16 am – Hy-View firefighters attended to a “water flow” alarm at Sonwil Distribution.  Firefighters found a broken sprinkler head – no fire.

7:37 am – Two men sleeping under a trailer behind the Thruway Plaza Tops Markets were kicked off the property by the police.

10:20 am – A Glock handgun was found by the owner of Tryst Gentlemen’s Club. A police report was filed and the gun secured.

1:09 pm – A police report for harassment was filed after a woman called the police to say she was chased by her ex-husband’s son.  It started at Cleveland and I-90 and ended at the Lackawanna exit.

1:11 pm – The police search the area around the 4200 block of Genesee Street but could not locate a silver Mustang with fancy chrome rims who’s occupant was smoking crack.

1:17 pm – The assistant manager at Mavis Discount Tires was arrested for stealing $1,400.

1:55 pm – A burning bush in the rear yard of a Danbury Drive address was extinguished.

3:24 pm – Sloan firefighters responded to an address on Wagner Avenue to help a 3-year-old who’s arm was stuck in a chair.  The arm was extricated by using Dawn Dish soap.

4:18 pm – A driver was arrested during a traffic stop on Walden Avenue for vehicle and traffic violations.

5:18 pm – A motorcycle operator dumped his bike on Century Road.  He was checked out by Cleveland Hill firefighters and an AMR ambulance.

5:53 pm – The police told four homeless males that they couldn’t sleep in the back of the old Walmart at the Thruway Plaza.

6:22 pm – A woman in Cheektowaga Police custody was driven to the I-90 Leroy exit in Monroe County because she had a warrant for petit larceny from that county.  The transfer was made at 7:26 pm.

6:29 pm – A speeder was cited on George Urban Boulevard.

6:32 pm – A suspicious man and woman were checked out by police at the Sloan Reservoir. The woman was arrested for giving the officer a false identity.

6:43 pm – A car on Freda Avenue was broken into overnight.

6:50 pm – Pine Hill firefighters checked out three people involved in a car crash on Genesee Street.

7:40 pm – Two adult women and one young woman were arrested for shoplifting at the Walden Galleria.

7:50 pm – A woman was arrested for drunk driving after crashing into a tree on Princeton Court.

8:02 pm – The police arrested the driver of a Dodge Dakota for driving without a valid license and giving the police a wrong identity.

8:58 pm – Mildred Drive kids went to their neighbor’s house to say mom passed out.  It was determined that mom suffered a routine medical issue.

11:51 pm – A dancer from Tryst Gentlemen’s Club called the police concerned because she exchanged phone numbers with a customer.  The customer’s wife called the dancer and she heard an argument between the man and woman and then a gunshot.  After the police obtained the customer’s identity from his credit card they went to his house.  All was in order, the argument was just verbal.  A domestic incident report was filed for information.