Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – First responders in Cheektowaga were called out to 167 incidents on Monday. Here are just some of the calls to dispatch.

1:40 am – The police arrested an intoxicated man on Nandale Drive after he attacked a woman. A domestic incident report was filed.

1:53 am – A woman on Viola Drive was arrested for burglary.  A domestic incident report was filed, and a Lexus was towed from the address.

5:04 am – The police arrested a person on Ellen Drive for assault after a domestic incident between a girlfriend and the 911 caller’s sister’s boyfriend.

6:45 am – An asthma patient in the police cellblock was evaluated by an ambulance after he complained of difficulty breathing.

7:12 am – The police attended to a natural death in the parking lot of Mercy Flight.

9:16 am – The police issued a citation after a driver blew through a stop sign on Reiman Street.

9:59 am – A driver on George Urban Boulevard was issued a speeding ticket.

10:49 am – A large travel trailer was issued a parking ticket.  The complainant told the police that it has been blocking the sidewalk all summer long.

11:59 am – A 4-year-old was treated by medical workers after an injury accident on Transit Road.

12:08 pm – A police report was filed after CSX police reported that someone fired two gunshots into the cab of a crane stored in a lot off of Kennedy Road.

12:45 pm – Three people were transported to the hospital after a crash on the 1200 block of George Urban Boulevard.

1:11 pm – Forks firefighters found burnt food when they responded to Tony’s Pizzeria and Pasta on Union Road for a fire alarm activation.

2:38 pm – A woman was arrested for shoplifting at the Walden Galleria.

4:00 pm – An 8-year-old was transported to children’s hospital for evaluation after she was running around the Caritas Medical Arts Building hitting people and throwing things.

4:32 pm – a senior man went into cardiac arrest on the football field at Maryvale Schools.  He was transported to Buffalo General Medica Center.

4:40 pm – The police issued a ticket to a driver after they blew through a red light at William Street and Mansion Avenue.

4:45 pm – A 9-year-old ran away from an address on W. Grand Boulevard around 4:40 pm.  Buffalo Police broadcasted an attempt to locate to their officers.  The child was found at Genesee and Erb and was returned to his mom at 5:19 pm.

 6:11 pm – A drive on Wallace Avenue was arrested for narcotics.  A Kia was towed by Davron.

6:29 pm – Two people were arrested after police were called to Tile Pharmacy on Cleveland Drive to break up a fight involving several people.  Charges were listed as possession of stolen property.

7:00 pm – The police provided security at the Town Board meeting in Town Hall.  No incidents.

8:54 pm – A man was arrested at the Texas Roadhouse for violating an order of protection.

10:24 pm – A group playing Pokemon was parked in the Reinstein Woods parking lot.