Cheektowaga Police Blotter: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.
Chronicle file photo of Cheektowaga Police.

CHEEKTOWAGA – 139 calls came into dispatchers on Tuesday. Here are some of the incidents police and firefighters were called to.

1:23 am – Pokemon players were told to leave Dingens Park.

8:45 am – A burglary was reported on Preston Road.  The rear window was broken and the side door was kicked in.

9:53 am – South Line firefighters rescued a 2-year-old locking in a bathroom on Caprice Drive.

11:13 am – A pistol permit investigation was conducted for a resident on Meadowlawn Road.

11:25 am – A dispute over drugs occurred on Bell Street.  A caller told dispatchers that a man choked a woman and threatened to stab the woman with a knife.  Nobody was truthful to the police when they arrived.

12:12 pm – A driver was arrested for reckless endangerment during a traffic stop on Harlem Road.

1:35 pm – The police assisted a senior citizen on Hillside Avenue.  Delivery men moved a walker into another room while they were delivering a couch.  The senior just needed someone to move the walker back into her room so she can move without falling.

2:08 pm – A GPS was stolen from a vehicle at the Famous Williamstowne Apartments.

3:24 pm – Forks firefighters and an AMR ambulance treated a man for a routine medical issue at Walden Galleria.  He was transported to St. Joe’s.

3:52 pm – A resident of Pine Ridge Road says her car was broken into overnight and she thinks somebody stayed in it for a while because it smells.

3:55 pm – A school bus requested the police because two kids were being unruly.  The police dropped one child off on Hoerner Avenue and another on Walden Avenue. The parents were advised.

4:46 pm – Forks firefighters and an AMR ambulance treated a man for a routine medical issue at Walden Galleria.  He was transported to Buffalo General.

4:52 pm – A store inside the Walden Galleria had a male employee arrested for larceny.

5:15 pm – A call came into 911. A man on Creekside Drive said his friend was “disrespecting” him and the caller wanted the guest out. Both men were drunk when police arrived. The friend took an Uber to a hotel.

5:23 pm – U-Crest firefighters were called out to a report of a man down on the ground on Genesee Street. Before they made it to the scene, police reported the man was drunk and officers took him back home.

5:35 pm – A call came in about a woman driving down Harlem, all over the road. Officers caught up with the elderly woman. She was not used to driving in the dark. She was taken home by police.

6:13 pm – A driver was pulled over on Princeton Court and arrested for narcotics. The driver also had a bench warrant out of Cheektowaga.

8:13 pm – Police checked out an intoxicated man who was laying on the ground in St. John’s Cemetary. He checked into ECMC voluntarily. 

8:26 pm – A police report was filed after a Home Depot employee noticed their driver’s side window was broken in the parking lot.

10:33 pm – A man was arrested after he stopped by his ex-girlfriend’s house and refused to leave. The drunk man had arrest and bench warrants in Cheektowaga.

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